Monday, May 28, 2007

Escape from Saiyan Island

Great Krypton! I have to get out of this prison cell. Because Black Adam keeps running around doing this.

That's really disturbing. he walks around with. That. Has meals with it. The ,man needs help and he's not going to get it as long as the these saiyans use him as a weapon.

I hear a familiar voice in the next cell. Bruce Banner. " Dr. Banner?"

" Who is that?" He screams " Your not another Hulk are you?"

Sigh. I'm surronded by insanity. But this does give me an idea, and idea that'll probably end up getting me hurt. " No Banner You idiot! I'm one of the many who's fought you over the years you murderer!"

" I've never killed anyone!" He screams.

" Are you sure Bruce? The Hulk smashes buildings all the time! But your just a fool who doesn' t want to take responsibility for what he does!" In actuality he really hasn't killed anyone but playing on Banner's fears Will get the result I want.

" Stop it! You... don't know what your doing!" He protests.

" I'm talking to a little pansy boy ! That's what I'm doing! Your nothing but a speck of human garbage Banner!"


The Green monster towers over me. " Hulk remember you Cape Man! You hunted Hulk before! Hounded Hulk! Now you make fun Of Hulk and tell lies about him! This time Puny Cape man Hulk will smash! Smash you good!"

Lucky for me I had a small amount of invulnerability left. His punch knocked me through the roof of the prison. Ah. Sun restores my powers. I fly back down. Back down, and Apologise to the Hulk he's not taking it too well.

The saiyans attack him. Us while the Hulk Gets distracted by them I go back to the cells. And free any other hero that's been captured. One is severely injured. Raven of the Teen Titans.

" Did the saiyans do this?" I ask as her back bleeds.

" No I think it was Stark."

Stark? What in Rao's name is he thinking? " Can you teleport your self?"

She says. " I have to conserve my energy."

That complicates things hopefully the saiyns didn't see if search my belt. No . I still have the JLA communicator. " Watchtower this is Suprerman Two to beam up."

Wonder woman said she would use the the purple healing ray to restore Raven. I ask The Flash. What the current situation is since I was captured.

" Well their have been fights breaking out All over the globe. And Now Batman has decided he wants to go off and play Lone Ranger, to fight Iron Man. "

Great. this female voice starts demanding " Man of Krypton! I know you can hear me! If you want to stop this war come here!"

I fly down to where the person yelled my name. I find a female saiyan. " Hmph So your the so called Superman eh? Bah! Your not that impressive. "

She must be related to Vegeta. " Who are you?"

She smirks. " I suppose you can call me the Saiyan Queen."

I knew it. " So what is this this thing that will end the war?"

" Simple Kryptonain, a new king. My former husband is a coward he used his pet monsters, to defeat our son."

I think I see where she's going. " So you think Trunks Should challenge King Vegeta?"

She laughs. " Maybe if he could stop chasing skirts for more than five minutes! Bu No. I'm talking about our son. Fool when That fool King Vegeta mated with a super elite, he had to have known he was creating his own death. Mwhhahhhahahahaha!"

" What are you talking about?"

"Sometimes you are a little slow on the uptake Kal-El!" Someone shouts from inside the ship behind her.

I use my X-ray vision and see Vegeta, so the reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated. He walks out with this cape. I use my microscopic vision on it's made with Kryptonian fibers.

" Where did you get that?" I question.

He smirks. " I killed a zombie version of you in the Amazing Mutant Race two, and took his cape as a trophy. It protected me from the worst of what that imbecile and Black Adam did to me. And When mother found me and put me in a rejuvenation chamber. Tell the others that We're about to end this whole mess, first let me find the troops."

He closes his eyes, and does something. " Why the Hell is Vincent in the same room with Iron Man? Hmph. Whatever looks like I'll be a little late. "

He flies off. Hopefully he can really end this stupid battle.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Saiyans took Superman?

Dam it! While I was wasting time with freaky clones in Titans Tower, Saiyans Took Superman! I finally caught up with everyone at the Watchtower. And Zachary Zatara was trying to tell me what to do!

" What we're we're just gonna sit here while Superman is missin' I don't think so!"

" Well your a teen Titan Kon-El , and you will do what I say got it?"

" No! Maybe ya should say it louder ?"

He notices he can't talk . I grin. " Tactile Telekinesis, People seem to forget I have that power. Though I used to say it all the time. I'm touching the floor , and so are you. Means I can keep you from talking, or moving. So no spells.I know Your leader of the Titans and all that, but guess what ? I did pretty good when I was out by myself. It may just be time for me to do that again, Maybe ya can call Kara to take my place or something. "

I go to the teleporter, and dial up West City. The first thing I find is Vincent flying around. Good, just the jerk I was wanting to beat some info out of. I fly into slamming him, and taken him over the ocean.

Finally I power bomb him into an uninhabited island.

He looks up not sure what was going on . " What the Hell are you doing? " He shouts.

" I'm only gonna ask you this once. Where is Superman? "

" How the should I know?" He protests.

" Your a Saiyan! Your damn buddies are running around attacking cities.And they took Supes!'

He glowers at me. "I'm not one of them! "

" Wrong answer!" I shout flying at him and punching his jaw. He turns all gold, but different this time with all this weird lightning around his body. Oddly he punched me somewhat harder than when we fought at the tournament.

I clear my head, and and next his foot goes for my face. " I should hurt you more for accusing me of betraying the planet. But you've had enough. "

He may have been right, I was seeing three of him, so I just throw a shot at the one in the middle one's gut. While he's stunned I fire a full blast of Heatvision. He shouts. "Idiot! "

And begins powering up some blast there is no way I'm letting him do that. I Tackle the puns, and throw some punches into his jaw. He head buts me . Making more stars fly across my eyes, next thing I know I'm blasted.

I recover pretty quick. I use my TTK to make the ground beneath him explode. While he's stunned I slam my knee into that ugly mug of his.As He's stunned I'm about to set him up for a pile driver instead he chops the back of my knee. Before I collapse though.

I elbow him in the forehead. I start to get up, when a girl's voice screams "Why are you doing this?"

I turn around to Vella, shouting. " Because you aliens have Superman!" I accuse.

She floats down to her brother and pulls him up. " . your as much of an alien as I am. We don't have them the bad saiyans do "

" What's the difference?" I spit. She slugs me, and tears start flowing in her eyes. " I thought you were my friend! You don't trust us at all do you?"

" But I .." I begin.

" No don't say anything! Just don't talk to me ever again!" She shrieks. Flying with Vincent. Damn me and my temper really screwed up this time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Saiyan invasion.

King Vegeta,has been threatening us with invasion. Now he finally did it. The saiyans have been invading small countries. It was now time to strike back. And was ready to engage.

" Surrender now!" Yells Tony Stark. " You people will not like our response to your acts of war believe me. " I can tell he's been drinking again. Actually anyone can tell Stark is off the wagon. This is going to be interesting.

The so called "king." Laughs. " Your of no interest to us tin man! I won't even talk to no powered trash like you!"

Looks like I have to step up. " Why are you doing this ? We've never did anything to you saiyans!"

He grins. " Ah a Kryptonian, seems ours is not the only race that was only thought to be dead. What you've done is weaken my boy! He actually protects these sniveling little worms instead of building an empire."

" That's what this is about?" I ask unbelieving. " Disappointment in your son?"

He laughs. " No! it's about building the empire I should have had, if not for Frieza! Our race is a race of conquest. And this planet will be the first, and with the powers some of you have, the empire will be that much easier to build!"

I glare, "That's not going to happen. "

He laughs and orders the other saiyans to attack. I fly straight for him. " Ha! You come from a race of scientists Kryptonian! I come from a race of warriors! "

I punch him in the jaw before he can finish whatever it was he was going to say, I'm swarmed by aliens then. I knock them all off. Except this one, that inexplicably fires heatvison.

" Me Mungo! prince of Saiyans! you hurt daddy! Me hurt you!" His powers weren't unlike my own. In fact more so than any saiyan I've ever seen. The king screams " Show him your the strength born of Daxamite, and a saiyan boy!"

Well that explians it. So I can go all out. I give him a punch as hard as I can which knocks him into the air, and he falls to the land below. " Me hurt! " He screams.

Damn it did I hit him too hard? Vegeta can take a full powered shot. Then evreything goes insane. Ships come out of the water, And people from Namor's undersea kingdom attack. Us.

The saiyan king maniacally laughs. " We've made allies here. Others who think like us."

Namor slams into me. " Imperious Rex!" I have no idea why he's siding wth the saiyans. Though he has been goaded by Stark. Into a cold war. I Give him a dose of Heat vision, and am surprised to find, Black Adam coming after me.

" Grarr! My families dead! I must kill everything!"

And I thought he was insane before. he flies behind me shouting " fuzzy Bunnies!" where magic lightning strikes me. Then Mungo comes after me again.

The two of them beat on me.

Namor complains to King Vegeta. "That is not the Honorable way to defeat someone as noble as him!"

" Nevermind!winning is all that matters!" The king dismisses.

Son Goku Jumps for at Namor, and King Vegeta, And he's blasted, by several Altanteans. This is the last thing I see before, I black out.

I wake up in some kind of cell with red sun lamps. And Son Goku Was in another cell. kept a sleep, by some kind of gas. I need to start thinking about how to get out of this one.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Where is evreybody?

I was eliminated from LGS2And How do I feel about it? Not bad really. I had some fun while I was there. But I was startin' to get a little homesick. That and was I was a little disturbed by how good looking a freaking Lohan robot was.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I don't want to be Magneto! Who knows how it starts? I mean first the attraction to an artificial life form, then ya may start thinkin' " You know pink may not be so bad. " and then your draped in pink , wearing a bucket on your head!

So I'm at Titans Tower , and it's freakin' empty! Not even the Starbucks people are here. what in Rao's name happened? I use the super hearing and hear a heartbeat in the basement.

I fly down there, a bit, and see what I've only hear about from Bart. The infamous cloning lab. Yeah the Memorial displays too Spoiler, and Tim's parents don't really bother me, And I guess the one with my shirt in it does weird me out so I just take my shirt.

This voice yells " That's not yours! it's mine! " I look over to see this....thing.

There's only one response to seeing a green half me, half Robin. " YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

It screams the same way, and smashes through the wall. Oh great, and now it's loose. I try to find it, But that thing is long gone. Ok so now back to where is everyone?

I guess maybe I should see if if there's some kind of emergency, Ok next stop Watchtower, just hope Robin didn't accidentally create anymore weird clones.

Meanwhile at the Watchtower.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Vengence on the Saiyan Prince: The next generation.

The whole " Tiny" pic that Vincent put up on the 'net, has distracted me at LGS 2 So much that Henchman yelled at me telling me to get my head back in the game. OK. So I'll have to do something to pay a certain teen aged version of Vegeta back.

Because after thinking about it a little I doubt Cass Cain, really knew what Vince was doing. Or didn't know how much it would mess with me . I remember for a second, the monologuing ranting psycho she was under Slade's drug. But that's over now, I mean she ain't really bad.

But Vince Briefs? Yeah that kid was born bad. Or he learned it from nut job daddy whichever. Yeah I bet this was all his idea. I ain't sure what that punk has against me, but I know he's been pissed at me ever since he could walk or talk.

That's why I came back to Earth, And Put these all over West City, and Capsule Corp.

Bwhahahahahhahaha! I even taped them all over his room. At least I think it was his room, I mean there was this picture in there.

First off I'm sure Batman would have a heart attack if he saw that. But second what bothered me was I saw a teddy bear on the bed in there. Which kind of made wonder if that was Vincent's room, or Does Dr. Bulma need to pay for some therapy for that boy ?

Or it could be Vella's room, but why would the bikini pic of Cass be there? Unless? Vella? and Cass?

Mmmm Vell's supersaiyan form. I mean ... um great if Wondergirl don't kill me Veg head will. Oh well I better get back to Hacknor before one of those saiyans catch me here.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The things I hear.

Mostly I tune out things with my super hearing because well for the most part it's pretty boring. Mostly people ordering food or something. But every once in a while I'll hear something funny, Like Batman say" I hope no one knows I know I wear a girdle."

Or Vegeta talking baby talk to his wife that's hilarious. But sometimes i hear things I don't really want to hear like this for example.

I can safely tell you mister , it's not. And why would you hope... Never mind I don't want to know.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A simple capture becomes a brawl.

The Question had drawn the so called Heroslayer out in the open, now me and the Batman just had to finish him. I grabbed Question away from him, while Batman rained Punches and kicks down on the person formerly known as Super Shield.

" You Fool! " Slayer yells . You couldn't hurt this body even if you wanted too! Even if you could it's just a shell you can't hurt me.

" Hnh Let's put that to the test. " Batman growls taking out A set of metal gloves from his belt. Before he can put them on slayer knocks him down, I pull The mad man off of Bruce.

He takes out a gun and before he can shoot it a batarang knocks it away. " We already no of your kryptonite ordinance, do yourself a favor "Shield stop now. Before your seriously hurt. "

I pull the mask off and the former hero smiles manically . " Sorry Super Shield isn't at home right now.Only Heroslayer."

I Punch him at about half of my full strength, knowing he may be durable, but he's not invulnerable. " Give up this senseless battle. "

He yells something in some arcane language and I'm knocked back, great magic. While I'm recovering Bat man punches slayer with a hard "clang" . Heroslayer falls but grabs his hood, and replaces it " Who's martial arts style should I download. I have it a combination of your little girl sidekick and Wolverine ."

Expendable claws come out of his gloves. And He starts to systematically tear Batman apart too bad he forgot about me. I speed around him taking the air from his lungs. " that's the problem with spells Heroslayer, You actually have to be able to talk to use them. "

He passed out , it would have ended there if not for a familiar voice cool calm voice saying. " You've done your work Now let me kill him!"

" Deathstroke!" Batman shouts. " There will be no more lives lost He's going to prison to pay for his crimes!"

The Terminator laughs. " Don't be ridiculous! We both know he'll escape. My way is the only way. Now get out of the way Or lose your lives as well. "

" That's not going to happen ." I declare.

" Foolish Kal-El. Titans East! Take them down! I really don't care what you do to the heroes! But Heroslayer dies here Today!"

As I was about to make a move I felt my powers draining. A girl who for some reason reminded me of my old Legion teammate Sun Boy, Blasted me with with Red solar waves. A kid that looked like Kid Flash hit me thousands of times then this voice Shouts " Yes! Him am not my father! everyone but me fight him!"

" Kon! Great Krypton! What happened to you?"

" Me am Kon! Me am not Match!" The Bizzaro slams it's fist in my nose. This is Match ? last time I saw him he was an albino with white hair, and had no interest in me as a father figure what so ever. He must be degenerating.

Meanwhile Batman defeats Duela Dent And a girl dressed like Riddler, Only to be knocked down by Deathstroke. " Stay down Batman ! That scum isn't worth your life! he tired to kill my children and he must pay!"

"It doesn't work like that!" Batman replies.

" Too bad. " Slade remarks. But before he can plunge a sword into Bruce's chest Batgirl is actually dropped from the sky and Punches Slade. " I should kill you for the way you used me Slade... Lucky for you I don't kill."

" Still denying your heritage I see Miss Cain?" Deathstroke mocks.

She ignores him, and turns to Batman . " Are you hurt?"

" No. But how? You can't fly."

A voice above him announces. " No Bats! But I can !" It's Vegeta's youngest son Verne? No that's not it. Floating above the scene with his sister. " oh yeah For saving your life? Your welcome." His gaze moves over to Slade. " Cass won't tell me what you did to her but I know one thing If she won't put you down I will."

Deathstroke chuckles. " And what are you? Her attack dog? Go home little boy, and fight someone at your own skill level. "

The boy's hair turns gold and he clotheslines Terminator through a wall. Wish i could warn him that Deathstroke has plenty of experience fighting, and defeating those who are stronger, and faster than himself. but I have my own problems with Match.

Until the girl blasts him off of me. " He'll recover pretty soon What's wrong Superman? Why is your power level so far down? "

" That sun girl keeps blasting me with with red solar energy. "

" Oh so if I beat her you'll be OK?" the girl asks

" Something like that." I tell her.

Unfortunately she's attacked by the former Hero Risk. " You ain't takin' any one down Monkey Girl!"

For the first time ever I see the look that comes over her father's face when he's insulted. " What did you just call me?"

" Monkey Girl?"

" That's what I thought you said!" Now she transforms and attacks while Match tackles me again.

Meanwhile Batman is yelling at oracle through his head set. "Did you call those children here?"

" yes .Man informant gave me information that Calculator has been tracking Heroslayer for Slade. I thought you'd need back up , against Titans East."

" Why didn't you call the Teen Titans?" Batman Growls.

" I did they should be there at any moment."

While Batman is distracted, and I finally get Match off of me. ( Until the next red solar blast. ) Herolayer recovers, and And guffaws. " Ms. Cain, I see you've been favoring your ribs. " He punches her in the aforementioned area. " Now stay back all of you or i break her her little neck !"

She headbutts him. And slips away from his grasp, as she recovers Conner slams into him. I didn't know he came back from Hacknor. A plane carrying the rest of the Titans Sans Robin lands and they start striking out against the Titans East.

Kon Glares At Cassandra Who's gripping her rib cage. " Hey what are you doin' spreading the rumor around that I'm small ya know down there? What was all that moanin' Fake or something? " You know the mystery of Nightwing's dislike for Kon is starting to become clearer. If he did what he's suggesting with Batgirl.

The two of them have a stare off. Until Batgirl Strikes him saying "Focus."

" My boy, is about to make a mistake , and kill Slade, or Slade will kill him, And your worried about a stupid prank? .... You Suck." She turns around and runs toward the fight with her boyfriend and Deathstroke. While Kon sits there dumb founded.

Heroslayer Laughs. " You always were a fool Superboy!"

" Don't act like you know from one fight dude!" Conner yells.

" We've fought more than that." Slayer taunts.

" Conner!" Warns Raven." That man is possessed by a demon!"

" Right you are! Slayer announces. " And Kid Flash, Slobo, Wonder girl all know me! But I had a different name then! Harm.

" Harm!" Conner challenges. " Why don't you ever stay dead?" The three member of the former Young Justice attack their enemy while Zachry Zatrra is knocked out by the strange"kid Crusader."

Meanwhile Raven talks Duella into switching sides, and Sun Girl, starts yelling to miss Martian about how she's her slave in an alternate future. Luckily for me She fires yellow sunlight At the girl who dodges it, allowing it to strike me. Before she can react, I encase her in ice with my freeze breathe. Miss Martian breaks the Sun girl's fall by catching her.

The next instant I knock out match, and stun the Flash like boy with a thunder clap. ( yes I stole a move from the Hulk.) I turn my attention to Heroslayer who's Stunned the Young Justice group, and turned his attention on Ravager. " Your father should be punished for interfering in my plans, The deaths of you and Jericho should pay him back nicely.

the two fight. But before he can injure Rose, Slade whose mask has been burned off kicks Slayer away." You will not hurt either of them! Your fight is with me Heroslayer!"

" Ok with me!"

After a short but impressive battle, Slade has Heroslayer by the throat. " Any last words?"

" Yes. Kill this idiot. It doesn't matter I'll be back in some form or another." Batman moves to stop the killing blow when gold energy fries Slade.

" Our fights not over yet!" Vegeta's son declares.

Slade kicks him in the throat " You little punk! I don't care about you! But as long As Heroslayer lives he can do to my daughter or son what he did to Terra! I won't allow that! If I have to kill you o accomplish that I will!"

His sister, defeats Risk.

" No I'm not...I'm a girl, And I'm sorry about all the stuff that's happened to you, but you made the wrong choice teaming up with these bad guys, maybe you should learn from your mistake? Oh wait a minute my brother's in trouble I'll be right back."

Not only did The girl notice that but Batgirl did as well. They both Converged On Slade. " Back Cassandra!! You too alien girl! If you want him to live give me Heroslayer."

Before I fly over there to put a stop to this. A gravelly voice chimes in " I have a better idea. " A gravelly voice chimes in. " You get off the boy and run away with your tail between your legs. Or I hurt you and your kid villian brigade. "

A white gloved hand grips Deathstrokes' neck , and slams him into the concrete roof. The Terminator Recovers. " And who are you supposed to be?"

The other man just fires a blast, that Slade hops over another blast hits his chest. " You can doge energy from one hand, but I have two you know. The only reason you defeated Vincent is because he doesn't have the expirence to weild his power properly me I have years of expirence."

" What right have you to interfere?" Slade mumbles.

"I Am The Prince of all Saiyans! I do what I want! And if anyone is goijng to defeat Heroslayer it will be the one whose reputation He besmirched! My other son Mirai! And I'm here to disuade anyone who has any other ideas!"

Ever hear of throwing kerosine on a raging fire ? Well Vegeta's presense is more like tossing a nuclear device on one.