Thursday, January 15, 2009


The Kryptonians of Kandor have left Earth after a battle with With the people of Earth they've created their own artificial planet on the other side of the sun. oddly I among others I fought them along side Vegeta ,and his saiyans. That was strange after just fighting him.

What's worse is the other Kryptonians, have banned me from their planet " New Krypton."

Before I was going to try to talk some sense into them the Final Crisis started. before it's end Batman died.

So let's just say I wasn't in the greatest of moods when I found this waiting for me in my Fortress. " Vella Conner isn't here... and I don't think it would be a good idea especially if Cassie Sandsmark finds out..."

" (Hic!) You mistaking me for my little sister That's a bit insulting."

I could smell on her breathe that she was drunk. What was this woman's name again sounds like underwear.

" Look Miss Briefs."

" Please call me Bra."

it takes all of strength to stifle a laugh at that name. " Why are you here?"

" Well I was partying ya know From our victory ,and well the great fight got my blood boiling since I couldn't find Goten, and well I always had a crush on you... so wanta have some fun?"

" Great Kypton! I'm married. And almost as old as your father. "

" So am I Silly What does age hic! Matter?"

" Is this how Vegeta raised you?" I ask.

" No he'd kill me if he knew I was ohhh!" At that moment she passed out. Thank Rao.

i fly her back to West City And am Lucky to not find Vegeta at his house. I didn't want to explain why I had his drunken barley dressed daughter in my arms. Next stop , a cold shower on Pluto.