Sunday, December 06, 2009

Supergirl: What in Rao's name.

Joining Team Legacy has been well exhausting. I'm constantly breaking up fights between my teammates. Does Kal have this problem with the JLA? But Legacy is still better than that off shoot of the Justice League I was on for a while there.

They kept yelling for "Justice!" constantly it was irritating. Legacy still more fun even with the bickering and brooding bat on the team. Actually I'm kind of used to that from hanging around her "Dad".

Any way every once in a while it's nice to get away , and let my frazzled nerves have a rest which I can't do on New Krypton with my mom hovering around. So I've been hiding in my apartment.

Yeah I have quite a few on Earth. So okay I was like watching this weird show where I saw Kal doing this.

What on Argo is he doing? Please tell me Some Red Kryptonite is making him do that! I really hope that isn't some weird Earth ritual I... I don't wanna do the Krypton Crawl!

Oh, and this is a message to my other cousin the one who came out of a test tube. That's right Kon-El. I've been busy lately, but don't think I've forgotten about this.

It may not be today, or tomorrow but know this when you least it expect it "Superboy" I will hurt you. So watch your back, clone. Okay everyone I gotta go back to saving kids from trees , and cats from weird guys in vans, wait that doesn't sound right... oh well later all!