Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A night at the Fortress

So HS knows my secret.

That I have a secret Id as Conner Kent. Now he goes to school with me. Well his Dad recently ( And meanly I might add.) Showed HS That Laura was a hooker. So I offered to let him Hang at the Fortress Of Solitude.

Kal had some problems with it, But we promised not to destroy any of his stuff. I think HS Was a little freaked out by the Giant Key.

" I thought that was a rumor." He stutters .

" Nope. The one that's a rumor is the one where he has a key made of a dwarf star only he can pick up."

He just stared blankly. I would think he'd be used to weirdness, after livin' with saiyans I guess not. We go in an d the first thing he is is accidentaly knock over the Bottle City of Kandor.

" Dude What are these Bugs buzzing around me?"

I Sigh. " Those are tiny Kryptonians, and other aliens, and They're attacking!"

With the help of some Superman robots, ( I didn't know he still had those things after what happened to Donna. ) I caught them and put 'em back into the bottle . Weird I could swear I just caught Ultra man , and Saturn Queen? Wait what was I saying? Something about the bottle city?

Any way for some reason I have a massive headache. And I Stumble into the Phantom Zone Projector. Next thing I know this guy is released.

"Grandson Of Jor- El! Kneel before Zod!"

HS laughs " Hey Kon! Can I soul burn this loser?"

" Go for it!" I say! Next thing we know Zod's creams and cries, I Put him back into the zone.

From inside the Zone he screams. " I'll be out of here soon! My son will make sure of that!"

Huh? Zod has a son? Ok After that mess and HS got a Starro on his face. I thought it was dead, and wanted to show him. Luckily I got it off his face. Before it took over his mind.

Then the voice of Jor-El came over the like well everything. " Kon -El stop this foolishness!"

HS Looks at the old man's face in big crystal screen. " Man who is this?"

" I guess you could say this is my grandpa. Or a computer simulation at least."

" Kon! You know better than play with the the vital equipment tin the Fortress. Wait what are you doing?"

I mess with the computers a bit . " Nothing really Gramps, just wondered what you'd look like with a beard and moustache. "

" This is an Outrage! I'll tell Kal-El about this!"

I grin " Who do you think taught me how to do this?" I then Put him the simulation in a dress. " ya know you look lonely." I After a little bit of tinkering I have Super Mario jumping off his head.

I some how figured out how to make a video game out of the simulation. What I'm not as dumb as I act, and ya Know Supes did teach me how to use the computers. So After I fix it I make a fighting game with Super Mario, And some people we know. And Jor - El.

I controlled Jor - El, And Eradicator And HS controlled A simulation of his Grand father , And FatherPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting Well After I put game controls into it. He did a victory dance after vegeta beat Jor_ el " My grandpa totally beat your Grand pa!

" Ok I say Let's try this again Your teacher against my Da.... I mean Mentor. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This one I totally won! Later I lured HS Into the skin color changing machine I wonder how long it'll take him to realize he's now purple? I Then had this great idea I Made A wonder man Robot using the instructions Kal Gave me and a computer for that purpose.

Check it out. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We get a good laugh. When I tell it to go and to Yamcha's house and sing love songs at his window. I wish I hadn't told Hs How to use that computer because, I went out and got some Pizzas. When I make it out back to The Fortress I see this.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

" What The Dude? Supergirl Robots? That's my Cousin!"

" Yeah Your Hot Cousin!" He answers.

Not cool!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Great Krypton!

I have a question.

Am I the only one that gets these strange prank calls?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Wakey wakey.

Well we beat Superboy Prime. The only problem is the red sun thingie Vegito used wiped out mine, and Supes' powers. Then Vegito lost it and had ran away, um I mean teleported away.

Least Veg's kids, and wife is nice than he is. Bulma offered to let us use this solar collector machine to jump start our powers . Good last time this happened to Superman, he spent a year without powers. I think I'd go nuts without powers , though I did do it once before. Not for a year though.

While in it , I kinda fall asleep. The dreams start out good at first.

Me Roxy, and Tana on a beach in Hawaii. Those were the days. Next thing Cassie runs up to me , and says " I drank the HU water." Then I turn and NOOOOOO!

Now after the super kid is where it gets weird.

" Hey kid ? Want a good time? Have a bite out of this potato from my back. "


I wake screaming luckily a pretty face was the first thing that greeted me.

"Oh no. I died again, and a angel greeted me ." I joke.

" Funny, just don't say anything like that when Vegeta's around." Bulma giggles. "So why were you screaming just now?"

" Long story. One I'd rather not talk about." I'm a little unsteady on my feet. I pick up a soda and crush the making it fizz everywhere. Oh boy it looks like I can't control my powers again.

This has been happening of , and on since I started inheriting Supes powers. I would accidentally X-ray vision people, or the one day when I went slow motion, and the only person I could understand was Bart, but that one happened after my return from the dead. I thought that was what things were like when you came back . Turns out I got superspeed.

well at least that one wasn't as destructive as " Hey you have Heat Vision congratulations sorry about the plant." Ok Actually the Heat Vision I discovered when Jericho took over my body once. The plant was melted after.

After wiping soda off myself Bulma asks." Will help us with the whole Vegito situation?"

I was about to answer when her oldest daughter Bra says. " He should he kind of owes me his life."

" Whattya mean by that? " I question.

" I wished you back with the Dragon balls. You kinda looked lonely and stuff in Other World. I guess I felt sorry for you."

Secret of my resurrection revealed. Something that sounds like a bad meta human porn starring the Savage Dragon." Look I'm grateful for whatever you did, but I don 't need to bribed or anything. I'll help you guys with Vegito because it's the right thing."

On the way out Vince . Or as I like to call him Vegeta Jr. Hits me with his shoulder. Free Image Hosting at

" I heard what you said about my mother." he sneers. Oh boy. Another run in with this dork.

I sneer " Your mom's hot dude. Get over it was harmless flirtin'."

he growls " You think your so great Kryptonian? Let me show you what a saiyan can do!"

I stop him right there " Ok first of I'm only Kryptonian. Like your only half saiyan. Second I know what they can do. Third your only at the blonde weird hair first stage. Finally don't pick fights with guys who don't turn back into little kids during it."

" Me and my sister stopped doing that weeks ago."

I clap " Good for you. But still I'm not fighting you why don't you go look for your dad or something?"

" Coward !" He spits . " Well then tell your cousin I asked about her."

Wait? I can't make a little joke with his mom, but he can hit on my cousin? Okay This kid needs a reality check. But since I'm friends with his Nephew, I guess. I'll let it go.

" S- Sorry about my brother there ." says a voice that almost is to low to hear. It's dumbo's twin sister Vella.

" No prob." I answer "It's probably an off shoot of the whole vegeta and Superman rivalry that used to go on. "

" That was more... My father than yours I suspect." she looks down . " So what's it like? You having friends your age with powers? Who aren't your relatives."

" Pretty good I guess." I shrug " What you don't have any friends?"

" I never leave here except to train with Dad. I think the whole Frieza kidnapping us as babies, and then us showing up later as teens has my parents freaked out."

" Your talkin' to a dude who grew up in a test tube. If I know about one thing it's havin' an unusual childhood. Hey if ya really need someone to talk to I'm sure A teen Titan or two wouldn't mind hangin' out with you."

" Really?" she shouts.

" Sure why not?" I ask.

Then doofus shows up. " Quit hitting on my Sister!"

" We're just talking Vincent!" Her shyness was gone I guess. " Besides He's dating Wondergirl. I was just wanting to talk to someone who wasn't a saiyan!"

This is my cue to leave. I fly towards Smallville , but find my self starin' at the Watchtower on The moon. Darn power surge. Well I know what'll make me feel better . If I prank call Yamcha with Wonder man's voice, and act like Simon is interested in him heh.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Return of Superboy Prime

I asked Bruce why he'd buy Conner a car.

" Because Tony Stark was going to try to bribe him with it. At least with me there would be no strings attached."

I was about to ask him more questioned when the JLA's alarm went off. Green Lantern had caught a news report. It seems Vegeta , and a few of his friends were fighting Superboy Prime.

I had prayed that the Green Lantern Corps could actually keep him imprisoned. What shocked me more was who was fighting along side The Saiyan prince.

In a way I felt Pride that Kon would once again do battle the person that had forced him to sacrifice himself. But That was overridden by fear that he would die again. I flew into the battle without waiting for back up.

Good thing I did The titans Along with Vegeta and his son, adopted grandson were already knocked out, and Kon was about to be killed. That was a shocking scene since hours earlier I had helped HS get into school at Smallville.

I slam into Prime at Super speed. We trade punches for what seems like hours , though it was probably a few minutes. Then he casually slaps me away." You beat me once ! Never again !" he rants. " You don't have Superman of Earth 2 to help you this time!"

" No." Comes the almost growl of a voice from the Batman. "But he does have allies."

We both turn to see the JLA , Defenders, What what used to be called The Avengers. Doom Patrol some SHIELD agents like Nick Fury, Ironman, and Black Widow. Though I am glad that Warbird was not in this battle with her condition, and the fact that Wolverine was just murdered has put her in a depressive state.

Though the situation is dire I was glad to see us all even after the Civil War mess be able to work together again. Though my elation is short lived. Prime is just as powerful, and insane as ever.

He knocks us all back , he crushed Joe Fixit in his bare hands. But notice he after he did that Fixit's body changed to green. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I've had a few run ins with the Hulk over the years. I've learned he can be a powerful foe as much as he is an ally.

What did surprise me was Prime's non weakness to magic. The spells of Dr Strange just bounce off. Silver Surfer's Power cosmic did seem to have an effect but not as great as I would have determined.

Thor's hammer and lightning just had as little effect as Strange's spells.

We were losing this battle the reinforcements from the other saiyans such as Siyaman, Goten , and others did little to help the situation. I could hear the young Princess scream :' This freak interrupted my Honey moon he's going to pay. Be fore she was knocked away by his superbreathe.

Some short man , I think a friend of Goku's gave the injured a Senzu bean and they healed. I don't know where they get these but they sure come in useful. Prime

The Hulk had just rampaged over Prime. And it looked it could be possible That he'd get strong enough. To beat Prime until The insane boy threw the Behemoth into space.

I used my telescopic vision to find him but when I had Goten had telported him back. While I was watching this Superboy Prime Slaughtered the short man who had helped Vegeta and the rest A beautiful Blonde woman screams " My Husband!"

She attacks while Goku seems to having some kind of rage fit. It was only after The boy had torn of the Woman's ( Whose name I think was 18.) limbs did I realize she was some kind of cyborg.

I had enough of this massacare I charged Prime again. Along with Thor, Diana , Mirai who had that sword given to him by the gods , and others .

Prime shouts maniacally. " None of you will stop me! I will have my own World back! I'll be Superman!"

I he receives my fist in his face after that. " You'll never be Superman!" I shout. " Your savage Killer!" That punch seemed to rock him. The others press the slight advantage that gave us. We had him down for a second until knocks us all away.

It looked like the beans had done their job all the saiyans , and other hereos were back and ready to battle but the two young half saiyan women were doing some kind of dance. While Goten and Trunks were doing the same thing.

Goku handed Vegeta something, that he was placing on his ear it seemed . Great Krypton! The different pairs had somehow merged their bodies. Were there was six now there are three . I hope there is some reason behind this weird turn of events.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


I was chillin' at the tower with a new copy Justice Leauge Heroes, When the door gets smashed down. Solomon Grundy comes in and threatens to hug me. The whole time I'm avoidin' him, he keeps callin' me friend.

I guess he thinks that bein ' a friend means destroy somone's property, then invade there personal space. The titans come in when I'm finally caught.

" Awww Isn't that sweet?" asks Miss Martian. " He wants to hug you."

"No! Please help he smells really bad!" I scream.

" Solomon Grundey will hug him, and squeeze him , and name him George!"

I repel him with TTK But this guy's strong real strong. He fought the field and started closing his arms around me. Finally the titans get him offa me. And get him to go away.

Personally I think a lot of it was because Jericho was wearing his old costume, and I think it scared Solomon Grundy.

After that Supes and Bats show up. When they're together and looking at me and Robin like this
it's never a good thing. " It's time you two Patched up your differences." Growls Bats. " If not for yourselves then for the safety of your teammates."

So they end us on a mission to Southern City. I have no idea what kind of villains are here . West City has the world beaters, Gotham has the nut cases. Metropolis has the colouful ones. New York has pretty much everything.

But Southren City I have no idea. So we get there Robin in the Batplane , me with flight power. The whole way we're quiet. Well until Robin says " Wonder Woman wanted me to black mail you."

Great I know how that would have turned out. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

He lands the place I scan everything around with Telescopic, and X-ray Vision. " What are we doing here Tim? Like what's the mission?"

" Batman and Superman want to see how we clean up this town."

" Just us a whole city?" That don't sound right.

Robin Breaks the silence. " So You want to talk about Cassie?"

" What's to say dude?" I shrug.

" I'm not attracted to her, you know the whole kiss was just , well it shouldn't have happened. We were just friends. "

" Ok why didn't ya just tell me that instead of avoidin, me and getting me angry?!"

He shakes his head. " At first I didn't think it was you, I thought Match was messing with us again. At first when you came back you sort of acted like him."

" I ain't Match Tim."

" I know that now. Who else would play such dumb pranks on Iceman, and Starfire?"

" Hey Superman made the first call I just have a better , um imagination than he does."

" Yeah but the way Star looks at you now is priceless!" Tim laughs. " I'm pretty sure the names she's been calling you aren't compliments."

" Heh. " I guffaw when this dude pops up. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

" I am Sqedgie the Carwash Clown! Fear me Teen Titans!"

There was only one response the two of us could have to that. " BWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!"

He throws water balloons at us soap drips out all over us.

" Aw man!" I shout "That had better not be bleach Bozo! This is my favorite Shirt!"

Robin just looks " Was that it? I mean I've fought the Joker, And well that was...."

" That was lame dude!" I help out. Robin knocks Crappo the clown out with a chop. That's when we find out what kind of bad guys are here, goofy ones. It took us an hour to clean up the city,even the powered ones, well I wouldn't really call them powers.

Now it makes sense . These guys ain't dangerous in anyway. I don't think I've laughed so much since I died. Well me and Robin parted on good terms. I guess I overreacted as well.

But I'd heard from Kara that Cass went a little nuts when I was gone, and joined those Cult Of Conner weridos. I guess I'm a little overprotective of her. I should have known Rob wouldn't exploit her are anything. I guess I did I just didn't think.

Though Robin does wanna know how I came back, he says he tried to reclone me several times. Glad that didn't work out though, who knows what he would have ended up makin' it wouldn't have been me though. I told him when I find out I'll tell him.


" That looks like it worked out well Bruce." chuckles Superman.

" Yes " The Batman answers. "Now the Titans can actually act like a team. Without those two bickering. So you never even considered he was Match huh?"

Supes Smiles. " I Can't explain how but I can tell the difference between him and Match."

" Hm. " is the only answer Batman has.

" Well Bruce I have to track down Luthor. His buying that car for Conner as some kind of bribe won't do."

Superman flies off But Batman knows he can hear him " Luthor didn't buy the car I did."

The Man of Steel flies back. " What?"

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Superboy Vs Cat man thing. ( Not the dude in the Secret Six he's cool.)

The JLA, and The JSA had their Annual Thanksgiving, Party again this year, If one more Old lady ever pinches my cheeks again and calls me a cute boy, I'm gonna scream! And if CM3 Or Capitan Marvel Junior makes one more snide comment about how Cassie can do better He's going to end up in traction.

Poor Bart, Jay kept tyrin' to make him stay still, he looked like he was gonna explode. Any way I was so bored I discovered I can imitate people's voices by manipulating my throat muscles.

Yeah I've been using this new found ability to make dirty calls to Starfire while pretending I'm Iceman. I hear Wonder Woman wants to smash Bobby because of that ( snicker.)

That was a couple of days ago, without my Cell Phone Because Kal found out about my phone fun, and I had to give it too him for two days. Which is why I didn't get HS' calls.

Clark Warned me he was showin' up, and I intercepted him before He got to the Kent Farm. He layed all these problems on me. Well that's what friends are for, so I was about to give some advice, then He gets this call from Elixir.

Laura got nearly killed by Sabertooth. Man he went off so steamed he actually melted the street. I watched as he flew. I kept up with him with My Telescopic Vision.

He fought Sabertooth pretty well. Except Creed kept healing evreytime HS blasted him. Finally he used this one attack that weakened him completely. I fly in at this moment to stop it.

He slams Hs Through a wall. " Hey pal whatcha doin?" I ask The psycho turns around and gets my fist in his face. Now it's his turn to fly through a building. He recovers pretty quick.

" Whatta ya Doin here Bub? This didn't involve no S Shields."

I glare " What involves my buds involves me ya Tasmanian Devil." He charges me.

All he gets is a heavy dose of Heat vision for his trouble. He heals right in front of me. " Pain ain't nothin' Bub, All my life has been Pain. I'm gonna give ya some now."

I laugh " Aw poowr widdle Kitty someone hurt you? Lemme go get ya a saucer of mil;k and make it better." He slashes at me. My TK field makes sure he doesn't scratch my skin, though my shirt did get totaled.

He touched my field so I can repel him. He flies in to someone's car, I crush another on top of him . He crawls out

" Kill you." he grumbles.

" Dude ya take a lickin' and keep on tickin' huh?"

I Grab him , and throw the mook out into the horizon.

HS mutters " He was mine to kill Kon."

" Dude If I didn't stop him, you'd be dead. I know your pride's hurt, that ain't all that's hurt I'm sorry. Now I'll need to take ya to a hospital, or something. "

" No Doctors!" he mutters " they wouldn't know how to fix me, Take me home."

" Sure man, where's that?" I turn around he's passed out. Great. I have no idea where he lives. Was it Germany? Oh damn! Wait I know , I'll Take him to Capsule Corp. His grandparents are there.

I hope my new flight speed,can get him from New York To California fast enough.

Monday, November 20, 2006

What was Kon Thinking?

Conner send Conner out to buy himself a car and he comes back with a Viper. Even worse , he told me that he wanted it for his Conner Kent identity. That's kind of hard to do when you have a big red S painted onto your Car.

The biggest problem with this is there is no way I can afford this car. Kon had an answer for this.

" Why don't you just go into the ocean and get some pirate treasure or somethin'?"

" Remember how Aquaman liked it last time you took treasure from the Ocean Kon?"

" Well How was I supposed to know that was his? He should mark with Property of fish face ."

" You will not disrespect one of my oldest friends!" I almost yell But I keep my calm. " Conner we're taking the car back and that's final. "

As I fly him, and the car back to the dealership, I hear " I bet you wouldn't do this to kid that speaks kryptonian this is lame!"

I thought Kon was just being just a little over cautious thinking the lost boy is some kind of trap, but this time I heard a bit of jealousy in his tone. I don't know when It comes to Conner it's complicated.

He was created from my DNA , and Luthor's when I was killed by Doomsday. Later when I came back, Project Cadmus, had told me he was created from only human DNA That as altered to give him super powers.

I should have figured that something was off when Kryptonite effected him. It didn't matter He wanted to be out of my shadow at that period any way. I gave him the Name Kon- El when I was wanting to have him help me Watch the Cadmus Project, In the Fortress, I learned he was made from a piece of me .

I think all of this plus the fact he was murdered , and came back has been pretty hard on him. " Look Conner. " We'll get you a different car ok?"

" Yeah I guess." he answers.

When We get to the dealership I'm shocked to learn the entire price has been paid off. Some unknown party had already paid the bill. I can only think of one person who would've done so, Luthor.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

New car whew!

Well after a bunch of talkin, I finally convince Clark to let me get a new car. Yeah I know I can fly, but you try tellin' your girl we can make out in the tractor. So while I was workin' on Lois, ad Clark, ( Because Ma , and Pa Kent are pretty poor.)

Hotstuff annoyed Mirai , and Vampirella.

And it finally worked Clark was busy with the kid that speaks kryptonain, and you know his normal Superman/ Clark Kent stuff. I still think that kid is some kinda trap of course, no one believes Kon.

Oh well Lois tried to talk Clark out of lettin' me And Hotstuff go by ourselves. Luckily he trusted us So we get to the dealership, and this guy keeps poppin' up. How he got past my super hearing I dunno. The problem was we were given a $5,000 cap on what we could spend. Ya know what ya get when you try to only use that much money? Junk that's what.

Finally The dealer talked HS in to gettin' this sweet ride. You can see it on his blog. Me I didn't need no hagglin' I found my wheels pretty quick. I checked the Credit card to make sure it didn't say " Kent on it since I was in costume. [ I ain't sure I want to let my new friends know about the whole Conner Kent side of my life yet.

Ya know the whole secret Id thing ' not cool Well believe it or not The name on the Credit Card Was " Superman". Seems The JLA members have a stipend like the Avenger. Well any way here's the new car behold!

Oh Yeah I got a little something added to it.
Oddly when I got Showed it too Superman had this look on his face. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

He just keeps staring with that expression. I don't like that look.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Man the Civil War party has been a blast! First I show that runt Wolverine , not to mess with the "s"

Then this cool devil kid hit on Logan's daughter then slapped him around a bit It was awesome!

Supes showed up late. Some excuse about, saving a group of kids or somethin.' I Then I played his favorite Theme Song. Favorite as in he wants to ground me again.

The good news is he most irritating girl on the planet was too busy bein' mad to whine an' cry around me. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If I hear They don't respect me as a saiyan warrior one more time I'm going to slap someone! Probably Wonder man but it'll be someone. Great Rao! She must have stolen an entire roll of Tp to stuff that dress.

Speaking Of Wonderman, I found him passed out on the outside, and Me and Elixir gave him a swirlie. I guess he's called Wonder man because everyone wonders how's he's lived this long. Or why we all like to abuse him.

I hear Cassie yelling at someone , Some kid that looks like Vegeta with a leather jacket. I thought Wonder girl wasn't coming to this I guess she changed her mind.

" Yo! Mini Veg Get away from my girl!" I push this weirdo away from Cass. " What was he doin'?"

" He grabbed my butt!" she shrieks.
Huh that's weird, I mean Cass does have a nice butt It's just that the Veg clan usually don't act like that.

Anyway I tell the dork to stepoff. He says arrogantly." If you want to battle for her, that will be fine."

Cass Screeches" That's not how you do things!"

" he seems confused then goes" Oh. I guess I should study up on courtship rituals. Of course that would be one of the many things Frieza wouldn't program into my brain, hmmm maybe if I ask my older brother Trunks...."

That kid is totally weird. Not as weird as Shrunken Cain Reaper smelling That Briefs lady 's hair, but still pretty damn off. So after a while Elixir, and Hotstuff find me. ' Hey Kon , or you going to introduce us?"

"Yeah HS Josh This is Cassie or Wonder girl. My girlfriend." Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

" No relation too Wonder man!" she says quickly. I see My ex- Best friend Robin given' me the stink eye from across the room, I 've been meanin' to try somethin' out with my TTK. Evreyone else has a wedgie power, so why can't I?

I use the energy but instead of givin' a wedgie I tear his suit off. So there is is, in Boxers with bats all over'em. Everyone But Cass laughed as he ran outta the party. She just groaned with her face in her hands.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Meme.

Hi all. It's me again Kon-El. Aka Superboy . Well a ship hit the Earth last week and there's a freakin' baby in it. Now I don't know why , but it seems like there is some kind of baby boom in the HU.

First Vampirella has a kid with apparently a whole bunch of spirit thingies, kinky. Now vegeta, and Bulma have another two. Jeez dude, Keep it in your pants every once in a while. I mean let's count how many kids the dude has.

Trunks, Mirai Trunks , Bra (call me.) Cain Reaper these new twins I mean just because the saiyan race is nearly extinct, doesn't mean you have to repopulate the race yourself.

Let Goku cut the some of the slack. Or Gohan, Though I see why Gohan doesn't want anymore, I mean after makin' that annoyin' kid Pan I would stop too. Heh. Ok back on track here.

Supes is wanting to adopt this kid from the ship. And he has like super strength and stuff. Here's the kicker he speaks Kryptonian. I smell a trap. But hey no one ever listens too me.

But if this keeps up The HU will need like a day care center for a Justice Leauge of tots or somethin'.There maybe somethin' in the water at HU I think I'll avoid it. I'm too young to be a dad. Bein' a big brother now is weird enough.

Oh yeah Fade? Sure I'll make the party. Maybe my cousin Kara can meet a good boyfriend, And not Capitan Boomerang Jr. Or whatever he's called. And her obsession with Nightwing ain't helpin'.

Ok check this out. I young this Meme over at this cool site Dave's Longbox You put this pic, and make up your own caption about what Guy Gardener is sayin' here's mine.

" Hey Scott! Your wife was hot in the latest Playhero issue."

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The war' s over and we're still fightin'

Ok Miss Martian as she calls her self, keeps smacking me into Supes' trophies. evreytime I tried to hit her, she'd fade out , then blast me with the Martian Vision.

For some reason I wasn't able to think straight. And she kept sayin' stuff like "your being bad you need to think about what your doing."

Shut up! I swing wildly and she phases through my TK field, and through my chest then she slightly solidifies hurtin' me. She then lands a right hook in my jaw, slammin' me next to The Phantom Zone Projector.

I try to use it on her an' She starts knocking stuff at me with Martian Breathe.

" It's so peachy keen" she blabbers. " I thought I was in for a fight with Super boy, since y'know Superman is known for his powers, and being the best hero on Earth."

Ok this po'ed me . I may not be Superman yet. But I'm gonna let her know Superboy ain't easy pickings. I put my hands on the floor and use my tactile Tk to toss the stuff she knocked on the floor. onto her.

I then made the stuff tighten around her with a thought. Then the stuff explodes, and White Martian comes out, this girl Is a white Martian?

" Ok Now you've been very bad!" That girlie voice coming from a monster freaked me out. She choke slammed me through the floor I barely missed the Bottle City of Kandor. And landed into the intergalactic zoo.

I am so lucky I didn't land into animal cages. Why does Kal keep all this weird stuff in his fortess? Oh well. The white thing nearly crashes into me. I think how much better I liked her in her green girl form.

Then she does something weird, she blushes. Really beginning to have doubts about her really being a white Martian. I mean I 've fought these things before, and well they totally evil. They don't you know , blush about something natural like sex.

Well since she got that reaction I let her in to my thoughts. I let her into to all the dirty little things I'd like to have done to her when I first saw her. Hey I gotta a good imagination what can I say.

She turns back into her green chick form which made the thoughts a lot easier. She was all like " Ew ! Ew! Ew! Wait is that even possible? Ew Your sick!"

She got out of my mind. Good. Now I can think. Oh man! I could have beaten her right off. She has a weakness to fire. I have heat vision. She'd been usin' telepathy to make sure I wouldn't use it.

I give her a zap of it she screams and collapses. " That's what ya get when you mess with the S!" I yell triumphantly. I then do the DX chop. " Don't underestimate The Boy of Steel Beeyoitch!"

The air changes next to me, and Superman flies up behind me . " Um oops " I say. hhehe I um didn't mean...."

" Don't worry about it Kon." he reassures." You were just excited, You did good Though you destroyed half the fortess in doing so. So how did you beat her telepathy? "

Oh man I can't tell the man I see as a father that I just perversed her to defeat. Luckily an alram interrupted us. It was the thing that scanned the news for things We should know about.

A news caster Cat Grant I think. says " This just in The registration Act has been repealed reasons for it....."

Repealed? That means it's over right?" I ask.

" Yes Conner." he smiled . " The war is over." A voice behind us giggles. " Well that's good I didn't want to fight you anyway. Oh and Conner call me."

Oh man! Like I'm not enough hot water with Cassie as it is. Then Clark just stares at me. " Well, I suppose Clark Kent should cover the story of the century, and Conner Kent, needs to get back to School."


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Savin My one dad from my other dad. ( man am I screwed up!)

Well I saw Kal fight Brolly. Several times I tried to help him but those two flew so freakin' fast. I finally caught up in Metro Square The saiyan was knocked down. But Lex The guy that basically had me created, and I have some of his DNA inside me. Was Killing Superman.

I Yell "Hey Stop!" Luthor turns on me.

" Kon? My son? You live?" he runs up to me and grabs me in a bear hug. Oh man creepy old bald guy with bad breathe hugging me . I'm going to have nightmares for weeks.

Lucky he did get this close to me though. Since I used my Tactile TK to disassemble his suit. Boo yah! Man I've been hagnin' around Cyborg too long.

He seemed shocked at this don't know why the only reason he created me was a weapon against Supes, Not like he's actually You know been a dad. If anyone has It would be Clark. I knock Lex out with my pinkie finger.

Then freako Brolly. Gets up Lookin' like something Krypto dragged in once. Free Image Hosting -

" Hey boy! Get away from my quarry!" He kind of wheezes out.

" yeah you can barely stand and your gonna fight me ?" I laugh. " I don't think so dude."

" Fine I will go to Heal, then I will Arrest The henchman, then I will come back for you!"

" You do that, and next time don't forget your damned shirt!"

I flew Pop, I mean Clark back to his Fortess of Solitude. I know the sun will heal him eventually. I mean he didn't get poisoned by Green K that much. At least I hope not.

Anyway. I can't just leave him laying on the streets where some goof ball will kill him. So I put him in this Sun lamp thing and hope he'll come out of it. While sitting there I hear this girly voice in my head.

" You've a bad boy Conner - Kon."

What the? I mean usually when I hear a female voice. sayin' I've been bad that turns into a good thing. But not when you can't see who's saiyn' it. Have I lost my mind?

I scan the place with X- ray Vision. Nope nothing so weird. Then she appears. " You boys didn't register, now you need to be punished for your crimes. Now don't be silly and try to fight back be a good boy, and surrender."

Ok This can't be my mind, I mean there is no way my subconscious would create someone that talks like that. Then the answer appears in front of me a Martian girl?

Free Image Hosting -

" Woah!" I shout because I'm like totally surprised.

" TEE HEE!" She answers . " Now Sorry for the trick, But how about we not do anything foolish, and you surrender ok? It would be so swell if I didn't have to fight a fellow Teen Titan."

You have gotta be kiddin' me here.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Man of steel Vs steroid freak.

Free Image Hosting -

This Person kept throwing me into apartments with complete disregard to By standers. " Look if your some kind of SHIELD Agent . Let's take this fight away from the city, and all of the people."

He laughs a sick laugh. " What does it matter if these ants are crushed by us Kryptonian? They are going to all die after I make this world my personal playground."

This total disregard for the lives of people angers me. I punch him out of the city. Then I realize that my anger has clouded my judgment. I fly after him to make sure he hadn't been hurt.

This glowing hair behemoth just had a little trickle of blood coming dripping off his nose.

" Your a saiyan aren't you?" I ask him .

" I'm the Ultimate Saiyan! I'll destroy all of those other pretenders soon enough. But for right now I work for your government. So I can fight and adapt to things like you."

This bothers me that SHIELD would use this , person as a weapon. They have completely lost all sense. This saiyan charges me knocks me into the ground. I can't believe I worried that I'd hurt this monster. He hits as hard as Doomsday.

I fly out behind him, and slam into him, he fell to his knees, then elbows me in the solar plexus. While trying to catch my breathe, he elbows me in the back of the head.

" Your weak." he finally says.

I grab his legs, and pull him down as he gets up, I unleash all of my speed into my punching him. While he's reeling I fly around him creating a mini vortex, stealing air from his lungs.

He blasts me with some green energy. That "ki" I guess The other saiyans are always talking about. I don't know why but it hurts. I'll have to study it sometime. It may actually be similar to my heat vision.

Come to think of it I've noticed a lot of similarities between me and saiyans, but many differences as well. If I can talk to one of them without getting into a fight, that is to see if any of them have had contact with Kryptonians in the past. Then again they're all likely too young Krypton probably exploded long before they came to Earth.

Well whatever I know I won't be able to have a civil conversation with this one. He keeps firing that energy. Ok if he wants to play that way. I unleash the full power of my heat vision on him.

He screams as his flesh burns. When he falls I stop. I can hear his heart from here he'll live. " Go back to SHIELD, and tell them, that you couldn't defeat me."

He moves with uncanny speed, kicking me into the air. I'm out for what seems like a second. My eyes clear, and I see I'm out almost in space, with the freak following me.

"Weak Kryptonian!" he screams . " You never had a chance!"

I dodge a swing, grab his arms and throw him into s out of the atmosphere I was thinking of letting him pass out, then brining him back to Earth. He brings up an energy field catching oxygen before I did that . I fly back to the planet for a second breathe in a huge amount of air fly back out and hit him with my freeze breathe.

He breaks out of the ice, and clamps a death lock on me . He flies us to the sun flies us too the sun , " Let's see you survive this!" he then fires a blast right into my chest knocking me into the sun. That was a mistake.

He apparently didn't do his homework on me. Or he'd know my powers are charged by the sun. I while inside the core My wounds healed, and something else happened, my powers overloaded. Free Image Hosting -

I did this to myself once to defeat the Imperiex. Though this time was accidental It was in a way fortunate This saiyan is no longer stronger than I am. But in another way unfortunate. When I'm like this , I just want to hurt, what I'm fighting.

I Fly after him, striking him again, and again. I think for the first time in this creature's life he feels true pain. He flees from me ! " You Scum! You,ve bruised me hurt me! Like Kakarot ! I'll, I'll Destroy the planet you both love!"

He releases a big green energy ball, One I destroy with my Heat Vision. The explosion Knocks him back towards me . I hit him with a huge right hook knocking him back to Earth.

I follow where he lands. " Arrrrgh!" He screams charging at me He ends up slamming his face into my fists breaking his Jaw. After a couple of more strikes that knock him down The frenzy I was feeling passes.

The alien looks up at me with a " finish it" glare of defiance. Before I collapse on my knees I say " I'm Superman, And Superman doesn't kill." After I gather my wits. I'll take this saiyan To Vegeta, let him decide what to do with him.

Too bad I didn't have enough time to do this because I was soon blasted by a green ray. Kryptonite! I turn around and see Luthor in his battle armor.Free Image Hosting -

" I knew you would defeat that creature alien, I suppose Agent Deacon did too." he sneers.

" Your saying your working with SHIELD too Luthor?" I gasp in disbelief.

" Yes Deacon didn't want you arrested he wanted you dead. If your arrested you'll be a symbol but If I your old enemy kill you after a botched SHIELD arrest, well it can't be traced back to them now can it? You'll pay for turning my city against me Alien! Pay with your life!"

Monday, October 02, 2006

It's been a hard last few days

When the sun went out , My powers went with them. Though it took a few days. Kara has been able to keep her powers thanks to Shield, and the uv lamps they have there. Even though I haven't been at full strength., I've been trying to save as many as I could from the vampires, and demons that have been attacking lately.

Free Image Hosting -

everywhere I go , I've been getting this Reminder of the unpleasantness That the Registration Act, has wrought upon us all.Free Image Hosting -

But when the sun was restored, I forgot all about that , as my powers were restored. I received a message from Vampirella . She had asked me to take to this rock into the sun. I oblidged. Free Image Hosting -

As I threw the rock in, I felt the last of my strength return. I Returned to Metropolis, I Had felt so good that I failed to notice this person, who flew into me at the Daily Planet.

" Your under arrest by the authority of Shield. Kryptonian. I really hope you try to resist."Free Image Hosting - Who or what in Krypton's name is this person?

Goten's Fiance 'has gotten him in trouble

OK Working with SHIELD hasn't really been all bad. I can register , a lot of guys just by batting my eyes at them. Thogh I can't Find that hot Nightwing. It seems you can only find him when he wants to be found.
I've been working alongside Goten. He's pretty nice but a little shy. The problem is all the other SHIELD agents made fun of him. Though all those messed up missions were the fault , of Wonder man.
I've been his friend while he was here, which was why I was shocked that he betrayed SHIELD and helped Vegeta escape. Yet I know why he did it. He just happens to be engaged to Vegeta's daughter. Free Image Hosting -
I know that bitch has convinced, probably with sex, that he should fight along side her father. The problem is he's going to lose, and his entire family are going to prison, for a long time. I don't want poor Goten to go with, I'll have to talk to him, see if I can't get him to go back to SHIELD.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sky City Interview

I had come to the party To interview miss Ishikawa. Jimmy was there with me but he kept getting distracted by the women there, and taking pictures of them. It only took a glance to see that the "Shi" was a robot. Well ok somone without X-ray vision couldn't see it. Since I've done some crazy things to hide my secret identity over the years. I'm not going to judge.

In fact I'm hoping when all of this " Civil War " mess is over those of who want to can keep our secret Ids. Evreytime some villain has learned I was Superman, they would go after my parents, or my wife. I'd rather that not happen again. While I was thinking about this Wolverine looked at me oddly.

I had forgotten about his hyper senses. Fortuneatley Kon , had showed up With Wonder girl and yelled out that he was here. I wish he wouldn't make such a spectacle of himself. But this time it was a good thing. While most everybody was watching him . I had finished my interview.

" Ma'am what is your connection to the X-man Wolverine?"

" I hired him for Security ." She answered. " There are many people that want to take the priceless Terra Cotta Statues, They'll do anything to procure them. I thought a man of his fearsome reputation would discourage those people."

"" Is that why you hired the infamous muscle for hire Joe Fixit?"

" yes , at that time Logan was on a mission with the X-men. "

" But with those infamous guards the statues were still stolen."

" Yes That Fixit's partner at the time Mirai Trunks was tricked ."

" Are you calling him incompetent.?"

"I wouldn't trust him with those statues again."

" Why do you think SHIELD believed you are Shi?"

" Because I'm a Japanese Woman , who's associated with Wolverine. That's the only reason."

Then I noticed somehow Kon-El had gotten into the bloodwine, Him and the heroine Vampirella were dirty dancing, and They started taking each others clothes off.

" Well Miss Ishikawa, that's all the questions I have for you, thank you for the interview ."

" Thank you Mr Kent."

I'm lucky Kon had waited until the interview was actually over to be foolish. , but now I'm going to have to stop this or he'll likely get hurt, by Mirai Trunks who I've noticed,, skulking around. Or Wonder girl. I suppose someone has to stop this . I sneak into a janitor's closet. This looks like a job for Superman .Free Image Hosting -

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm Supernova? Whaaaaaaaa?

Ok Vic called all the Teen Titans together. He tried to convince us all to register With SHIELD, I know Vic hated my answer. Which was " F@$# You!" I;m not going against The big Red S on this one. He's right Y'know we shouldn't be forced to work for the government we should be able to choose what we want to do.

I storm outta the place. I realize I was flying faster than I ever have before, I guess I'm sucking up solar rays , pretty good or something . Cassie caught up with me, and says she wants to talk.

" Conner you can at least listen to what he has to say." she says,

" And what does Wonder Woman Have to say about this?" I ask.

" I don't know." she answers. " So what are you going to do? Stay Superboy? Or become Supernova again? "

" What?" I say. Free Image Hosting - = Free Image Hosting - ?

Cassie explains all about this hero that popped up while I was dead ,and said he was me. Ok I have no memories of this. What did I die again? Because I was in the Afterlife. Though my memories of it are becoming more , and more like a dream.

What the heck man ! Could I have been running around alive as Supernova , and not even remeber it? Or could it be that Cassie was grieving, and just thought he was me? Or maybe he's that jerk Match? Free Image Hosting -

Match is a clone of me, and he's pretended to be me before. I know the clone of a clone pretty redundant. Man I wish there was some way I could go into the past or something and confront this Supernova guy. Since he hasn't been seen since Superman regained his powers. Man ! This is going to bother me for the rest of the day now.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Superman speaks out .

I'm almost ready, to go out and address the press. I have to admit this seems every time I'm on this side. I'm more comfortable being a reporter at these events, but this has to be done.

Bruce, who as usual is hiding in the shadows asks " Cold feet Clark?"
Free Image Hosting -
" No It's just everything will change after this . I'm hoping I'll still have everyone's trust after wards."

" We need you to rally the troops Clark No one else besides Superman can do this ."

" I know."

As I walk up to the podium I almost feel as if I'm , walking to a gallows. I might as well get this over with.

" ladies and Gentlemen I 've been proud to serve you this many years. When I had seen the images at Stamford, I too grieved with you. But I have too say what has happened since then is wrong!

Registering superheroes that want to be is fine . Those that want to work for thee government should pursue those goals, The problem I have is taking good people away from their families , because they do not want to join.

Even worse I hear SHIELD, is making people leave the country or the very planet. In fact I know of one family that has been pulled apart by this . Usually I abide by the law, but this is Unjust, So I guess you would say I'm not regeistering.

" You Miss Lane ? "

" Superman Are you saying your joining the resistance? And do you speak for the rest of the Justice Leauge?"

"Yes I suppose I am joining the resistance, and the individual members of the JLA, can speak for themselves. "

" Superman. " asks one reporter. " Do you believe you are above the law?"

" No." I respond. " But I believe we should speakout when the law is unjust. It's not just the heroes who have secret Identities , but those who have never hid anything. You sir what's your question?"

" Unlike you other Heroes like the Batman, hide behind masks, why would they do that unless they are hiding some kind of criminal activity?"

" In this business, we have many enemies. They would use those that are importent to us as hostages. Which I hear SHIELD is doing now with the The Great Saiyamn, They are threatening to arrest his wife, a human, and a mother. Now what does that tell you?"

" Are you saying SHIELD is corrupt?"

" Yes. They are as corrupt as the politicians they work for. Also this War is distracting us from what's important, Have you noticed the days are getting shorter? I do not mean in the way that is normal when summer turns into fall. Vampires are attacking people more and more often. Something odd is happening in Westchester, and we should be investigating these things instead of fighting each other."

" But Superman you just said you were fighting along side Capitan America."

" No. I said I am not registering, I am going to try to my job without being on one side or the other, but if I see an injustice I will try to stop it."

" Superman what do you say to SHIELD agents that will try to arrest you now?"

" Let them try."

Meanwhile at The SHIELD Helicarrier. " Damn It ! Vegeta we could take But Superman ? This is a disaster!"

"Why?" asks the Black Widow. " He can be stopped with Kryptonite."

" Yeah." he answers . " It's going to be bad enough arresting Capitan America, But To arrest Superman as well? I hope you understand Natasha, that putting him behind bars, will be like rallying those who are still neutral. It may even have those on our side switch sides."

The lights in the Helicarrier all turn off the when they come back on, Lex Luthor is in front of Fury and Widow." Free Image Hosting - " If you want help with the alien , I'm your man, you can keep your money I have plenty."

Back to Superman,

After the press conference, I find Kara or Supergirl at my home in Smallville

" Kara what's wrong?" Free Image Hosting -

" Kal, when I came back I registered, they may send me after you."

Now thier using my family against me.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The New JLA

When I left the Earth to fight Brainiac we was still deciding on members for the new Justice Leauge Of America. While I was away , a temporary , and not very efficient JLA was put together.

Now we have decided on the new team . Free Image Hosting -

Me, Batman, Green Lantern,(Hal) Black lightening, Vixen, Arsenal,Vixen. Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Red Tornado. I Have some reservations about this team. For one Vixen was in the Detroit Leauge, and is fairly volatile.

As for Red Tornado well take a look .Free Image Hosting -

I still have my doubts about Tornado. We'll see how it goes. Another problem is Batman , and Hal do not get along. Bruce was rambling on about some show, Then all of the sudden Hal just up and punches him, then he tripped and hit his head.

He hits his head a lot. At least this team is better than the Temporary team we just disbanded.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Well I fixed my mistake.

Clark kept hitting the bottle, we were trapped in. Since it was in a simulated red sun environment he started weakening. He just didn't have the strength. to free us. I hope I have enough solar reserves to use my Tactile Telekinesis.

I Touch the bottle, and it cracks then shatters. Oddly this tiny version of Braniac blasts, me Without my TK or invulnerability. I was hurt like any one else. Oddly this didn't stop Clark.

He just charged the robot and used the last of his powers to crush it. I kind of passed out, when I awoke I found I was underneath a yellow sun ,full sized, and healing.

It turned out Superman sabotaged Braniacs' computers. The ship was under his control, and Brainy transferred himself to somewhere else. Then Kal put a all the cities, back on their planets and regrows them.

unfortunately, Brainac started up the self destruct sequence from wherever he was. Clark got me here before it blew up. After I heal a bit . We start heading for home man, How am I ever going to replace this guy? I can barley keep up .

When the time comes, I'm going to have big shoes to fill.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Honey I shrunk the Kryptonians.

Me and Kon ( mostly me) have been investigating the missing citiesFree Image Hosting - , and yes. It was defiantly Brainiac. He has a strange compulsion to shrink cities and put them into bottles. He did this with the Kryptonian City of Kandor.

I now have the city inside my Fortress. One day I'll have to analyze to capture some of his Shrinking technology. Then I'll grow the city back to it's full size on some Krypton like world. The problem with that is Kandor had some other alien species inside.

The Kryptonians have adopted me as some kind of god, , They also segregate and oppress the other species in my name. Another problem I'll have to get to. I tracked down the alien sociopath by using my microscopic vision to follow his energy trail.

The trail was degrading but we found it. A tractor beam pulled us in. " Ah Kal_ El we meet again all of me." It was true their was Multiple Brainiacs. He's never tried this trick before.

" Hey look at that one! " laughs Kon. " He's wearing a pink shirt , with teeny tiny shorts. Hahahahahahaha!"
Free Image Hosting -

Brainiac laughs a cold Mechanical laugh. " You Shouldn't be surprised, that I have taken advantage of my cruel semblance of life, since your the one that sentenced me to this Hell."

" All I've done . Was keep you from taking over The Infant Clark Ross' body , and turning him into a Dooms day, like host body for you!"

Again Kon burst out in laughter again. " He's wearing goofy clothes!"

" Conner! Stop laughing at them and watch out for attacks!" then one of them shrunk us down. Another grabbed us and threw us into a bottle with a simulated Red Sun environment.

" Guess I messed up huh?" Said Kon.

I'm not mad but By Rao his mistake could have just left us trapped inside a bottle for the rest of out lives , ok I'm a little mad.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I don't know what to do with Kon

I've taken Kon out of the Titans for the time being . After I've seen for myself, how they act . Well let's just say I signed Kon up for a Super hero team , not a frat house. You should have seen The Batman's reaction I think Cyborg's ears are still ringing.

I know Superboy hates my lectures. Bit I had to let him no how he was acting was not appropriate.

" Why should anyone care?" he asks. " We all know I'm a screw up."

" I care , and quit being so hard on yourself. You know people are watching us we need, to have they're confidence that we can help them."

" yeah right! When you show up people say it's Superman he'll save us! When I show They say It's Superboy Run!"

Before I respond , my JLA communicator beeps . It was Wonder Woman she says the remains of the Watchtower had received an Sos. Seems planets in a solar system nearby has had cities disappear.

All the evidence points to my old foe Brainiac. Free Image Hosting -

I'd better investigate, I think I should take Kon with me. If the titans are failing in their job of training him, I'll have too.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Party at Titans Tower!

Kal forced me to back to the Teen Titans. Man these new guys are weird. A devil kid and Deathstroke's daughter? I've heard about some others that have come and gone since I was "away." I girl martian ? A dude version of Zatana? So weird .

Oh well The Titans had a party to celebrate my new lease on life. Well someone brought some beer. I'm not saying who it was , but he 's fast enough to get it without anyone noticing. Well we got a little wild. First off we redecorated the tower.

Free Image Hosting -

It seemed like a good idea at the time. At some point Bart Wanted to show me how bad the X-3 game was . Wow that game sucked, even buzzed. Not sure what I did to Bart to deserve playing this game , but I'm not doing that again.

I'm a little fuzzy on what happened next but somehow, this happened .

Free Image Hosting -

I guess me and Cassie are back together. I wonder why Robin didn't try to stop this ( not that he could ) He disappeared at some point. I wonder where he went? Free Image Hosting -

The next morning I woke with a huge headache there was beer cans everywhere. I look at out my window and see. Free Image Hosting -

Uh-oh! Busted!