Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The silent treatment.

Man I've been gettin' yelled at from everyone About the whole Vampi seduction thing. Okay I just recently found out it was Draculina. But still she 's mind controlling' Thor . I guess It's Thor. I mean it could be That doofus Clor.

That dork gives all us clones a bad name . What's his idea about ending a fight ? Blowing up people's chests. That and he's creepy as all get out. He he has these weird cold eyes. Also he can be turned off like a robot.

Hey your a person kinda, don't let Stark, and Richards use an off switch on ya! Ok enough on Clor. Except to those other clones out there, I don't mean your not people just not sure what ya call a god clone is all. Or how you clone a god for that matter.

Any way She's taken over lots of other people, like um, Iron man. No wait that doesn't help my case! , um Hercules, No. That's almost as bad. Um Wonder man, Oh never mind that guy's so desperate it's funny.

Um uh no Trunks is a massive horndog, um Mirai Yeah she took over Mirai , And Thor who has to be the real one since he talks in the Shakepsphere English. ( I hope.)

I think Vlad once took over Sif's mind so there's like a precedent. Ok Anyway. Kal yells at me. After he makes sure I'm not going to turn into Krypto Vamp. Well what's worse is someone has been sendin' emails about The Vampi Draculina thing to everyone.

Hs asked s Titans to help look or his real mom. While we were at were discussing our options, Cassie storms in and punches me. " Is this true ? " she screams.

She hands me an email printout, with this picture.

" Yeah Cass Lemme explain..." She just wraps her lasso around me and makes it shock me. Then she stalks out of the room. It's times like these I wish I just stayed dead.

Then Vella the little saiyan girl well by little I mean she looks about 15 but somewhat acts like a shy kid. Punches me in the gut. What was scary was her eyes turned green and her hair turns sort of blonde for like a second.

Great. I look down at the email. It's signed "?". The Question!
Ya gotta be freakin' kidding me! I don't have much of a memory about my time in the after life but I seem to remember him popping up there for a few seconds once evrey week about this time. Then he'd just go back.

What was Mr " Fluoride 's not for toothpaste, but it makes our teeth visible for satellite surveillance. " hanging around outside with a camera? Arrgh! Why can't that faceless weirdo just pay attention to his relationship with the Huntress and leave the rest of us alone?

So now Cassie refuses to talk to me and I'm just wondering. Who else is going to punch me?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Me vs. Thor, Again

Mirai's son Had Visited, and left. He shown some anger of the fact that we had his father locked up in the fortress.

he left telling Kon he's stay in his at his aunt and uncle's for the rest of the day. I called Lois. " How's Conner ?" She she asked.

" He's already healed, The problem is Mirai. He's still somewhat raving, but I think. He may be ready to see the truth, at least I hope so."

Our conversation is cut short by alarms blaring all over the fortress. I find Thor is attacking it. I fly outside to confront him.

" What is this about?" I demand!

" Thou shalt free the lady's husband at the once Kryptonian villain! I had paid so much attention to Thor, That I hadn't seen Draculina behind him. Great Krypton! She took control of Thor? She's starts screaming " Kill him Thor! I command it!"

"Aye my lady! This monster shalt be sent to Hela's grasp!" He boasts.

" So it's come to this has it? " I shake my head sadly.

Thor answers by pounding the ground with his hammer. The tow of us trade savage punches.

As the fight goes on I notice we're are no longer in the Artic. I had been speed blitzing him, and he had been throwing lightning. I must have missed him opening a portal. His magic must have dulled my senses.

I'm thrown through a grove of trees. The thunder god swings his weapon And begins boasting while he does that I unleash a barrage of heatvision straight at his chest.

He goes into " Warrior Madness" screaming and charging at me. I catch his hammer before it breaks through my head. I then answer with a devastating hay maker of my own.

The battle doesn't end there. His madness makes him a formidable opponent, actually calm he's pretty tough. After I'm struck by numerous blasts of magic lightning. I'm reeling . He sets up the so called " god blast " where he uses some of his own power along with the hammer's I dodge the energy, and fly at him he blocks a nother blast of Heatvision with Mjolnir.

I freeze the ground beneath his feet putting him off balance. I punch him over , and over , at superspeed. Not letting him get another chance. To command the elements. I even hit him with more heatvision. At last after an epic struggle I knock him out.

At that Moment I'm jumped by several Avengers. It seems the this was all a set up to get me here. After the battle with Thor I'm too weak to defend myself. , Until I hear " Great Hera! Conner was right they are killing him!"

In My vision blurs, before I pass out I see The Justice Leauge of America, launch a counterstrike against the Avengers. I wake up To Batman Diana , and Wally staring at me.

" I told you can't keep the big red S down!" Wally grins.

" Well I feel like I just tried to lift a planet, and it fell on me." I mutter trying to get my bearings. " The Avengers?"

" We fought them off." Aquaman declares way too proudly.

" How did You know to come here?" I question.

" Conner called us. " Diana says. " He said the Fortress ' power went out , and Mirai escaped. When the power came back the screen showed you fighting Thor, and The Avengers waiting in ambush. "

Bruce gruffly joins in " Why were you keeping the Saiyan boy Prisoner? Would you like to explain why you were fighting a team of Avengers?"

I tell bring them up to date on everything that has happened . And finish with " if this Draculina now controls the Avengers she's a global threat."

" The kind of threat we were brought together to face." Bruce oddly smiles.

" Yeah! Let's go bust some heads!" The Flash shouts.

" Yes but remember the Avengers, and Mirai are just being controlled n they are not evil." I remind them.

" I'm not so sure about Iron Man." Diana spits. " I enjoyed hitting him just now , and would enjoy doing so again. "

I'm not sure if she's kidding or not.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kon Attacked

I've had no problem with Kon's friend ship with HS . Nor HS rather unique family. In fact I was rather impressed that Vampirella and Mirai Trunks, would adopt Hs. Reminds me of how The Kents took in a certain baby from a space ship.

But today Kon came stumbling into the Daily Planet bleeding from his neck.

Jimmy screeched like a woman. Then turning on that Signal Watch. In case your wondering yes the sound it makes is incredibly annoying. Imagine Gilbert Gotfreid screaming " Zee! Zee! Zee! " right next to you and you have a pretty good idea.

So I make my usual " oh no the sight of blood! I'm going to be sick." excuse and get to the store room. To change from Clark To Superman. I fly in through the window , to the sight of Jimmy cradling Kon.

And Kon waking to that and shouting " Dude what are you doing?"

" I thought you were cold ! I mean your not wearing a shirt..."

" Get away! "

I interrupt by clearing my throat. To which Jimmy squeals " Superman !" and runs up to me starts asking me all kinds of questions. Most of them were if I'd visit his apartment. Not after last time.

I take Kon out of there and to my Fortress , in case he couldn't fly himself. I ask him what was happened. Vampi went nuts she hypnotised me or something. Made me get in bed with her then she bit me!

Great Krypton! I know how she dresses is a bit unconventional, but I would have never thought her to try to seduce a 17 year old boy. Well okay he's closer to two being a clone and all.

I take a sample of Kon's blood and let the Fortresses computers analyze it while he's being scanned by a Kryptonian version of an MRI, but far more advanced.

" Kon You'll be happy to know all the tests Say you weren't injected with venom."

"He sighs in relief " How was she able to bite me in the first place? "

" I suppose the fact that we have no defenses against magic. I was once bitten by a vampire that claimed he was Dracula."

" What happened?" he asks.

" His head exploded. Now stay here , and rest I'm going to have a talk with HS' parents."

" Don't be too hard on them alright? From what I hear Vampi just was hurt mentally in some kinda fight or some stuff."

" Don't worry about it." I reassure before I fly to West City. First Vegeta kidnaps him, for some stupid game show, and now Vampirella bites him. What in Rao's name is going on down there?

On the way There I see Mirai. Even I have would have trouble telling him apart from Trunks if it wasn't for the hair. He beckons me toward him. Good we both rational, well at least he's more rational than his father. ( Though sometimes I think The Hulk is more rational than Vegeta.)

"I wanted to talk to you about Vampirella." I say.

" How about we talk about the little rape clone your raising? How about we speak of that?" He snarls.

" Rape clone? Vampirella attacked Kon. "

" Oh I bet you believe everything your kid says don't you?"

" No. But I can hear his heartbeat speed up when he's lying, he wasn't."

Mirai Becomes irrational transforms and attacks me. Normally I would be in for a battle , but this time he was slow.

I was able to avoid his blasts and punches easily. I couldn't believe this. Normally this man is pretty calm. Then he takes out his supposed magic weapon.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I've heard from other heroes that his sword was forged from a alternate version of Thor's hammer.

I've learned through experience Mjolnir hurts. I 've also learned that Thor is an easy target for Heat Vision. That and he's so surprised when someone catches his hammer That he'll sit there for minutes staring so that certain someone can knock him out.

Either way I was going to avoid this blade. Not that it matters. Mirai passes out in a couple of minutes. I could take him to STAR labs, but I have doubts they can hold him for long if he gets violent.

I take him to my fortress . After scanning him I find he's suffering from massive blood loss. More so that Kon. Not sure where his newly violent temper has come from.

I put Mirai In a cell and give him a small sedative. While I study the scans. Hmmm Saiyans are much like humans , and Kryptonians. They even seem to absorb certain energies. For some of their power. Though Mirai has organs , that I have no idea what they do.

That'll have to wait. I call his Mother to to let her know That he's here . I would normally call Vampirella But I think she's the cause of his condition.

" Hello ?" A tired voice answers.

" Dr. Briefs? This is Superman. I have your son Mirai in my fortress." He starts screaming at me and threatening Kon at this moment. I thought that sedative would work longer. " As you can hear in the background."

"I'm glad you have him there " she answers. " Him And Trunks both, have been controlled by Vampirella's sister Draculina. A couple of days ago they got into a fight with their Dad. Can you keep him there Until We figure out a way to break Draculina's hold on them? "

" I suppose so." I answer." Would you like my help in any other way?"

"No. My daughter , and her husband are about to catch Trunks, If I can think of anything I'll call you back. Thank you."

" Your welcome." She hangs up I turn to Kon. " Looks like we have a guest."

" he looks at the psychotic half saiyan punching the force field, that's keeping him in his cell. " Joy."

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So I'm gettin' outta school, and I see a bunch of AMR 3 contestants. saleing lemonade, in the winter. I don't understand it either. Well I'm gonna go buy one from Warbird , I mean look at her.

When I'm about to get a closer look, HS drags me over to his grandfather. " Look man." I protest. " I wanna check out that action over there Your Grandpa doesn't even like me and Wolverine really doesn't."

" Come on. Just help them out, and you can check her out all you want later. "

So I bought one not that I really needed too. A bunch of girls and weirdos bought the rest up from Wolverine. So while drinking it I avoid looking at Scott bouncing around Tak's nude stand ( Yuck! )

I focus in on War bird, And use My X- Ray vision. While I'm mumbling " Yeah your a bad girl, turn around baby aw yeah."

Someone grabs my collar. "Your coming with us!" Says the short Saiyan Prince.

" Say what now ?"

"Do you want me to hurt you Kon? Or how about I start yelling out your real name?"

No Way is this guy gonna blow my secret id in front of everyone then I take look at his eyes, and yeah he would. So I end up in the back seat of a SUV in my Superboy costume With some weird camera man who was eating these horribly smelly potato chips.

" You know." He whispers. " Those two are insane."

" Your telling the guy they kidnapped that?"

Oh yeah ya know there's this rumor that Vegeta is somehow telepathically bonded to Bulma . Yeah it 's true. How do I know this ? Well he fell asleep. And stared talking in her califonia girl accent.

" So the problem is in the phase induction , if I just modify the coils..... OW! I broke a nail!"

Yeah that was creepy. Not as creepy as when he broke out in show tunes with her accent. I think I may be traumatized. Finally we reach some place called Springfield. And they take me to some weird place crawlin' with soldiers.

" Distract 'em bub!" Wolverine says.

" What how?" I ask.

" You'll think of something boy." Vegeta responds.

" I hate you both. " I mumble as I go to the sentries. I did the first thing that came to mind. I started singing " I think I'm Cute I Know I'm sexy ! I got the looks that drive the women wild ! I'm just a sexy boy! I'm not your boy toy!"

Of course they start laughing and start throwing things at me. Meanwhile Logan, and Veg sneak in then a few minutes later they start blowing stuff up What the freak is the distraction for if they're gonna start blowing things up in a few minutes? Jerks. So I wait there while all kinds of different colored energy blasts are expelled.

What looks like Paris Hilton is blasted off on one of them. Then it's quiet for hours. These weird things are makin' strange noises that freak me out, when finally Superman shows up. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Conner there you are! Do you know Ma, is worried sick about you?" I tell hi everything he just sighs. " I'll take care of those two. Let's get you back ho,me Ma has some apple pie made for you."

Sweet ! Ma Kent's apple pie at least something good'll come outta this mess.

Friday, January 05, 2007


So I'm visiting Supes in at his apartment, he was with Capitan America they were discussing all this weird stuff that Tony Stark. Has planned for us of the super set. Me I'm tryin' not to fall asleep.

Bart calls me up on My cell phone. " Conner help me! "

" Huh?" I ask

" I'm at the Metromall Zatanna, and Dinah You gotta get me out of this."

Black Canary, and Zatanna are really hot.

The problem is when they get one of us kids to with them, they torture us. So I Go there tryin' to free Bart, by sayin' there was Titans emergency. Instead I get trapped in the evil.

"Oooh!"squeals Zatanna " We can get Conner a real costume now !"

Dinah Jumps up and down ( Nice sight but still I'm a little afraid.) " Yes it's about time "

" What's wrong with my costume?" I ask.

" It's completely lazy." Answers Dinah. "It's a shirt , and jeans."

I shrug " I'm completely lazy so it works."

" No we're going to get you new one. Let me get your measurements." ok well them getting really close was pretty cool but still it was the only the good thing out of the mess.

First I end up in this thing, I look like Super Specter.

Don't know what's up with the S- Shield.

Next They end up putting me in this thing. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The mind boggles. I mean it's a shirt and Jeans this is what they're complaining ' about!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Why me?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Great this one kinda looks like my one of my old ones but ugh! Green and yellow? What the freak is up with the symbol?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What The? Besides some different colors this is pretty much what I wear now. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Kinda like this one.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh man!!! If I still lived in Hawaii, this might work. But ya know not much surfing in Kansas. At some point ( and somehow I ended up in my original costume. ) I go over to Bart. " Hey man let's get outta here while their distracted. "

" Really Conner? But what about them?"

" I dunno dude But I can't take it anymore run!"
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

" How are you keeping up with me?" Bart questions.

" Adrenaline! I think ! It's not like Supes can't keep up with Flash until Wally really pours it on!"

" Yeah I really wasn't going full speed, and um did anyone actually buy the clothes your wearing?"

"Aw Man!"

Monday, January 01, 2007

Sorry Batman.

First I have to apologize again Bruce for what I did at the JLA Christmas Party. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Someone spiked my drink with Red Kryptonite. If Booster Gold, and Blue Beetle were still around, I'd blame them for it., Bit Now I suspect Guy Gardener since he was laughing like a giddy school girl as I punched Bruce.

I suppose he was happy since Batman, knocked him out with one punch years ago for Conner's non appearance At the NewYear's party, well he said, He was going to help Kid Flash With something he asked to about.

And Kara is still a little embarrassed that the Supergirl Robots That HS Made attacked a small country , an d we had to stop them . Happy New Year everyone!