Monday, May 19, 2008


I suppose I should have seen it coming. But I've been distracted ever since Chris was sucked back into the Phantom Zone. I didn't suspect when a bunch of technological thugs began robbing banks in Metropolis I had no idea it was a trap. I captured them easily. After I had done so I hear clapping. “Very well done alien."

I recognize the voice instantly Doctor Doom.

“What are you doing here Doom? I thought Iron Man had captured you."

“That is what Doom had wanted that drunken fool to believe I would have thought someone of your intellect would see through such a ruse kryptonian. Alas you were not there Doom would have actually had a challenge."

You are under arrest!"

Before I make a move he blasts me with this black ray oddly it actually hurt it felt as if I was being torn apart. “Black Kryptonite, I hear it has a psychological effect on you. And unlike the red versions unpredictable effects. As for what Doom is doing here? I am taking advantage of a fortunate situation."

“What do you mean?" I mutter.

“The Earth's so called Champions are shattered, after your Civil War you no longer trust each other The Skrulls have added to the paranoia. The X-men are chasing an alien brain who has taken their mentor. SHIELD is busy with Skrulls. And the other heroes are distracted by their own petty concerns, and inane reality shows. Mean while a group of villains are conquering the world. This cannot be! Doom is meant to rule! While the others care only for power Doom would Shepard humanity into a new golden age that is where you come in!"

All of the sudden my powers feel as if they've left me and this other Superman stood before me.

“This is a surprise!" Doom Declares " No matter your weak and stupid rule against killing is now gone."

The black costumed Superman grins. “What makes you think I'll serve you Doom?"

“Doom is not only a master of science but magic as well!" These odd blasts come from his hands. And something strange happens to his eyes.” Now you will serve Doom!"

“Yes Master." The other me states while bowing.

“Then go my servant, and destroy SHIELD for me that will punish Stark for his hubris in invading Latveria. After you are done bring Stark to me!"

“Your will be done oh great Doom!" He flies off to do his master's bidding. Then Doom looks down at me. “My armor has scanned you and your powers have greatly diminished seems all the abilities have went with him. This endeavor has gone even better than I have planned." He snaps his fingers and a bunch of goons surround me “Take the former Man of Steel to Latveria we have a nice cell for you in my castles dungeons I do not want you dead since I am not sure yet what that would do to my servant."

They capture me and drag me into this transport. "Hurry up Doom has a world to conquer!" He barks. I don't know how but I will find a way to stop him.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A vacation from Kon

Batman has been bugging me to get Conner out of his house for a while. So I finally have found a way I got him to go to the LGS3

So Now Batman's happy, but Ma is not. She's constantly calling asking about him and wanting me to go to Hacknor to check on him. During JLA meetings, saving people or fighting Brainiac or Darkseid. Neither one will stop fighting you if you get a call from your mom believe me. And we all learned from Barry Allen's example not to tell super villains we are talking to our mother's

Super villians especially the Rouges can be really mean. Any way I don't which is worse no actually I do Bruce Wayne Maybe a little scary, but he's nothing compared to an Angry Martha Kent. Sigh. I can't wait until the sghow comes on so Ma will see he's alright, and I can actually have some peace.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Red Rage Part 2

I and Cassie had lunch in the park with HS, and Shiara. We had considered going as Conner Kent, and Drusilla whatever Cassie calls her self in her secret ID. Then I thought that would be weird since you know one of 'em is an elf, and the other is a devil, so you know it would probably turn less heads if they were with Superboy, and Wonder Girl.

Well that was until a big snake head thing fell on the table with the food. We look up and see Vincent in a dumb red costume. “I killed a dragon, and nothing happened.” He sneers . Not sure what that's supposed to me except it ruined my food.

Shiara stares “Actually I think it's a sea serpent."

Vincent sneers oh well let's see what happens after I kill you morons.

I groan. “Dude do you only act civil when Cass Cain is near you?" A moment after I said that I'm blasted by red flames, it kind of felt like getting hit by a GL constructs.

I recover “Okay you douche bag you wanna play with fire? Here's some heat vision!" he puts up a shield made of flames before my blast hits him should have used Freeze breathe I guess.

Hs And Shiara try to use there powers on him He puts them up in weird fire constructs Shiara looks like she's in a zoo cage and HS is crucified. “I’ll get to you two later." He smirks.

He comes after me again, Cass catches him with her lasso and lets loose the lighting. Vince grins. “This works on rage same as the ring. Let's see who's angrier."

Cassie gets shocked back next thing I know Vince catches us in this fighting cage While Shiara and HS escape their bonds both using magic I guess. I get smacked in the face with a big red fist. Yup he has a power ring alright. Didn't know they came in red.

I'm stunned that he then comes to fight me hand to hand, he gets to eat my fist when I'm grabbed by flaming ropes next he beats me senseless. By the time HS, Cassie and Shiara get in I'm bleeding like crazy. They drag him off while Cassie looks me over “Hera Conner you look bad."

“Yeah I think he broke some bones he was strong before but that ring makes him a lot stronger." I cough. “Or at least he can cheat better with it.”

Shiara yells “Don’t hut him HS! It’s not his fault! I sense the ring is making him do this. “HS flies across the park after a punch Vincent creates a red blade and waves it in front of Shiara.

“Are you sure of that Freak?"

“Yes, I know you better now than when we first met, you don't hate me you don't believe half the things you say you just like pushing people away why? Are you afraid people won't like you because of Vegeta? Hs is his grandson, And I'm your friend deep down I think you know that, let us get that ring off of you let us help you."

They try to help him when Vella shows up and he goes after her saying all green lanterns must die, they have a construct fight with Vella being all cute and Vince's being creepy. Then they end up using red and green laser guns then finally they martial arts fight each other.

Then Legacy pops up and it looks like they all have him beat using there powers I even get up and use my arctic breathe on him. I just get slammed back down on the ground, man where a power surge is when I need them?

Finally he has then all defeated and recharges his ring in a red lantern battery. Saying some oath in saiyanese. Well I guess it's in that. “Now Green Lantern die!" he points at her and she says. “You’re not my brother he always wanted to protect me even when he we fought, this is that damned ring let go of his body Let him Go!"

Then Cass Cain who's been unharmed ever since Legacy came in gets in between the two pulls off her mask, and stands defiant.

"If you are... going to kill... anyone you have to kill me first."

“Cass get out of the way!" He orders. He gets all red and weird.

"The green lantern will die!"

Cass just gives him the death stare,

Damn no powers, and she stands up to him. Why did I let her get away again? Oh yeah angry Bat family, I think Oracle was the only one that liked me. Or at least didn't threaten to neuter me.

“Vincent ...I will not let you do something... you'll hate yourself for ... for the rest of your life... like I did when I was a kid... When David had me kill that man. She's not just... a ring. She's your sister. You don't want to hurt her. Let us... to get... to her you have... to kill me can you do ... that lover?"

“Fine if you’re going to betray me I'll rid myself of you too! We can't let the green lanterns live!"

“At least ... she controls her ring... not... the other way around tyou are stronger than this."

Before they can say anything else Vincent gets blasted down. “Why did you do that?" Cass yells.

“I couldn't take the chance that this would go on any longer." A gravelly voice answers. “Now get out of the way, and let me finish this."

Vincent growls "Dad?!"

"Yes I would like to have words with you boy."

Cassie grins 'Looks like someone's going to get a spanking."

I groan. "Not sure I'm gonna get to see it. I think I'm dying again."