Saturday, November 08, 2008

Van-El this is gonna be a looong after life.

Yay! I won the fighting tournament. But now there's really nothin' to do in Other World. That and King Kai is crazy. So I started wandering around the word of the dead

Somewhere in Limbo I ran into Bart "Kid Flash" Allen. He's about as excitable as Conner's memories of him suggest. He keeps calling me “Conner" and attacks me when I try to correct him with the fact I'm a clone of Conner.

But at least it's company.

Then it well it got worse. Ya see this All superheroes seem to have an evil counterpart. Superman's is Bizarro. Batman's is um Catman I guess. Kon has Match. Spider-Man, Venom etc etc.

Bart has Inertia, an evil clone of his from his time. Though for some reason he's been hanging around Team Legacy. Word through the grapevine is he's trying to get some. I dunno but for some reason he's here now means he's dead.

Bart was happy to see him then again, Bart is happy to see anybody. Thad Thawne well not so much. “Why? Why couldn't I have gone anywhere else? Maybe hell? What did I do to deserve Bart Allen?"

“It could be you tried to kill Bart a few times? Or maybe you hang around with Titans East? Ran with the Rouges for a little while?" I suggest.

“Okay! Okay I get ya bad copy" he gripes.

“Bad copy? You're a clone too" I point out.

"But I ain't a clone of a clone" he sneers.

Bart Smiles. “So how's Justice doing?"

"Bangin' an old dude" Inertia spits.

"Banging? Is that some kind of video game?" Bart grins again.

“No it's sex ya idjit!" Thad growls.

"Oh yeah that ninja conspiracy I have to stop one of these days." Bart answers

We both kind of stare. Then Thawne busts out laughing. “Unless its wit' Psylocke, Cass Cain, or Elektra, ninjas ain't involved. Believe me Dog Face Briefs ain't no ninja."

Then the two start arguing. Finally after bickering for ten minutes straight they end up like this.

Sigh. This is gonna get old real quick. Ya know there's these weird things in the Spirit World these pools that ya can see the Living World though. I wander over to one. And see what's going on. Let's see how my girlfriend is doing...

“Jason Yes!! Yes! Yes Jason!" EEEEWWWWW no. Gross.

Well let's look at Bart's Girlfriend... mans she's making out with some dude that looks as old as Batman, and has no hair well I dunno how to break that to the kid well then again Thaddeus already did just not in a way the kid would understand.

Okay let's see how Kara is doing? Well she was fighting Mary Marvel with pink hair? And half her hair is gone? Okaaaay.

I look in on Kon and he's having some argument with a wrestling promoter." but his friend just died..."

“Hey look Vincent just isn't working out he hurts people too much in the ring. Don't worry we can rework your gimmick. But I can't have your saiyan buddy cripple some one, and cost me money."

Huh. The next image is Superman crying.

A voice booms behind me “Conner?"

"For the last time Bart I'm not Conner!" That's not Bart he's busy fighting Inertia.

At least I think that's fighting... I turn around Oh no its Pa Kent he died too?"