Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kon: Cassie has gone nuts .. again apparently

This morning Miss Martian was chasing some little kid around the tower.The kid had a teddy bear that I guess was Meagan's So glad Chris isn't here they can so they can annoy us together. Though I wish these Starbucks' customers would watch their kids so they'll stop just wandering around. I mean no impressionable mind should have to see Zatara.

this week has sucked. I mean right after the whole saiyan nonsense. Now Amazons have come out of no where and are attacking people. So the authorities has been locking up people that Are connected to them.

This made Wondergirl, and Supergirl freak out. Is it me or is everyone involved with this on drugs? Any way. we try to stop Cassie and Kara from making a big mistake making this stupid situation worse.

And she starts fighting us. During this she yells how none us supported her. i try to calm her down and she shouts "You died on me!"

" Yeah couldn't help that." I respond. "It's not like I could say 'Hey Superboy Prime! Why don't you, you know not try to destroy the world.' "

" Well Conner you could try not drooling after everything female you know! All I ever was was arm candy to you you never cared about me !"

" That's not true.. I start to say before Kara smacks me. I wake up and it's all over. And Cassie is gone. I think we maybe broke up. Damn this just sucks.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Superman: Looks like I have to deal with Conner

Wonder woman and Batman are after me to try to put some kind of controls on Kon-El After the so called "Hot tub incident. Wonder Woman is concerned about Wonder Girl's mental state. Since well she didn't try to crush X-23. And Starfire. Roy Is yelling at me that he somehow controlled Starfire.

He can't control a vacuum cleaner I doubt he controlled her. I also doubt she wanted anything more than to sit in the hot tub. Batman who's still mad that Conner used to date his precious Cassandra.

Bruce I think you should worry more about the half saiyan that's with her now. So Ok Bruce Stop suggesting thing like a Kryptonite chastity belt. Diana o More neutering suggestions. Our Wally's idea.

The Flash ran up to me and said " I have two words for Conner ! Salt. Peter."

So I had a talk with him about it. " Conner the way you've been acting towards girls lately Inappropriate."

" What have I done?" he protests.

" The hot tub thing for starters."

" Ok No one did anything in the hot tub, Kara is blowing that waaaay out of proportion. "

" Ok How about how you were acting in LGS 2?" I ask.

" I was tryin' to get ratings and stay on the show!" He protests. Besides your not really one to talk there Supes."

" What are you talking about Conner?"

" I found this pic the other day, in your trunk, that you keep at the Kent Barn. "

He shows me this.

" Great Krypton! Now um Conner... I Um... "

" Don't worry about it. " He laughs. " I seem to get it honestly. Don't worry I'll probably settle down someday. But tell me this wasn't your idea to confront me about this was it? it was Oh I dunno Batman? I mean the dude hasn't had a date since the Macraena was popular. "

I couldn't help but laugh at that one a little bit. But now I'm a little worried that Conner got his roving eye from something in my genes.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Of Pranks and dumb kids.

So Superman Is trying to get me to like Chris Kent. Who is he you ask? Well He's like General Zod's Kid from the Phantom Zone. ( I didn't know you can like do it in the Phantom Zone.)

Supes Says. " Conner you need to stop acting like you hate him."

" Well then how will he get get the hint that I do hate him?" I joke.

" Conner he looks up to you." Kal tires to guilt me. " One day He'll be Superboy, to your Superman."

" Nah. Likely he'll be the General Zod to my Superman. " I mumble.

" Kon. You of all people shouldn't hold some one's genetics against them."

" Yeah Yeah, Because of the whole Luthor thing . " I remark.

" Exactly. Now you should take him to Titan's Tower. So you two can bond. "

Great. Supes, wants me to to sleep in the same place as this kid, who'll probably pull a Damien on me. And I don't mean The Kid from the Omen. I mean Batman's son that beat down Robin, and tried to take his place. I stare at the kid who all the sudden yells "Kneel before Chris!" Man!

On th way too the tower I Finally tell him " You really need to cool it with the kneel stuff kid."

" Why?"

I sigh. " Because is why. And don't ask me to explain, Because I'll I'd have to explain it to Bart too. And Robin has banned me from explainin' things to Bart. "

" Why don't you just hit Robin? He's only human."

"Because I'd rather have a friend than you know a a body with a big stump at the end of the neck layin' at the ground. And if your gonna do the good guy thing, the Black Adam route doesn't really end well."

The next morning he totally didn't take my advise And yelled Kneel before Chris at Ravager, Which started a fight, which destroyed the TV room. And really a six year old with Superman powers is a bad thing as what's left of my 360 can tell you. I'm so gettin' that kid's allowance for the next few months.

Where was I during this? I was asleep ,and wake up to this.

" Gah! No! I've turned into Superboy Blue! I don't want lame energy powers!"

I hear laughing outside, and it's that idiot Zachary Zatara." Hahahahahahahaha! Don't worry muscle head, the spell is only temporary. I told you I'd get you back for humiliating me!"

Idiot. Ok then time to show everyone Something that us Titans have been laughing about for weeks. Ya see Raven , and Zatara have their room split in half.

Raven's half:

Zack's half maybe a little much for some stomachs but here ya go.

All that pink burns my eyes.

Well I gotta go I hear Chris arguing with Miss Martian, How the heck do you anger Miss Martian? I dunno, but that kid found a way.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Batman's new look

It seems batman has been a victim of a saiyan prank. Vincent dressed him like...

At super speed. He glares at me. " What are you laughing at Clark? This wasn't my idea, But you've had some bad looks yourself. Remember Blue energy Superman?"

"Or when you split off into red Energy Superman?

" I had no choice with any of those!" I defend.

Then he smiles, " No. But you did to decide to keep that Mullet after you died. How long was that about a year?"

I don't remember anyone forcing you to make a fool of yourself with that. "

You know all of the sudden Batman's not so funny anymore.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Kon: Hard decision time.

I talked to Kid Flash a bit, and He didn't really help on the whole "Tell Tim his ex walks among the living thing." Though Bart would understand it better, than HS Who grew up around Veg head an his weirdness, people bein' wished back from the dead, is pretty normal to him, while to guys like me and Bart? Is weird and new.

I hear Miss Martian's cheery voice behind me. " Wanna see my plushie?"

" No Not.... Wait what?"

" My plush superman ! " She grins showing me the toy. " Isn't it cute?"

" Yeah.. that's great Meagan. "

" Something wrong Conner?" She asks. smiling" Can I help?'

" I doubt it, Robin's girlfriend was I think wished back, and I gotta figure out how to tell him."

" That's glorious !" She shouts. " Tim should be happy!"

" I dunno, I mean he just got over it and all, And I'm afraid he'd be mad at Batgirl for doing the whole wishing back, because well Veg head or Goku wouldn't have a reason."

" You know that these Um dragon balls Tee -Hee! Are how Spoiler came back?"

" Stay outta my mind!" I see tears well up in her eyes. " Um sorry. Yeah the Dragon balls are kinda lie um well they make physics their bitch and spank it down. Well that's what HS tells me, and well I was apparently brought back with them. Probably Raven knows of them I guess."

" You humans are so silly ." She pats my shoulder. " This is a good thing, even if they don't get back together or anything it would be good, to know she is alive. I'd want to know and would be happy."

" Your always happy." I point out.

" True. " she shrugs. " Pick up the phone and tell him. "

Yeah. Gotta like the direct approach. So I call up Tim's cell phone it rings a bit. "Hello?"

" Tim... it's Conner. "

" What did you do now? " He sighs.

" Nothin'!" I protest " Why would you think I did anything?"

" Because your you, and because Dick keeps about something here being your fault. So we're here in West City about something, and he says your involved."

uh-oh. " Not really Tim. But I have some prior knowledge because of Vegeta, and Supes knowin' each other, and um well how I came back from the dead."

" Ok. Vegeta would explain why we're in West City. " He says. " but not why Dick Stopped to talk to the Question."

" Question? " That's a shock to me. " Which one? "

" Guy."

" Not sure about that Tim. So um have you heard of Dragonballs?"

He makes a sighing sound. " Conner I swear if you called me to tell me about some kind of porno... "

" No Tim, Look I'll get to the point I saw Steph."

Silence. Then finally. " You have ghost vision now? or do you mean in the after life? Look If your going to tell me you had some kinda after life affair with Spoiler, I forgive you ok?"

" No I mean I saw her alive dude, alive and joking. We kinda had a little fight in Gotham. And I think Cass wished her back usin' the D-balls."

" I don't know who's screwing with your head Conner, but they did a good job, It wasn't Steph, and whoever that was is sick. I'm over her death, now. Wait a sec. I get I get it Batman was trying to convince me she was alive, as some kind of test are you in on it with him?"

What is this resurrection denial? " Tim I talked to her... I wouldn't mess with your head like Batman. "

" Oh I get it Batman fooled you too huh?" Look I gotta talk to you later ok ? We'll both confront Batman about his using us later ok? But um maybe you should get Superman to back us up huh? If it's not Batman, then I'll find whoever it is , and put them down hard! Talk to you later."

Oh great Poor Tim, when he sees her... Why the Hell is Nightwing taking Tim to see her? I mean I know it wouldn't be the best thing in the world for him to run into her at the next big Crisis or whatever. But damn instead of easing him into the idea of her bein' back he's just gonna show her. Well at least Dick once again lives up to his name.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Supergirl: Why? Jason Todd Why?????

Heya Kara here, I just found out All that crystal nonsense was some bimbo testing me to see if I was a universal anomaly or some junk. Whatever, Whore! I totally beat you good.

Anyway Something really bad has happened that effects all the meta human women of the planet badly maybe the whole Universe! Man it's even worse than My cousin Conner's after saiyan war party with that stupid hot tub he built on Hacknor then installed in Titan's Tower

Seriously X-23 you can do better . And Conner isn't that your friend's ex? I mean I don't know about Earth but Krypton has rules about that sort of thing. Starfire I don't know what's in that wine glass there but I know you drank too much of it to be where you are. And Cassie Why In Rao's name are you putting up with that? I was so speechless to see you there twirling your lasso like an idiot.

I am so glad I talked Vella out of going to the tower that night. That would have probably traumatised her. Or Conner would have done something that would get him killed by like a saiyan executioner or something.

But no this tragedy is worse than my idiot clone of a cousin. And that's saying something. No it's this! It's so bad That I really can't look again, if you have like some kinda condition that will be affected by seeing things that should never happen like totally look away now!

It makes me cry every time I see it. Damn you Jason Todd! You can punch Robin in the face all you want, But when you do that to Nightwing!!! GRRRRRRRAAARRRR!!!!

Why? Is it because your lame pick up lines and bad breathe scare away superheriones , that you have to try and punish us all by hitting Nightwing there? Well we are not going to let you get away with that! We're going to hunt you down Jason Todd , and ,and well we'll do something bad. And no amount of lame net lingo will save you!

So watch out Red Hood! And oh yeah guess what? I told Jimmy Olsen your Secret Identity! Yeah like everyone knows it now! Ha! Excuse me I gotta go smack Conner for laughing at the Nightwing injury. Get better soon Nightwing!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Superman: A new Kryptonite

I returned to the Watchtower from the party where Vegeta was crowned king of his people. To the Watchtower. I suspected Green Lantern to be the one at Monitor duty, Instead it was Batman.

" Bruce what are you doing here? Why did you miss the party? Batgirl was there.." " What Cassandra does with her life no longer concerns me." He states gloomily . Even for Batman.

Hmm. That's a different tune than just last week, when he calls me up at three in the morning to tell me to and I quote " Keep your pup away from Cassandra,or I'll neuter him." Not that i really Think Conner is interested in rekindling the relationship with Cass, but he does like to rub it in Vincent's face.

And Lois really appreciated being woke up before her big interview with the president. Seems they are allowing us non registered in the super hero community to be accountable for ourselves but we have to train, and licence the younger ones.

Soon we'll pick who's all involved with running that soon . I'll tell you one thing the name Stark will not be one of them. Any way back to Batman.

" Batman did you have a falling out with her? Why? Because she came back from the dead? I've done that. No Wait it's because of her little crush on Vegeta's son. "

" I don't want to talk about it!" He snaps.

" It could be worse " I grin." It could have been Trunks."

" This is not the time for your 'humor' Kent!" He yells Ok no more friendly banter today I see. " Any way I'm glad your here I was able to catch up on one of my experiments with Kryptonite."

Oh Rao I remember what happened last time he had one of his experiments, he made pink Krytonite. I didn't like the result of that.

I wonder what happened to Linda anyway? I hope she's alright. Bruce has a small smirk come over his face. " This one won't work like the last one. "

I sigh. " And why do you keep experimenting with this? "

"I'd like to find a variety of Kryptonite that just stops you without killing you next time your mind controlled or something." He states. Though I swear he just does this as a prank.

He opens a lead box with a purple k- Rock inside, and I start feeling weird.

" Clark what do you feel" I hear bat man ask from what seems like far away.

" Oh Boy. " I say when I start seeing things weird things.

" Superman! What is it? What do you see?"

" Hee hee hee hee!"

" Superman? Are you ok?"

Friday, June 01, 2007

Kon: Someone tore open Spoiler's grave.

Well the whole saiyan invasion thing is pretty much done and over now. Even though some people are afraid veg head will now turn his people on us.Kal doubts it. I dunno .

Well Cyborg convinced me to come back to the Titans.So Now Zatarra gets to annoy me at least three days a week joy! Oh well I can deal with it, but I am still not wearing the tux he wants me to wear for whatever reason.

While surfing the net , and dodging Starbucks patrons, I got this weird report, That a girl's grave was just torn open. I read the name on the tombstone, and gasp. " Stephanie Brown." Spoiler Tim's Ex.

Oh no. Who the hell would do this ? Maybe one of Bats' enemies found out she was Robin for a little bit there? I guess I could leave for Bats to look into, but he went all weirdo when Cass got blown up. Don't even know if he knows she just kinda popped back into existence.

That was weird I wonder if that's what it looked like when I came back? Last Time I heard from Tim he was doing pretty good, Kept talking about this girl he met. and now If he hears about this well I imagine first this.

Then next super drinking spree! I like a little beer now and then but nothing like he was doing. And besides Superman already made me stop that. Ok So Now what Maybe with my powers I can find the sicko that dis this , and lay the smack down Before Robin has to hear of it?

So I'm gonna fly to Gotham! Joy! Man! Gotham's is like night to Metropolis' day. And every time I go there Bats insults me. I to the grave site. I keep lookin' at it tryin' to figure out what to do now.

Ok what would pop do? Use some microscopic vision to see if he can get clues. Well what's surprisin' is this was done by someone's hand not a shovel. I can see finger prints.

What's worse ya can tell someone just punched into the coffin. This is sick." Hey Kid!' Someone yells. " You a superhero?" I turn on this hunched over old dude. I mean this guy just screamed "Horror Movie cliche" for a grave yard caretaker.

" Yeah I am. So did ya see anything?"

" Yeah it was one of them damn saiyans that's been causing all the trouble, But he wasn't wearing all that weird armor. He was in a leather jacket, red shirt and jeans. " Oh no don't tell me.

" Was he with anyone ? " I ask hopin' It ain't who I think it is.

" Yeah some girl in black leather, I think she may be saiyan too but she didn't have a tail. And get this she had Batman's symbol on her chest."

Uh oh. " Did they look about my age? "

" Yeah as a matter of fact they did. "

" Thanks." Crap! Crap! Crap! CRAP! Is all I can think while flying for the second time in a week to West City. What was Vincent and Cass Thinking? Oh Rao! What if they didn't come back "right." I mean remember pet semetary? What if they are demons or zombies or something? I mean I some times worry that I'm not really the same Conner I was before I died.

Yet the whole Goin' To West City thing was a bust I use my telescopic, and X-ray vision And when I X-rayed Capsule Corp I saw..

Ew Ew Ew ew! Ok Bulma didn't look bad, but still ugh Vegeta gross! OK so now where? I guess I can fly back to Gotham see what i can find up there. Man I'm really gettin' my frequent flyer miles today. I start at the West Coast go to the East Coast , and then now back to the East Coast. At least this doesn't take hours anymore like it used too.

So I'm just kinda floatin' above the city tryin' to tune my hearin' to listen for either Vince or Cass' Voice yeah good luck there. She's always so quiet ) and usin' All my vision powers. Then i hear from behind me " Hey Superboy!"

" I ain't Superboy any more Call me Kon.." I turn and my heat vision goes crazy from what I see livin' dead Spoiler in Robin Costume with bad hair "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

She Jumps over the vision and kicks me.

She grins at me. " So is this some kind of fight team up thing Kon AAAAHHHHHH? just skip to the team up ' kay? I'm sorry but Superboy was a much better name. "

Oh Man! I ain't sure what to do here. I try punchin' at her. And I get hit with evil zombie gas!

" I'm so sorry Um Steph.. but I."

" Wait you know my name?"

" Yeah kinda after you died, look I know Ya think eatin' Tim's brains might be a good idea but.. "

She starts laughing Actually so hard she's holdin' her gut. " Oh man! Thanks for my first laugh since I came back you think I'm a zombie? Bwhahahahahhahahaha!"

" Your not where did that gas stuff come from?"

" Um a pellet in my utility belt, were did you think it came from?"

" Never mind.. How? "

She rolls her eyes at me. " You came back, from the dead , Superman did, Even freaking Jason Todd did, and your asking me such a dumb question? Cass and her pet alien wished me back."

" So. That's why your grave was opened up?"

" Yeah that kind of sucked waking up in my own coffin. I guess you know that too huh? "

I shrug. "Um no. I just kind woke up in a cornfield. They say I was given a whole new body."

" Lucky you." she snorts.

" So why are you in the robin costume? " I ask breaking the uncomfortable silence.

" My Spoiler costume was had grave mud all over it, I'm thinking of burning it. So how's Tim doing?"

Oh boy " Well he uh went into rehab. He had a drinking problem for a bit there. "

" Oh. " Was all I get here. Man Maybe I shouldn't say anything but it just slips out. "He met a girl."

She turns away and I hear her voice cracking a bit. " Um Ok I gotta go find Cass and Ape boy, are (sniff) going to tell Batman we're back."

" Me and my big mouth. " I'm sorry out came out like that. But um ya would have found out eventually. "

" Ok Kon AAAAHH!" She says before using a grappling hook ,and swinging off.

"It's Kon-El!" I shout.

Oh great. I guess I should Give Tim a call. or I could stay ourt of it, hmmm not sure if he should just walk into to the Batcave and find his formerly dead girlfriend alive and kicking. I don't know what to do here.