Friday, March 30, 2007

Finally free.

I had followed my evil Doppelganger, to a base with an entire Nazi army. There I was attacked by the Red Skull with a Cosmic Cube. For the next few days the evil version Of Magdalena tried to brainwash me.

They used kryptonite , and the Cube to try and torture me. I had refused to let them bend me to their will.

" It would be so much easier if you would learn to see things our way. " Nazi Maggie slinked seductively.

" I would never act like you monster!" I yell. At this moment the wall is trashed open. When the dust settles I see Son Goku, and some man dressed in an AIM costume. He attacked the regular soldiers mercilessly.

The Other me sneers. " Saiyan ! Your strength surprised me last time this time 'll break you!"

To which the Saiyan grins " We'll see."

As they fight I break my shackles. Evil Magdalena turns on me. " Impossible those shackles were adamantium!"

I Smile." I think the person that sold those to you ripped you off. My vision telssa me those are secondary Adamantium no where near as strong. "

She's about to Open the lead box again with the green K inside. A dose of Heat vision destroys the alloy before it's radiation can affect me. She sneers. We may not have the green rock in our universe , but we do have something else , something, that I use on my Superman in bed ! Magic!"

I did not need to know that. She starts hitting me with some kind of whip. It cuts through my flesh , and my costume. I use my freeze breathe to subdue her.

My other self screams" Maggie! You weak version of me you'll pay!" He flies away from Goku Who's then zapped by the Cube.

I haven't recovered my full power yet, but at this man's frenzy I may have had problems with at full power, until he makes the mistake of knocking out of the building. The Sun restored , and he flew into a barrage of super speed punches.

Meanwhile I keep my eyes on the AIM masked man. As he defeats soldier after soldier. I don't like how brutally he's doing so. But they're still alive. So I can pay attention to the task at hand.

My evil self is OK at using his powers, but he's not the best fighter, me. Well as for me you can't be friends with Wonder Woman, and Batman as long as I have without picking up some things.

I finally catch him in a sleeper hold. meanwhile Goku is being knocked around by the Cosmic Cube. " AHHHH! Why am I being beaten by block of ice?"

" It's not ice Goku-San. " I answer "Oh Never mind blast it now!" We Fire on it at the same time me with Heatvision, him with that Kamehameha thing he does. The cube explodes oddly causing A hole to be torn in the air sucking in Evil Magdalena , evil me inside.

After this happens many of the soldiers run away. The Red Skull is caught by the AIM Person who starts beating him. " Where is she??? Where is Amber? Tell me or I'll Kill you!"

I grab his fist, which turns out to be cybernetic. " That's enough!"

" Bite me Boyscout!"

Goku walks In between us. " Ok guys there's no reason for us to fight each other. Right Guy?"

" Fine Goku can you use your Ki finding power to find her?"

" I can try!" Goku laughs. " Oh man! I can't find her any where."

Guy's get a determined sound to his voice. " I've made plenty of contacts I'll find someone that'll help me find her." The man stalks off.

" Mind explaining what any of this is about?" I question Goku.

" Yeah he's a friend of mine and ,His girlfriend was replaced by that evil girl. We've been following leads for weeks until now when we found them. Um Superman ? Why is there a bald man in a dress floating up there? "

I fly up to the figure. " your the one Dr. Richards spoke of the Watcher?"

" I am."

"Why are you here?" I ask.

" Important events played out here.. The Nazis being here for so long Unlike say the Brolly who was traded for this Universe's Or One who took the place of a dead person in one dimension or another. Some of the Nazis had doubles here. Like you for instance. When they created a Cosmic Cube it created an instability."

" Instabilities " I ponder what he is saying but need more. " What kind of instabilities?"

" First off? The Question never died in this reality. But he has memories of dying from an alternate universe. He's made up this insane notion that he faked his own death. "

I shrug. " Victor thinking odd things isn't exactly new. But this is just an example there are others aren't there?"

" Yes. But when you destroyed the Cosmic Cube, It repaired the damage , and averted another Crisis."

" That's good to know . " I mutter. " I just recovered from the last Crisis. "

" But." The watcher starts ominously. " The Nazis have a way to get back into this Universe. Be vigilant for their return, or disaster could befall this reality!"

And with that he vanishes. Nothing like threats of impending doom to start the afternoon off right. I start to fly back to Metropolis when Goku stops me. " hey your a pretty good fighter . Are you gonna be in the Boudokai?"

" A martial arts tournament? Not my style Good luck to you though." I wave and fly home. I change back into Clark Kent, and report to the Daily Planet.

Lois Intercepts me on the way . to my office. " Thank God you've come back!" After we kiss. She finally sighs. " the Clark Kent robot that took your place has had problems.. He threw coffee in Jimmy's lap this morning and ran around the bull pen yelling "suck it!"

I shake my head. " Sounds like Conner programmed that one. His WWE obsession being a big clue. I'll talk to him after he gets off school."

" You mean you don't know?" She seemed to fight back a sob there.

" Know what?"

" Conner was shot with kryptonite bullets by Heroslayer. He's at S.T.A.R. Labs in San Fransisco. He's not expected to make it. "

" Oh Rao I have to.."

Then Perry my editor interrupts us " Kent I'd like to talk to you about your attitude lately!"

After the lecture, and a warning. I never actually get the chance to get change into Superman , and see about Conner. After I re write all the stories that the robot screwed up, and file them. Then have to try to concentrate on the afternoon staff meeting.

But my mind's concentrating on ways I can save Conner. Finally when The day ends I immediately get to San Fransisco . The S.T.A.R. Labs is completely destroyed.

" What happened here?" I shout. " Where is Kon-El?"

" Lex Luthor. he did this . He took your clone sir. There was nothing we could do to stop him."

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kon:Why does Nightwing fantasize about me with inflatable women?

So Nightwing for some reason keeps talking about me and inflatable women. I'm still tryin' to figure out what I did for to him to bring up all this hostility. He probably found out about me dating Cassandra Cain a while back.

And for some reason evreyone's laughin' about the " You lost your virginity in a Barn Conner hahahahahaha!! Yeah no I didn't. Sorry Cassie ( Wondergirl) but I was already 'used goods' since my days in Hawaii.

I'm not proud of this but my first time was one of the " power training lessons " from Knockout.

Yeah I was young and stupid. Next was a girl I dated at Cadmus Serling Rouqette.

It didn't workout I'm sorry to say. I wonder whatever happened to her.

After this me and Cass Cain dated for a while.

Wonder girl was acting like she hated me at the time, so I moved on. Cassie and me ended it , when she went to find out who her mother was. Hey Vincent treat her right dude ya got good girl there.

Then me and Wondergirl got back together. the problem was I ended up being pulled into the 30th century and was with the Legion of Superheroes. I thought I'd never get back to my own time , and I dated Triad. Yeah she has the ability to turn into three girls (Yeah I know awesome!)

Finally the barn incident happened. Yeah I ain't showing you people a picture of that you'll just have to take this one instead.

OK So no I don't have a list as long as Nightwing's. Who the freak does? He calls me a livin' hormone? come on! From what I get from readin' his last post, he waits until their vulnerable , and swoops in.

I may be old fashioned. or well not Mr. Grayson, but I actually try to start relationships. Some times they don't work out. I can't help that. What in Rao's name is going on the roof?

Man! I forgot all about Tim's drunkenness after checkin' out that Pamela Anderson lookin' hottie. I hope he ain't gonna like jump off the roof or somethin'! I fly up there, ans see somethin' horrible. Miss Martian's on fire. Raven's freaking out yellin "Trigon!"

Ravager's fightin' Invisble people, yelling "dad!" Beast boy's shape shiftin' out of control. Kid Flash Is some kinda' device. Every time he tires to fight it it drags him back to it.

I see Tim, And Jericho Layin' on the roof. Robin points and says "Look out!" I turn on some dude in a white costume with a skull , and crossbones on his chest, and a cape pointing a gun at me.

He shoots me. Instead of bouncing off my chest they go in , and hurt a lot. " Kryptonite." The masked guy announces smugly. I fall clutching my chest. Oh Man! I'm dyin'!

This dude stands over me. " This was easier than I thought." He brag. he takes out this sword, before he strikes me we hear "Oh Danny Boy!" being sung.

Mask boy looks around. "Where's that coming from?" he asks.

" The Pipes The pipes are calling!"

Now the psycho is really freaking out. " Who's doing that where are you?" This smoke or gas or somethin' forms in front of Killer guy. I may hallucinating But I think it ended up forming a question mark.

" Question!? " He shouts. " No! Your dead! Your dead!

" Stay Back!" Yells the guy, as Question keeps on with his little musical number.

" I- I'll kill you Sage! Ghost or not!" Wonder Girl throws her lasso round weirdo ( bad guy not Question.) It shocks him ,and the other titans regroup. I keep passing out , and When I Wake up again, The Villain screams "My devices, aren't working right! Damn Wonder Girl's Lasso! Damn Question! My teleporter has a little charge left.I have to risk it! Doesn't matter! looks like Kon is about to Die any way!" He vanishes.

Oh man! I think he's right! I'm gonna die again! Oh man I feel myself passin' out!It's all goin' black.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Kara:trying to apoligise to Batgirl.

Nightwing and this woman ended up talking for so long, that I got bored , and left.

So I Leave Bludhaven, and wonder what else there is to do around here. Then I remember. That Batgirl has been mad at me for having a little fun with Vincent Briefs. I had no idea that she was wanting to to date him.

And of course evrey body just has to call me 'slut'. or 'whore' , or whatever. I hate the double standard this planet has. If your a guy, you Get applauded for liking sex if your a girl you get called names, Well unless your Kon then you get called names too.

I'm going to have to get this straightened out. It's not like I was wanting a relation ship or any thing. I had just broke up with that Powerboy loser, who Hit me! And was a complete stalker. So I beat the him up. and left him space I've seen him again and beat him once since then.

And hey Vince liked me. so But If Batgirl is going to get all bent out of shape about it I better go talk to her. With My Telescopic Vision, I find her, with Vinnie, And his sister. on a roof top in West City.

Awkward! Maybe I should see what Boomer's doing? no wait he told me he had a job. Something about Nuclear Power plants and robot Lyndsey Lohans. I was a little scared to find out more.

So OK I might as well get this over with. I fly up behind them.the two saiyans sense me pretty quick. "Hey!" Vella greets. Vincent kind of mumbles "uh oh." And Batgirl refuses to look at me.

" Hey.Um Can we talk?" I ask her.

" Whatever you want I'm not interested," She growls.

I press forward. " Look I didn't know about you, and him."

" Hey at the time I didn't Cass was into me!" Vincent shouts.

" Oh." I point at Batgirl. " Your Cass huh?" She turns and glares at the boy.

"Oooh! your in trouble!" his sister laughs.

" Look. " For some reason she looked like she was starting to search for what she had to say. " My boy is off limits. So just go back to Metropolis."

" Don't get your Bat panties in a bunch. I'm not leaving until you accept my apology , us super people , and Bat people are supposed to be friends you know, Let's not let a silly thing like a boy mess that up."

" Silly?" Vince protests.

" Quiet Vinnie!" Now it's my turn to glare at him.

" Don't call me Vinnie!" He shouts.

"Cass" Takes a metal glove out of her utility belt puts it on then Punches me .

It actually hurt. " What was that?"

" Adamantium." I can see her smile under that freaky mask." Now your apology is accepted."

Unbreakeble metal, meeting invulnerable jaw equals 'ouch' have to remember that.

" So I guess that means you don't share huh?" I half joke.

She looks like she doesn't get it for a second, then it dawns on her, and her eyes do that bat mask angry thing that Bruce's always do. " I haven't even ... never mind."

Wait you Haven't?" I'm shocked. " Well your in for a treat. After the clumsiness part but I think he's over that now ."

"Aaargh!" He yells to which his sister points and laughs.

I whisper in her batgirl's ear " Ask him to go supersaiyan trust me. " I use my x- ray Visiomnn to see yup. She's blushing.

And Vincent grumbles " I'm in Hell."

This weird robotic voice declares behind me " Not yet but you soon will be!" we all turn to see this guy in a costume. " Well Well. Four heroes for the price of two . How lucky for the Heroslayer."

He zaps me with this green ray that makes me all weak. Kryptonite! Damn it! I fall on the he pushes a button on his belt, and this ultrasonic pulse makes me, and the two half saiyans, ears bleed.

" Now that everyone's down . " He laughs. " I'll just kill you all now. " He throws some kind of gas bomb at Vella. " For the little Princess Toxin!" Vince charges him, The slayer takes a knife looking thing from his belt. " For the boy prince, One of Captain Koma's neural disruptors." He stabs Vincent in the head. The boy responds by going into convulsions , and yelling gibberish.

"What?. " The Slayer questions. " It's not supposed to do that. Must be something to do with that hybrid brain of yours."

Batgirl runs to his him " What did you do to him?"

" Well well Cassandra." he taunts " Your language skills have improved. David will be so proud. Well until he has to attend your funeral."

The girl makes a noise like a wounded cat. " Wh..what?" Heroslayer takes this moment . to try to punch Batgirl who blocks it and kicks him in the chest. " You didn't know ? David is alive ."

" Your l...lying I saw him ... die."

" No. But will. Have you heard of a man called Prometheus? He had a helmet that could download all the fighting styles of the best martial artists . I stole that from him. Just like I stole the disrupter from Koma. Right now my hood is downloading the styles of. Your parents , Batman , and you. "

It was an intense fight, but Batgirl seemed to have the edge, she could I don't know just seem to know what was coming before Heroslayer did. He took out these laser sword looking things, and she knocked them out of his hands, and grabbed them.

" Impressive." Slayer. laughs. He flashes a light into her eyes blinding her. Next a gun comes out of his belt. " Too bad it wasn't enough."

I use the last of my Heat vision to destroy the weapon. He turns on me. " So you want to die first Supergirl? That can be arranged."

He put the Kryptonite ray at my head. " At this range, a second dose will be painful fatally so."

I fight back tears , I'm not giving this dirt bag the satisfaction of seeing me cry. " Why?"

" Because someone has to." he answers grimly. This pain rips through my body. Not like Kyptonite but like giant needles tearing out of my skin. There's all these weird spike things all over me . But Heroslayer jumped back before they could skewer him.

" Where did you get those my dear? How odd. How advantageous. He grabs me by one of the spikes and tosses me I hit something with a squishing sound. Oh no ! I don't want to know what I hit!

I turn around, and my fears are realised with a sickening sound from Batgirl.

Oh No! How did this happen? Where did these spikes come from? Unbidden , a memory of Krypton comes into my head.

Oh Great Krypton! My dad.. he did something to me! And because of that psycho Bat girl could die!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Robin's been ... off.

Wow. Robin's really takin' Steph's death hard, At least I guess that's what 's been makin' him act like a total jerk to Bart and all. At least Spoiler gets sad people for her, I heard people had parties when I died. I slept at the Tower last Night, Because the tower actually has an Internet connection unlike the Kent's farm.

Well actually the The Farm does have a connection, but I have to fight with Ma Kent for it , and I needed to get the mountains of homework from my sick days in Kandor done. which needed 'net assistance.

I'm awaken By Ravager screaming at my bedroom door. " Open up Conner!"

" Ah Man ! It's not my turn for Ravager naked time! " I joke. " I think It's Marvin's though. Or maybe one of the the Starbucks servers."

" Conner ! I know you stole my booze! Now your going to pay me for it!"

" It wasn't me! " I shout. Because the stuff Rose drinks , and home work don't mix. This is probably what I would have wrote if I had drank it. " In 1776 the belelh dhugdklb was signed. "

Yeah that would go over real well. Rose kept insisting, it was me because "I'm the only other one here who drinks." She breaks in and I throw a pillow at her. When that doesn't work I toss my dirty socks at her. Ha! That makes her run away gagging.

After getting another hour of sleep. I'm awaken by Miss Martian , and She's all happy about some trainin' course , Get up Conner you'll miss it it'll be super keen!"

Does anyone even use the word "keen" any more? I stretch and Put on a shirt that isn't covered with pizza sauce. The whole time I'm thinking that it's just too freaking early for Ms. Martian.

Speaking of which Megan is skipping yeah I mean skipping, to the course. " I hear the JLA will be watching well except for Superman who's on a case, but you know that I mean he's like your Dad or is he your older brother? Well whatever do you think Martian Manhunter will be out here?"

" You tell me your the telepath." I shrug. " But he's likely out fighting with Smarter Child again, or abusing College Station or something."

We walk out into the cold morning fog. And I know that J'onn isn't here, by the fact I haven't heard one thing about dubbed One Piece yet. Poor Meagan is disappointed , but it doesn't stop her from listing her favorite things to me. I tuned out after bunnies.

As I start asking Cassie how she was, and then explaining nothing was going on with me and Ms. Martian( I'd kill myself.) Robin comes out to the field stinkin' drunk . I mean you didn't need to have super senses to tell it.

He yelled something about how he was the greatest something or other, then ran into a tree, face first. Well looks like we ain't doing the training course today. Looks like I'm gonna have to have a long talk with Tim. After He drinks a bunch of black coffee.

Good thing there's a Starbucks in the Tower. ( Where my room used to be. No I'm not still bitter, at least I still gotta new one unlike Beastboy. Though he said something about being a fly on Raven's wall, whatever dude.)

And While we're ordering Coffee, I found out about Nightwing, sending pictures of me as "Flamebird." too people. Well That can't go unanswered so behold something from Dick's days as Robin.

The Horror! The Horror!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Another evil twin?

Whoever took Lois, left few clues. I used my vision powers and couldn't find any clue. I started searching Metropolis, I hear, Someone flying towards the city. He looks like me?

Not again. This soon after Ultraman. This version of me wears a swastika. Great. so He's a an even more twisted version of me , than even Ultraman. I follow him. He ends up at some lead paint factory, close to Suicide Slum.

When he goes into the door. Lois hits him from behind with a piece of machinery. Seems Wherever he'd been Nazi Superman he has had a beating from someone.

He fell to his knees. I fly up behind him. Lois Smiles " Just in time."

My doppelganger glares at me. Then punches me in the face.

He charges I dodge , and hit him in the back of the head. He goes down. Whoever defeated him, had weakened him.

" Did he hurt you?" I asked Lois.

" No he never had the chance. " She stares at him. " Is he another clone?"

" I won't know until I take him back to the Fortress."

" Oh no!" Lois shouts.

" What? " i I was hoping she wasn't hurt.

" I was supposed to interview the Governor today!Perry will have my head! "

I laugh shaking my head. At least you still have your head. "

" So it looks like your going to be taking another sick day at the Planet. " She tsks.

I smile "Looks like." We kiss before I take my look alike to the Fortress.

After analysing him the computers say he isn't a clone. But a version of me from an alternate universe. Is he the precursor to an invasion? Or another Crisis? I need to contact The Justice League.

I'm sucker punched, by the recovered evil version of me. He has my healing factor too I see.

" Weak Fool!" He sneers. " You've brought me here to a cache of Interstellar weaponry! Now this world belongs to the Third Reich!"

The fact that someone wearing ,my face is spouting that drivel makes me sick to my stomach. " You'll have to get through me first." I challenge.

I fire my full intensity Heat Vision at him.

" That all?" He asks. Flying at me. I catch , him and with a right hook tossing him through through a few walls.

" No. I'm just getting warmed up." He flies back at me hitting me with a hay maker. I roll with it, Pretending to be , more hurt than I am, drawing him in closer.

When he's close enough I punch him in the gut. He kicks my knee cracking it . I throw an upper cut that knocks him through the ceiling. He flies back through slamming his shoulder into my chest.

We fall Into the The basement , and I start feeling sick and weak. Kryptonite. I notice it's hurting him too. He's trying to open a door to escape. the green rock. II look around while I still have eyesight, I find it. It's tour fight had broke open the lead canister where I keep Bloodsports K-bullets.

Right by it is the Phantom Zone Projector. I crawl to it. and turn the device on the meteor rocks. After I banish them I my mind clears , and I remember what's locked in that door.

" No! Don't open that It's dangerous!"

He laughs. " Ah your keeping some kind of weapon your afraid of aren't you? You were going to try using those green rocks to defeat, and ended up defeating yourself as well. Now you know whatever is in that door can kill us. But I will use it on you first."

The cell's security devices recognize his similar DNA and open. Releasing the monster.

" What is this thing?" My double queries.

" DOOMSDAY KILL SUPERMAN!" Is all he gets in answer.

The creature uses his claws to cut a deep gap into the other Superman's chest. " Monster! How dare you! I'll... what's happening? Poison?!"

At this moment we both hear a voice, that sounds similar to the Magdalena's saying "Superman1 I need you at once my love!"

My other self unsteadily flies away leaving me with Doomsday. If his healing ability is exactly like mine, He'll fight off the poison, and soon, but it'll slow him down.

Doomsday smiles obscenely. " Another Superman? You.....die first."

" Not today." I turn the PZ projector on him sending him to the to the prison dimension.

After I alert the JLA. I fly out to find my double, and see where he is going.