Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kon:Surprise attack

Doc Samson is a total tool. During this whole therapy junk, he tried to the say the wrestling theme song I have is a diss on robin, because he kissed Wondergirl while I was dead. Ya know I already went through all of this. I ain't mad at Robin no more, then he brought up the whole alternate future thing. Where I went nuts because the two of them got together. ( Which was really just a insane delusion that Black Zero came up with.)

" Well if Robin seduces Cassie, then I'll seduce Steph." I smile.

Hmmm Ya know I like that idea, So I started kinda fantasising about Spoiler in that tight costume. Then Samson interrupts me with " Your constantly chasing women means you have problems with your mother."

Where did this dude get his psychiatry license? A cereal box? I ain't got a mother. I roll my eyes, and leave. I ain't listening to that pathetic weirdo.

So at school, HS tells meSome girl he's hung up on. Cool! Me and Cass Can double date with him and her, Something we couldn't do with that ho X-23. (Though I'd hit it.)

So any way something weird happened after school when I went to my little hobby in the wrestling ring. ( Hey i get a little extra money for the week, and all. ) When something happened that wasn't in the script. Some weird ass song came over the speakers it was like "Behold the Prince!"

Then damned Vincent showed up and I started feeling weak. He smirks takes out this Kryptonite drops it on the mat and and begins wailing on me. Cassie tries to pull him off then he punches her in the jaw. Then he takes her lasso and throws it away from her. How the hell did he gets strong enough to take Cassie down. Damn Saiyan training. And damn their ability to keep getting stronger.

He smirks at me. then says. "I want you to know. You damned Titans, are not going to take over the world. When you try I'll be there to put you down. Your not killing my girl or anyone else."

Wondergirl, starts beating him senseless until he transforms Into that weird electric second Super saiyan thing. they are some what equal for a while until Vince Smiles after she bloodies his nose. " Super Kaioken."

Then she falls hard. " Bah! Amazon warriors can't withstand a battle with a true Saiyan Warrior." He spits his blood on me gross! He takes the k rock away." Tell your little bastard devil friend I'm coming for him next. And after I'm done with him he will stop disgracing my family with his evil."

I have no idea what this punk is talking about, but I pass out before I can think about anything else.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fight with the Super Skrull

Well Next Top Hero is going pretty well. I was looking at the ratings when I hear the JLA distress signal.

Seems the Watchtower was being attacked by skrulls. When I arrive They do some kind of strange gesture. and a blast hits me. Oddly it hurts. Magic. Unfortunately for them it was only enough to annoy me.

I knock out several of them. While the rest run away. They were luring me into a trap. I might as well oblige them to see what they have in store for me, and that is the Super Skrull, who was fighting Wonder Woman, and Hawkman.

" Your late Kal." Diana Smiles.

" The Flash can't be the only constantly late. " I shrug.

" Quiet!" Superskrull shouts.

" I'd have to agree." Hawkman grumbles.

So Your the Kryptonian everyone has told me of." The Skrull sneers looking me up and down. " You don't look like anything."

" And you look like like you've been pretty much beaten by Diana." I observe.

" Don't insult me! I am a warrior born!" he raves trapping himself around me with Mr. Fantastic's power. I spin around at super speed, After wards the Super Skrull looks greener than usual . " You Can't defeat .. whoa give me a second. " He's trying not to lose his lunch while I try to not be amused by this.

After he recovers he punches me "Feel the power of the Thing!"

" Thanks I had an itch on my chin. " I grin.

" What are you Spider-man now?" He says more to himself than to me while smashing me with invisible fore fields.

" What I can't crack a joke once in a while ? "

I try to grab him before he starts using Johnny Storm's fire power. Fire in a satellite is never a good thing.He used his Nova Blast I tried my best to contain the damage. But it knocks even me back.

" Now prepare to die!" The alien brags. I know I have to end this now. So I stop playing around.

Oh Rao, I stole a line from Hudson, and didn't realize it. After knocking out the Super Skrull. The others vanish yelling threats though one caught my attention, "Trigon is coming."

If half of what Nightwing has described about Raven's father is true , then this is cause for concern. After helping to repair the Watchtower, I return home for what I hoped would be a romantic evening with Lois. So of course Ma has to call me

" Clark, come quick It's Conner!"

What has he done now?

I fly to Smallville and Ma looks concerned while Pa just shakes his head. " Martha this is really nothing to concern Clark with."

Uh- Oh. Did Ma find those magazines he keeps under his mattress?

" You need to watch this video Clark!" Ma flashes it in my face then puts in in the VCR. I keep thinking " Please don't let Kon be in a porn movie."

But fortunately it's just this.

Ma looks disgusted. " Wrestling, he's taken up wrestling!"

I'm still trying to figure out how he got Wonder girl to go into that with him. But besides that I don't really care. " It's his life If he wants to wrestle for a hobby I don't see anything wrong with it. "

Pa gives a smug look . " And everyone in it has powers so he ain't gonna hurt anyone."

" I can't believe this!" Ma shouts your just going to let him make a fool of himself?"

" Well if I can host a reality show, Why can't Conner pretend to beat up people in a soap opera? "

" I have problems with that too Clark, bur your a grown man. So your not going to do anything?"

" No. I see no problem with him having some fun. "

She rolls her eyes. Me I'm just glad it wasn't something much worse, and with Conner well it could have been a lot worse.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kon: My ugly suit

So after my little problem with the girl's undies, now they are tryin' to get me to go see Doc Samson. Is there like any other superhero psychiatrist out there? Any way the explanation for this is I was mind controlled by an evil mind leech I got rid of it by flying into the sun.

Of course no one believes me. Whatever. At least going to Samson is gonna cost Batman money . Don't know why he's payin' but it's still sweet.

Ok well now I have to talk about my ugly new suit. Ya see people have been on me about wearing a costume ever since I took on the jeans , and t-shirt look.
Well the Teen Titans presented me with....

Yellow? Seriously? And what's worse Miss Martian styled my hair to look like Superman's . This puts the "uck" In suck. You know I'm beginning to suspect this is like revenge from Robin for the whole " Smokes dope made of puppies " thing a while back.

And worse they made me go to West City to invite Team Legacy to a capture the flag competition with the Titans. Robin said it could be like a Jsa Jla Team up thing. I think he's making any excuse he can to see Stephanie myself, but what do I know.

And of course who do I see first? Vincent who reacts to my costume like this.

You know what? You can have room to laugh when you stop wearing your dad's clothes dude. His sister laughed too but at least she wasn't so mean about it , that and she's hot so I don't mind it from her.

So after that I had to go around Metropolis. Not because I wanted to , but because I had to Supergirl decided to be Emo today, and well Metallo showed up and someone had to stop him. He's a lot easier to beat when he's rolling on the ground laughing.

But I noticed something I got shot at a lot more than usual.

Random people started pickin' fights.

Ugh! I went back to the t-shirt and Jeans.

What happened to the yellow suit? Well let's just say there is a badly dressed scarecrow in Kansas now.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kara: I wish I didn't know Conner

While Kal is off hostingNext Top Hero, Me, Kon and the Steels have been taking up the slack while he's been semi gone. I think the pressure's getting to Kon.

Just the other day I caught him doing this.

Yes he's sniffing girl's underwear, the freak. So girl's if any of you are missing undies Kon probably has them. Uh Oh he just came in to the Fortress and he seems to have a new hat.

Great Rao! That boy needs therapy.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Kon: Endin' Black Zero

BZ had beaten down entire Legacy team, and zapped some purple haired dude. away with with his hypertime wrist thingie I use my telescopic vision to see Kara rallying the Titans good she won't be here for what I got in store for BZ.

He sees me of course. And we do the usual bad guy good guy banter. He clotheslines me and I try to fight back. Not so well since he's as Strong as Superman, and has TTK. He's pretty much me if I grew up like in the clone tank to full adulthood, and became a douchebag instead of my lovable cuddly self.

I kept trying to get the thing out of the box but he kept punching me before I could get my hand into my pocket than he slammed me on the ground over and over with his TK finally he just blasted me with his HV for good measure.

" You know Superboy you should have Waited for your little team to recover. With the beating I've taken from this bunch of kids, and Bruce Briefs they might actually stand a chance of beating me. "

Arrogant prick. Wait Briefs? Oh don't tell me the HU water has struck again. He picks me up and grabs the box out of my pocket. hi start scrambling away. this is going to be bad. First I wanna see how stupid he is. " No BZ! Don't open that ! It's my secret weapon!"

He shakes his head. " Kryptonite I bet. yeah the kiddies tried that. it hurt me but it didn't kill me."

Well. Ok This is a big risk , but I gotta do it. I use my TTK to upset his footing. he falls on the lead box knocking it open the lead shields me I fly off a safe distance just in case.

Black Zero stares at the k rock. " Yellow? You came here with Yellow Kryptonite? What'sit supposed to do? Meh it didn't do anything The moment he closes the lid I speed by him and take the rock away I think he's finally noticed I went by hi to fast for him to see.

" Wait? What did you do?" he tries using his TTK. He finds he can't or fly or use heatvision or anything.

" Sorry BZ That wasn't yellow K It was Gold K. " I grin. "It takes away your powers for good."

This is why Supes doesn't want me or Kara messin' with it. After being exposed ya just can't absorb solar energy anymore. He starts freakin' out screaming trying to get his powers to work. Kinda pathetic really.

Outta nowhere, this portal opens up and purple haired kid is back. " You think I hadn't learned about your Hypertime tech Black Zero? I have devices that can.... wait what happened to your power level?"

" Well pal, I just made sure he'd never be a threat again. " I gloat a little.

Purple haired man smirks . " Now you'll pay for crimes you bastard!"

I speed in front of him and tried to stop him this guy is fast, and fights like I dunno , he maybe better than Vegeta, and Goku." then he took a good long look at me.

" Uncle Conner?"

" Woah! Wait a minute uncle?" How dis I get to be an uncle of a guy that looks like a saiyan. And how can I be an uncle? I ain't got any siblings. Well maybe Match but he's a bizzaro now.

He smirks. " Not by blood , but your one of my mom's oldest friends. " I

" Dude. My oldest friends ain't old enough to have a kid as old you."

He pats me on the shoulder " Time travel. You would sneak me video games, candy , and DVDS though mom wanted to train all the time."

Oh God I think I get it. I point at the ko'd Vince, and Cass Cain. " Your theirs?"

" Yes. Don't tell them though. I'm going to learn all I can from my grandpa David before I go back if I do."

" Wait David? As in David Cain?" But he doesn't answer me. " So you want to let this sicko live?"

" Yeah he's committed a lot of crimes beatin' up the Titans kidnapping me, and Spoiler. Beating up these guys, and then tryin' to kill Cass and Vince. Pus the whole world conquering thing. Yeah he'll be behind bars a long time. "

He thinks it over for a second. " And he can't get his powers back?"

" Nope." I reassure.

Then the kid teleports off in that Goku way. Vince rubs his head, and walks up to me. " Was that Trunks with Dad hair?"

" I'll have to get you a cigar. Vince. Bubble gum alright?" I smile.

" You are so damn weird. " He retorts.

So it ended up bein' a pretty good day I tried to Ravager to give me the money on the bet That Vince , and Cass Cain Wouldn't last the year together, alternate future kids kinda prove that wrong. She took it on on handcuffed Black Zero, By kickin' him in the crotch.

So Now BZ in in a nice comfy cell with no powers. And me? Well God of War two is callin ' my name. I can't believe this game is as awesome as the first one.