Monday, February 26, 2007

To free Kandor: finale

I fought Ultraman equally. Unfortunately I was using up my solar reserves. But so was he. Until he flew into a building and came out again reinvigorated. Anyone can assume his solar charge is coming from something in there.

Whatever the case he was now much stronger than I am. And I was getting progressively weaker. I had to do something. I look over to where Kon was fighting Saturn Queen he wasn't doing much better.

The troopers where beating him, while the villaness was trying to take over his mind. I have to end this quickly. I try to use what's left of my X-ray vision to locate where the device he uses to regain his powers. I don't do it fast enough. He punches me before I can focus on it.

OK. So It's time to improvise. I had brought a few weapons with me, since I knew I had to conserve my powers. I had a so called "flash bang " grenade in a compartment in my belt.

These little devices flash a bright light, and explode with a loud bang as the name suggests. They dazzle the senses, stunning a normal person, but someone with super senses it's excruciating, as I well know.

While Ultraman is stunned I leap up into the building. (Since I can no longer fly. I use the last of my superspeed,until I find gigantic yellow sun lamps. I activate them and begin to absorb the energy.

As I'm approaching full power, Ultraman, Busts through the wall. " get away from there you fake!" He shouts.

" From what this?" I say smashing the lamps.

" No!" He raves. " You don't know what you've done!"

" Yes I do!" I respond angrily. " I've ended your false godhood!" I throw a right right cross that knocks him away through the wall to the outside.

Meanwhile Kon Is losing his mental battle. " Submit!" Screams Saturn Queen. " Your mind is too weak to keep fighting!"

" Yeah. " He responds. " But , it still has it's little tricks, like Tactile Telekinesis." The ground they are both touching explodes underneath them. " That'll teach ya to underestimate me. Ya skank." Kon mutters before passing out.

At this moment, I'm just about to defeat Ultraman, when he grabs his head, and screams. " Owlman! What have you done?"

" Owlman isn't here." I answer.

A voice from the sky is about to make me a liar. " Actually I am, Superman. Too bad I had nothing to do with this though."

I turn to see the Crime Syndicate of America. Evil Universe versions of the Justice League. Owlman throws Ultraman a capsule inside is his costume. I steel myself for the inevitable battle, One I'm not likely to win.

Power Ring, has the the power Of Green Lantern, Johnny Quick, that of the Flash, Superwoman the powers of Wonder Woman , and Owl Man the intelligence of the Batman.

Instead of turning on me Ultraman asks. " Where have you been?"

"Hey! Without you around We got more profit." Jibes Power Ring.

" Yeah!" Johnny Quick butts in. " Besides it took us forever to find you in this bottle in Supes' little hideaway. "

Owl man Speaks up. " There's this sweet score in our Universe. That prick Vegeta, has went and gotten his back broke by this Universe's version. Then the Iron Man from here humiliated him, he's weak, and his empire is just ripe for the taking, but we need your power to help get past The robots in that place."

" Yes!" Ultraman answers. " I have a lot to pay that irrtating saiyan back for ! Let's go!"

" What about Superman?" Superwoman points at me.

" His kid did me a favor by freeing me from that telepathic whore, So I'll repay that by letting them live, for now." he leaps down and Grabs Saturun Queen. " Your coming with us "mother" I'm going to repay you back in spades for controlling me!"

Before I can do anything The Crime Syndicate dissapper with The Satrun Queen. Over the next few days I negotiated a peace between the non Kryptonians, and Kryptonians in Kandor. I also corrected thier belief as me as a god. Though I think the fact I bled in my fight with Ultraman helped.

The problem is the peace between the Kandorian factions is an uneasy one. I'll have to watch that situation closley over the time. I return home to find Lois missing, and the furniture was destroyed.

" Oh man Looks like Lex did this." Kon accuses.

" I don't think so." I answer.

" Why?" Kon counters.

" Because Lex knows how to spell his own name. " The sign on the wall we found was written "Lax Lugthor wuz hear."

Thursday, February 22, 2007

To free Kandor Pt 2

Man this sucks! I've been in the bottle city of Kandor for like ever. In here we can't use our powers because it's a Kryptonian like environment, and we.ll burn 'em out.

Ok So we have to use like weapons, and jet belts There's like no cable. and no video games well unless you count the constant speeches by Ultraman, on the Holo tubes as entertainin'.

Here the problem in a nut shell. Kandor has two kinds o people, Kryptonians, and those from other planets. Somehow after Kal got the Bottle City away from Brainiac, time sped forward in it , and they got the mistaken impression Kal was their god.

Saturn Queen , and Ultraman are usin' that to gain power. Saturn Queen is from the Legion of Supervillians in the 30th Century. She's a powerful Telepath, and has Ultraman in her thrall.

We've been fightin' their troops, And what's worse I'm dressed like this.

I'm the one in the dorky " Flame bird " costume. I look like robin only more girlie. Arrrgh! So what have we been doin' this whole time? Well we've been stoppin' Ultraman's thugs from opressin' the non K's.

Which was what we were doin.' When we got caught. Seems Ultramn, was just stagin' an alien wipe out to get to us Into a trap, like all his army showed up.

He grins at us in triumph after we're caught. " You two are not as attractive, as the last Nightwing, and Flamebird. But the Holy fires of Kal- El will cleanse you like it did them!"

Wow! a total liar. Kara, and Karen are alive , and well. In the next moment he burns Kal with Heat Vision, big mistake , as the Kryptonians all see the real Kal-El.

" I don't know how your keeping your powers here Ultraman !" Kal yells. " But I will stop this senseless slaughter! And i'll put an end to it now!"

Then it's on ! I dunno how long it'll take Kal to use up all his yellow sun reserves , but by that time Ultie will be beaten down. Weird thing though When Superman , called him "Ultraman he freaked out, and said " No I'm Kal-El..." Before he was punched in the jaw.

Itake off the flame bird out fit to reveal the Superboy one on underneath. And all the people are too confused to with The Ultraman Superman fight to notice.

" Hello Conner. " I hear from behind Oh No! Satrun Queen! She starts attackin' my mind. " So you've come here with my Prodigal son Kal-El"

" Son?" I ask " What are you talkin' about lady? His parent are Jor-El and Lara!"

And of course the Kents which I didn't say out loud.

" He didn't tell you of when me and the rest of of the Legion of Supervillians, had Travelled in time and raised kal and Little Bruce Wayne did he ? Then again since time was changed back he may not even remember it."

Oh Man! I hate time travel! it makes my head hurt almost as much As this chick here tearing my mind apart!

"Looks like my family will grow soon, as will my control Of Kandor when I telepathically gain control of you, and Superman along with Ultraman no will be able to stop me!"


Friday, February 16, 2007

To free Kandor Pt1

I've heard a rumour that I didn't want to believe. That Kara left the City of Kandor at the mercy of Saturn Queen, and Ultraman , An Evil Universe duplicate of myself. Worse was that the idea, that she sold out Kandor for information on how to get back to Argo City.

While I don't remember all that much of Krypton, being an infant when it exploded. I know that Argo City is most likely dust now. I fly to Smallville to find Kon.

He's in his room talking to HS on his cell phone.

"Hey if it really is over just remember the saying… you know about getting back on the horse… Why don't we double date.." Kon stated…

"No, no, no… NO blind dates Kon.. I mean it… besides… Laura was….. I will talk at you later.." HS sighed.

Conner starts flying out of his window when he sees me . " Where are you going?" I ask.

He gulps " I was thinkin' of gonna see Laura, and tryin' to see why she's hatin' on my boy HS all of a sudden."

I shake my head where does he pick up this way of of speaking? " Conner what you have to understand is Wolverine , and X-23 both have been betrayed or hurt many times they find it hard to trust people. It would probably be better if you don't interfere, let them sort it out for themselves."

" Yeah..." he mumbled sheepishly. " So why're you not in the bright lights of Metropolis? Or in space or somewhere?"

" Kon. " I begin. " Your pretty close to Kara right?"

" I guess. Though Cassie is closer ,and hangs out at her apartment."

For a second I have to wonder which Cassie Cain, or Sandsmark. But considering tThe Last HU meeting I had to listen to Vegeta belly ache about his son dating Kara , and Ms. Cain I doubted they would be that close. So Wondergirl.

" You and Wondergirl date , has she told you about Kara's time in Kandor?"

Kon shifted uncomfortably. " Uh what about it?"

" Did she leave The city in the the control of two maniacs? , and Prevent Power girl from saving it?"

I hear his heart beating fast. " I'm um not supposed to say..."

" That's answer enough." I close my eyes and curse under my breathe. " Why has no one told me about this ? Karen, Cassie , or you?"

" Kara's kinda well messed up Kal. I mean you don't know about the stuff her dad did to her. I guess we just feel sorry for her."

" Come with me. " I order.

" OK" he squeaks.

" Have you done all of your homework?" I ask on the way.

" Yes." He answers.

" Good." I smile "Ma will turn it in and say your sick you may not be going to school for a few days."

" Huh? Why?"

" I'll explain on the way there. "

Later at the Fortress of Solitude..

I throw the colorful costume to Conner .

" Um. What's this ?" He questions.

" It's the Flamebird costume. " I say.

" As in the girl who annoys Nightwing?" Conner laughs.

" No as in one of the the Heroes of Kandor. Speaking of Nightwing, I'd like you to call me that while we are in the bottle city."

" Your kidding right?" Kon chuckles.

" No. Would you believe Richard Grayson took the name Nightwing, from an adventure in Kandor?"

" Ya know I just might. " He's still laughing. " OK what are we going to do with these monkey suits?"

" We 're going to save Kandor." I tell him.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I am who I say I am

So after me and chalk skin aka Match argue for a few minutes Robin ( who's been really stressed lately. And looks like he's been put through a spin cycle in a washing machine,) " Enough! All you teens just shut up!"

Ravager sneers " Oh like your so old Timmy boy."

MS Martian chimes in " Golly! How can we tell which is the real Conner?"

" Well." I say. I guess we should ask about somethin' only I know. Well only the real Kon would know. "

Robin asks " Do we really have to listen to more Bizzaro speak?" Right here is where a familiar car pulls up And HS pops out , apparently he was wanting to see me about something.

" Kon, My dad told me about this imposter! I came here as soon as I could! "

I notice Raven back away from HS some , then look away. " How did ya know where here an' not the Tower?" I ask.

" Grandpa and Sensei Goku taught me how to find Ki. "

Ravager laughs." How are you gonna to help us figure this one out?"

" Hs Says " I can see souls. Conner's not evil. If I Soulburn on him it would sting his finger or something. But this.... Thing." He glares " it's souls is pure black. It's pure evil."

Match freaks out. " Him no lie! Him no lie!" He then starts punching everyone in the way. He gets me really mad when he goes for Robin and Wondergirl.

I'm about to lay the smack down when he's set on fire. He flies off HS smiles weakly " told you he was pure evil."

So now that everyone pretty much thinks I am Kon-El we all go back to the tower. For some reason there's a Starbucks in my bedroom. So instead f talking while playing video games we sit at s table with coffee , oh yeah whoever has my X-box 360 I want it back!

HS tells me all about this new power he's gotten. From what I hear it sounds like persuasion. " Well we need to test it out." I say.

" I don't even know how to turn it on!" He protests.

" Yeah don't worry about it " I encourage. " It's just like when I get one of Superman's powers you just gotta play with it try to figure it out. I got some ideas on how to do that...."

Before I finish a table is thrown in my face. Cass Storms into the room tossin' more things at me. " How could you? With Cassandra Cain?"

" Batgirl?" I'm a little confused here. " I haven't seen her since we freed her from Deathstroke!"

Oh Yeah?" she screeches " Explain the pictures on Vegeta's blog!"

I go online, and find what's she's talkin' about. I start laughin' about it. " What's so funny?" Cass growls.

" Those pics are are about two years old!"

"Huh?" She can tell she still doesn't believe me.

" Ok before Young Justice broke up ,and we became the Titans, Cass Cain looked me up in Smallville. We had one date, we kissed then' I admit, but we decided just to be friends. This is before me and you got together. "

" I don't know..."

" Well if Cass was into me why would she be hanging around Capsule Corp?"

" You have a point..." Wonder-Cassie says. I look back at ths screen so Tim set up Bat-Cass and Vince Briefs huh? Well as long as it keeps that dork away from me more power to them!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wait ! Since when is Match Bizzaro Jr?

Ok people stop hitting me! Especially if your a transvestite that's just weird. Well the whole Vampi Draculina thing is over. And Pretty much everything is back to normal. Well except two things.

The first one HS stole all my girlie mags. Yeah just keep 'em.

Second Cassie 's still Po'ed. I asked her to dinner to try an' smooth this out. Yeah she isn't in the smoothing over mood. She starts crying and asks "How long has it been going on?"

" This was the first and Only time she hypnotised me, like she did iron man , and Hercules, and... Wonder Man "

" Those idiots would chase anything in a skirt that can breathe. Your not helping your self."

" And Thor. She got Thor too." I interrupt. " And for some reason She- hulk . Ya know I thought her power only worked on men... I guess There's something about Jennifer we didn't know."

She laughs a little despite her self. " Conner your not going to joke your way out of this one. Am I not good enough?"

" What I'm shocked She was always perfect it's me who always messes up. " No It has nothing to do with that. I was mesmerised I know it sounds like a lame excuse and all. Especially how I act when I see a pretty face but come on! She took over full grown men. Am I supposed to be different because I wear an S shield?"

She glares at me. " It's exactly why because how you act. Your always bragging about using your X-ray vision on women."

" I'm joking." I say. " Besides even if I was it's lookin' not touching. I wouldn't do that."

" Oh you mean like how when you were dating Tana , you didn't run around with Knockout?" she spits.

That one hit below the belt but I did deserve it. " I was trying to help her turn to good ya know. I had no idea she was just using me . And I put her in prison when I found out she murdered people."

She looks down " I want to believe you Kon but it's hard, this is a pattern with you ."

Before I can answer, this thing busts in the restaurant.

We get up to fight it. But then I look at it. It's wearing my shirt with a backwards S. Think I know who it is. " Match?"

" Me am Match! You am Superboy!" It utters.

" Ok. What happened to you?" He doesn't answer but knocks me through a wall. I recover in time to see Cass beat the Hell out of him. Well until he sneaks in a blast of Heat Vision.

Dammit! I bet all this emotional crap has her off her game. She should be about as Strong , if not stronger than Match . He grabs her and flies her off somewhere. I can barley keep up with Telescopic Vision.

I call the Titans. And start looking for them. I remember what Kal told me during the fight with the Vampires. I turn on the super hearing. First thing I hear is " Jimmy Olsen is a pretty man ! A pretty pretty man!"

EEEW! Not Jimmy's weird song again! Ok. I gotta turn down the hearing a little , I somehow heard something going on in Metropolis from San Francisco. Finally I hear. " Me am glad real Superboy hurt you. Me am Match me no come back from dead."

I hate Bizzaro speak so much. This is so weird . Match was made by the Agenda from my DNA he was created to be stronger, and better than me at most everything except one he had no free will.

I guess they messed something up. He's degenerating. Me ? I may hate Lex for a lot of the stuff he's put me through, but he made sure I wouldn't turn into that, when he created me.

I find them with the telescopic vision and pour on the superspeed. The whole way there. I hear " Me am fake Kon-El. Me sleep with Vampirella. Like he not do. He am real Kon-El. Me am fake."

Wait a sec if he's talking in Bizarro he's saying the opposite of everything he means. He's trying to convince her he's me! Again! When I hear her ask " Conner?" I lose it.

I slam into this mockery of me . He knocks me away. Then he starts up with the Heat Vision. " You am the one that died ! Me no come back from life like this! You Give everything Back to me!"

I am more than sick of this! " I took nothing from you psycho! I'm Kon-El I'm the one that died and came back freako! You really need to come up with a new plan jerk !"

I hadn't noticed that I walked right up to him. Through the heat vision! Oh man I'm gone be feelin' this in an hour. But right now I don't care. Evreytime this punk shows up he steals my identity.

I throw a right hook at his jaw. Fugly staggers. He takes he takes a punch to the gut. He he retaliates and starts strangling me. Then all the sudden he gets real weak. I see this weird blue light. I turn to find Robin. With Blue Kryptonite.

" I was right since Match has turned the blue K affects him like Bizarro. Is it hurting you Conner?"

" Nope . " I grin as I land a mean upper cut putting my evil twin down. Cass asks Miss Martian to scan our minds . Great she's having doubts about which one is real.

" Well now that is a pickle." the green chick states. " They both think they are Kon. And um non Bizzaro Kon? Please don't look up my skirt. "

She really needs to not fly over people in that skirt. It wasn't just me . I saw Tim take a quick look, Jericho took one ,and Ravager hit him for it. Bart , Ok Bart didn't But well he's Bart.

After That little light moment everyone looked at me " What I'm Kon really I am."

" Or maybe you just think you are. " Ravager eyes me suspiciously. Or should I say "eye."

" Look guys I am Conner !"

Robin says he believes me, but I think he may be the only one. I hate Match!