Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Supergirl: And you think your mom's bad?

Hey this whole Legacy thing is pretty cool . I wanted to hang out with people my own without Kon having a little hissy fit about how the Titans are " his thing". OIt was kind of fun to tall to Vella, and Spoiler as we were rescuing this bunch of people being attacked by some kind of alien.

" Oh come on Nightwing's the hottest bat guy!" I Snort Heat visioning the monster below us."

" He's too skinny Vells laughs. " I like them with muscle like my Red Hood."

Spoiler Laughs " And that's all he has is muscle, and rocks in his head. At least Tim has some brains."

Ironlad gripes to the alien. " you can kill me if it means I don't have to listen to this anymore."

Yeah like the guys don't talk about our bodies or whatever. Well any way we defeated the giant alien and sent it back to it's own planet.

When we got back to base Vella asked me " are you going to participate in the Boudakai?"

"The bodee what? "

" The fighting tournament that we're all going into !" She chirps.

I shake my head " That's more of a saiyan thing. I mean I fight bad guys all the time why'd I want to fight on my time off?"

She shrugs. " Conner's in it."

" Kon's a show off Vel."I sneer right before my mom shows up.

"Kara Zor-El What are you doing here on Earth?" She then starts making demands. Ever She's been like this ever since my dad was killed by Reactron. So what If i wanted to leave New Krypton for a while and talk to someone that wasn't her or that weirdo general Zod?

So What if I like protecting people? I'm truthfully getting sick of her attitude I'm not her freaking property!" Look Mother back off!" I growl.

" My daughter is associating with a beast, and I should just back off?"

" Hey! I'm right here!" Vella shouts.

" Yes I know you little misbegotten monstrosity I see you."

" Mom maybe you shouldn't worry who my friends are! Maybe you should worry that you exiled what was left of the Kryptonian race to a frozen wasteland of planet while palling around with General Zod!"

She glares " Keep talking to me in this manner. And I will disown you!" This is the second time she's pulled that card.

I fight tears back as I say. " Whatever."

I say that but I go back to New Krypton well until I can sneak out again As I did A few Days later when Kon was going to be in this bo do whatzit.And I saw a couple ore of my buddies there Cassie Cain, and Vella was fighting in a Tag team something or other while Iron Lad, Slobo, Stephanie Brown and a few others were just watching the fights.

And to my surprise I found Kal dressed as Clark Kent. " Good to see you here Kara."

I see some thing's up with him. And before I ask he sighs. " Last year Conner had this whole wrestling entrance with music and everything I'm hoping this year he'll tone it down"

I pat him on the shoulder " have you just met Kon-El?" Of course him , and Wonder Girl both came out to something like this. Don't know how he convinced Cassie to come out to that. , and after the big entrance they were beaten by the Thing and a guy that looked like the Hulk but was in a suit , and tie this whole thing is not looking well for Kon.

Maybe he'll d better in the solo thing.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Kon-El: Dammit Match!

Cassie wakes me up by punching me on the shoulder. " Hey you gotta get up to train!"

" Blah! Tell Robin I'll be up in a minute!"

" Actually Tim is taking a leave of absence I'm leading right now so get up Before I have to punish you ."

I grin oh really sounds sweet" I grin before a big green fist smacks me in the face. Man what did I do to piss off Green Lantern? Well A Green Lantern there's like 5 of em.

After the stars go outta my eyes. I find it's Vella. What did I do to her?

" You sicko You made me do things bad things back at LGS 3!!"

Then she described some of them, This is stuff so dirty that I don't believe they're legal in some states.

Cassie states after shutting her mouth that was a mile wide after the filth that came out of Vella's mouth. " Um Vel I was there after you two drank that glowing stuff in Hudson's room I didn't drink you two didn't do anything Vella all you did was play Guitar Hero while delusional. Conner hit on a tree here I took a picture of it with my Cell Phone. "

Note to self destroy that picture. " if that's true why did Conner tell me we did all those nasty things Then I get the look from Cassie.

" What I ain't talked to Vella in like a month." I protest.

Both women give me the look , and I suddenly fear for my manhood. Vella Growls. " Yeah you said all of that stuff after I fought
Match. "

Ah now that explains it Match.

My evil doppelganger. I mean the Agenda was tryin' to improve on me why the heck did they make the dude albino? Any I inform Vella. " Match can make himself look like me it was him. That said all of that."

Okay WVella looked relieved until Cassie asks ' Do you have a thing for my boyfriend?"

" Um well i used to.." She stutters. ' But me, and Jason are a good thing well you know maybe in a hundred years or so after Jason gets old and so do you I might Think about asking Conner out. But um not now. You're my friend and I don't want to get between you two um I'll just leave now."

" That clone of yours has caused another problem for you babe, and I just heard mine escaped too Hera knows what those two degenerates have cooked up."

" Yeah Match was at least sorta funny as a Bizzaro." I say

" Um not to me he kidnapped me , and tried to make me his love slave." Cassie shivers. " Then he got a clone of me somehow. We have to put those two behind bars. Especially they both look like us. We'll get blamed for all they do."

Man like I don't got enough on my plate.