Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kon: Blast from the past

After the whole red K fiasco ( and being beaten. ) I was thrown in my room, and slept a weird fever dream filled sleep. Well until I woke to find Cassie staring at me. " Are you going to be psycho now?"

" Nope. I feel about normal. 'cept I'm all sick, I felt my self slippin' outta con conciseness. " I'm sorry."

" Hey it was red K, not your fault."

I shake my Head, not that I mean everything the I 've acted since I been back, the hormone induced lusts I'm sorry. " I pass out.

I dream weird crap, like Bart dressed as the Mad Hatter and in a wrestling match with a giant bunny. The bunny turned into Inertia, and we ended up fightin' Legacy, and Ravager was yellin' about pictures or somethin'.

Then I wake up chained to to a wall and an old enemy of mine Black Zero was ranting. A quick history lesson Black Zero is me, but from another universe. Me along with the Challengers of the Unknown, and some others beat the dude, who was coming to this universe to conquer it like he had several others.

The nut jumped out of the ship that was bringing us here, and vanished in the mists of whatever that junk is outside time and space. He was ranting sayin' That he was me from the future obviously his little interdimensonal trip messed up his brain.

After watchin' him pull his own hair for a few seconds. he goes on about how Robin , and Cassie will betray me in the future, and shows me this pic.

Yeah Cass looks like she was hit with some kinda ape based mutagen. And Robin has got some kinda weird posture thing goin' that and he's got premature male patteren baldness. So yeah not my dimension.

After I make fun of him he then says something about killin' Batgirl's kids. Wants me to help him. No way I'm kinda curious what a hot girl and ugly saiyan would produce. I've got super kung fu monkey for like five dollars in the bettin' pool Bart has a transformer for five bucks. Miss Martian thinks it'll be cuddly,Ravager thinks Cassandra Cain is sterile. Jericho bet Vegeta the third. Robin and Raven refused to play, and Beast Boy thinks it'll be a bigfoot.

Any way when refused he flew off , a few minuted later he came back with Spoiler. He locks her up in chains and goes off with the classic "No one can stop my evil plan now!" Tirade.

" So he's you huh?" She asks.

" Yeah but from another reality not me in the future like he seems to think now. " I respond.

" How do you know?" She remarks.

" Because I'd never turn into him." As he flies off I start concentrating my TTK on the chain again.For the fifteen minutes he was gone I thought it was getting looser.I start again and it finally makes cracking noises. Then shatters ha! Take that adamantium! Watch it turn out to be the secondary kind don't matter though I got one hand free.

But then Spoiler frees my other hand with a lock pick. She grins. " All us Gotham vigilantes carry them on us. "

" Cool. After I recover a bit I'll fly ya back to West City, and ..." Then my stupid microscopic vision kicked in again. I can see her DNA wait a second it's kinda the same as that little blonde girl who's been hangin' around the tower. ya know that explains why she's been in tower.

My vision gets back to normal except oh no now my X-ray vision is on, and I saw a little more than I was supposed to. Um Jeez How do i explain this to Tim? I know I could just convince Kara to flash him, That oughta square things stupid increasing powers.

" Conner something wrong?" she asks.

" Yeah. My powers are off , and on wonky since I came back. , Sometimes they just increase for no reason are activate when I don't want them to. "

" Huh. Weird. Well yeah get me back to West City."

I fly her back to the city, and she's just staring at the house that was burned up She wanted me to take to the coordinates that BZ left in the grass, After she got some gear from the cave nearby.

So I drop her off , and find her team, taking on Black Zero. " I'll be back first I gotta get Kara, to help out the Titans and maybe, get them here to help you fight. "

" Where are you going?" Steph questions.

" I'm gonna get something from the Fortress of Solitude that will stop him. " I wave and leave after a cell call to Kara. I fly to the artic, and all this sudden get faster, too fast and I slam my face into the keyhole. Damn it.

After shaking it off I go into the Fortress, and go into the the armory. I'm not supposed to know that's he's got this, because it can be dangerous to all kryptonians. Or in my case half kryptonians. But I can't be helped this dude has to be stopped. I know I'm gonna get in trouble with Superman but it can't be helped.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Gah! Red Kryptonite sucks!

I was grounded for the whole Public service announcement thing.( Still if Tim Doesn't smoke puppies where is Krypto? where I ask!) Well that was until Superman started paying attention to his game show.

He's got five challengers so far. Well anyway Me ,Kara ,and the two Steels, have been doin' all his super stuff. Weirdly my old enemy the Scavenger popped up and blasted me with a red K ray. That was a mistake I almost broke every bone in his body.

I mean red K turns us temporally, I dunno evil, or psycho or somethin'. Usually while we still have some control we have to lock ourselves in the Fortress until the 48 hours that this lasts are up.

But the Titans had an emergency thing goin' on. With Skrulls and Nightwing , and Batman, and me gettin dosed with green K. That just pissed me off more. And then Nightwing decides to take over the team.

The whole time I'm thinkin' how easy it'd be to tear his head off. Then Robin tells us we gotta get along let's see how ya get along with you head caved in! No stop thinkin' that he's your friend.

Then we have to all stay cooped up in a van all the way from San Fransico to New york. Even if I was normal this would suck, And Bart just had to sing, I want to shut him up so bad. A little TTK to hold him in place. and some heat vision... Stop it Conner!

Also Ravager is just gettin' more on my nerves, than usual. Also what the heck is this thing she's holdin'?

Well finally we get to the Outsiders HQ thank Rao this van is some kinda souped up Bat Van. But still it took hours longer than I'd want. I sort of zoned out during all the Outsiders turning out to be Kree crap. Though Ravager threatening to castrate me for lookin' up Miss Martian's skirt well that I paid attention to.

She ain't got no kryptonite, All it would take is a pico second, an' I can crush her, then Bart, then Robin And Nightwing would be nothin, but bugs they think I dunno what's in their belts but they'd never get to the Green K in time.
Miss A little heat vision would put out Miss Martian permanently.

Jericho, bleh as long as I don't look him in the eye he's nothin' And Wonder girl She'd just cry the whole frickin' time. I'd leave her alive. Why? Now why would I do that?

Focus Conner.. all this crap is the damn meteor rock talkin'. Instead of focusing I end up running my mouth. " Hay Ravager! have X-ray vision I can look at what I want! if ya wanna threaten someone try that damn Vince Briefs he looks up her skirt all the time! Oh that's right! His girlfriend beat you like a drum Heh heheh hee!"

She get up in my face poor pitiful human thinks she can challenge a demi god. "Screw you, Conner. Somehow I doubt Wondey going to be happy with your response. I say she should rip your eyes out.

Oh and if I recall, I beat Cass first time round and she beat me second, whilst hopped up on drugs. So we're even.

However, one punch to the groin (assuming you have one) and you were down on your ass."

" Heh HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah. Because I was dumb enough to trust those who call themselves my friends. That little saiyan lovin' whore got me with a lucky shot. Ya think she's really gotta chance now that I know what those gloves can do? I'll make her eat those gloves. Then I'll tear Vinnie apart limb from limb in front of her. Wanna preview lil' miss Deathstroke? Hehe."

She takes out a sword before I break it. Cassie grabs. " What in Hera's name is wrong with you?"

She looks at her hand. " Ewww. Your sweating like an ocean here."

" Red Kryptonite... " I finally stutter.

" Oh that's the excuse you give every time you act like an ass.."

I grin " Yeah an' whens the last time ya actually seen me sweat? I'm holdin' myself together here, but I dunno how long..... I can keep goin."

" your not kidding are you ? This time it's not a lie is it? Conner! How Stupid was that? You trying to go on a mission like this? Hell when Superman is on that stuff he tries to kill every one! And take over the world. "

I grin a little " I'm only half Kryptonian. I can handle it. "

" Oh. And you've been doing so well so far! How long much longer?"

" About five hours." Damn I am sweatin' like crazy.

" So we're going to have to watch our backs for you? " Tim Asked.

" N.. Naw. Just give me somethin' ta hit I'll be fine.Just do me one favor . Cass, Tim, Bart. If I look like I'm gonna go to far , take me down alright? I... Don't want any blood on my hands. "

They all agree. So now we're goin' with the Kree the Inhumans' base.

X-23 stares at me on the the way. " What?" I shout.

" Nothin' I just I like ya better like this than when yer actin' like a Boyscout darlin' " an' then she winks at me. Man I always knew that chick was weird.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm a host

So I'm hosting a show That's supposed to" show us "unregistered heroes in a positive light." Or something I admit I sort of zoned out. My senses can hear and see pretty much every thing on the planet sometimes beyond.. it gets hard to focus on a game show when there's disasters to stop and people to save.

So I was out plugging up a volcano when I was elected to host This.

Ok. Why they have to name it after "Next top model." I don't know . I'm trying to get changed into "Heroic challenge" or something. Though My Other suggestion was bad "Who wants to be an HU Hero?" Bu I had to listen to Stan Lee talk to me about.. weird nonsensical things. When it as announced.

I'd rather fight Doomsday again than have to face that. Well at least we have a good first contestant in Professor X. He adds some legitimacy at least. now I get to meet the judge.

" Oh Rao no!" I exclaim. When I see The Watcher.

" KAl-El! When you were in Smallville you always claimed that Chloe Sullivan was but a friend, but there was that time behind the bleachers... "

" No!" I exclaim.

" Huh?"

" No! You are not going to tell secrets of contestants on national television!"

" But it's the only enjoyment I get!" He whines. " Do you understand how boring being able to see the entire Multiverse is?"

"I have an idea." I state. " Look can you just judge? Just give out immunity?"

" What's in it for me?"

"Great Krypton! What can I possibly offer a cosmic entity?" I throw my hands up.

" How about you ask Power girl to to visit my domicile on the moon?"

" Your kidding right?" I shake my head when I see he isn't. " Fine I can ask her but no guarantees."

" That's all I ask." he smiles. " And I'd know if you wasn't going to uphold your end of the bargain."

"I know I know."

Any one wants to join the game email me here

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kon: Robin's been punishing me for no rasin.. Um reason!

Robin has been a total tyrant and keeps makin'me do like triple the trainin' the others do. I dunno why He's doin'that. I haven't done anything!!! But I'll tell ya, sure as that little blonde kid is puttin' all Bart's tranformers in dresses I ain't puttin' up with it!

First I've been payin' Miss Martian with Oreo cookies to take my place. ( What is it with Martians and Oreos?) Yeah the two of us have similar powers, and she's a shape shifter so it works out just fine.

But still this is gettin' ridiculous. I don't mind it when I do something wrong, but when I do nothing well It's time for people to know the truth about Robin. So that's why I made this public service announcement, And put it on buildings in different cities.

Hmmm. Maybe this is too much? Nah.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Superman: Some random things.

Chris won't stop talking about how much fun he had at Titan's Tower, and he keeps asking when he can go again. Conner on the other hand won't talk to anyone He just locked himself in his room, and before that he got Pa mad at him by punching his tractor.

I finally found what was left of it in Michigan. Meanwhile I've been pretty busy. Bizzaro has escaped, again. He goes around town "saving" people. In reality he's dropping them into the harbor Or leaving them on the top of buildings. Basically being a nuisance.

Before anyone asks. yes i did vote to replace the Question as a mentor too that teenage super team. Though I'm not sure who in Krypton's name picked Saiyaman as his replacement. I suppose The Anti reg's need to put him somewhere though.

My Reason ( And no Hal I don't care about Vic's college crush on Lois, like you keep hinting at. ) Is because he acted so strange the last time I saw him on the he Said he was an"urban Shaman" And could talk to he city, and could walk between worlds. I was certain he was on something. Also I could never prove it but I believe he killed that subterranean gang and the supervillian Psychopomp.

So yes I am a bit concerned with him being around children especially when at least three of them could be future members of The JLA when they come of age.

Also at the Daily Planet we have a new assistant editor. every once in a while something he'll say will be a Freudian slip like when he asked me to go to Clay City this morning.

I'm so glad the Flash wasn't near to hear that. He'd still be laughing.