Sunday, December 30, 2007

Great Krypton! Two Conners.

Ever since Conner has come back from the dead he has been acting more like he did when he first escaped Cadmus. I too have come back from the dead I know how traumatic it can be.

His behavior has been getting on my nerves though. So when I hear him arguing with someone I was a little bit irked . I fixed the broken bridge I was working on, and fly right to him.

I find he was fighting another him. So either Match is doing one of his monthly “pretend to be Conner “plans. Which he hasn't done that often since he became a Bizarro.

I separate the two of them, and after doing some tests we find that the new Kon was what he said he was a new clone created from Kon's old body with his memories up to the time he died implanted. Just to be sure I checked his grave and the body was gone, though that could have been because the original Superboy was wished back.

(Okay I know I'm the original Superboy but whatever.)

While I leave the Conner’s arguing and giving batman and Robin headaches I go to find Project Cadmus. If I had known they were going to pull something like this, I would have looked for them long ago.

Finally I find them underneath Metropolis so they really haven't moved that far.

Director Cannon offers his hand “Nice to see you again Superman but I can guess at the reason for your visit."

“You cloned Superboy. I want to know why."

“Because he's been dead this way he can live again."

I glare. "He's been back for sometime."

He shook his head “Superman, I know you wanted him to be back, but that kid is an imposter you have to know that."

“No he isn't. It has been confirmed by many people I trust with my life."

'He sighs. “You have to be suspicious of how he said he returned magic marbles that summon a dragon. Come on."

Actually Conner never claimed that. It was Vegeta's oldest daughter that claimed that. But I'm not telling him that. “There is more in Heaven and Earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy."

Dr Serling Rouqette a former girlfriend of Kon's pipes in." Some of the things this Superboy has done, the real one wouldn't do."

“I’m sorry miss, but I knew him better than you, this Kon-El is the same Kon-El. He's just acting immature lately."

Director Cannon shakes his head. “I wish it hadn't taken so long to figure out what Lex Luthor did to create him in the first place. We had his body ever since the Infinite Crisis.

So we took his memories from the brain, but re cloning his body has been a bitch Each clone became a Bizarro, Until now."

“And what's different this time?" I ask.

Dr. Roquette smiles “Trade secret."

"Hm." I answer I don't like the fact they are hiding it. Could Luthor be back in bed with Cadmus? I leave and return to Bruce's manor. I find the two Conners in good spirits .Actually getting along.

"Man this is great! Like havin' a twin." One of them in the black t-shirt says.

" So you two have made up." I state.

“Yeah." the one in the Blue and red costume laughs. "We figured out how to do this get ready for Superboy Blue!" Free Image Hosting at

And the one in T-shirt shrugs "I'll just stick with Kon-El." Free Image Hosting at

" So your the one that's been back in the last year or so?"

“Yeah and if he screws around on Cassie again I'm gonna smack him." Superboy Blue states. Rao I did not want to be reminded of the whole Superman Red, Superman Blue fiasco.

“Well I'm glad you two have figured this out your not both going to be on the Titans are you?"

" Nope.I'm stayin' on the Titans." Kon shrugs.

Vella who's been staying around along with Spoiler, I'm not really sure what they're involment is in all of this. Asks the one in blue out. It takes all my super strength not to laugh at the thought of the look on Vegeta's face if he could see that.

Superboy Blue Grins. “I dunno. I mean the last thing I remember was bein' with Cass, But ya know then he starts using his X-ray vision on her until I smack him. "OW! Okay sure why not?"

She squeals and runs out saying she was going to tell someone. Superboy Blue grins. " Well things are lookin' up ,but I guess now I have to find a place to live I guess I could stay on With Cadmus as a field agent."

Stephanie grins “You Know we could take on our team."

" Nah. I don't wanna be on any teams right now. But thanks for the offer though." Then he starts coughing. "Man I can't believe how dusty this place is."

Spoiler gives me an odd look. As the clone leaves. " Dust? In a place that has Alfred working in it?"

Thursday, December 27, 2007

So how was my Christmas?

Not bad. It doesn't matter why I received What I enjoyed is the reactions of my friends, and family.

Kara: That necklace she's been hinting about.

Chris: Those Hot Wheels race tracks, and some transformers.

Conner: Speakers for his car though I don't know why, he has super hearing, and really shouldn't be carrying around that Wrestling Championship belt at the breakfast table.

Bruce: I enhanced his training room with Kryptonian technology.

Diana: alien battle armor.

Ma And Pa: A formula that gave them my powers for a day.

Lois: A night alone In New York City. Free Image Hosting at

I hope every one else had a Happy Holiday.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kon: Livin' with the Legacy

So our giant "T" has been stolen. I still say it was some tea makin' company. But oh well no one listens to me. Especially when I said I could just spend the night at the Kent Farm not everyone interrupts me.

So we all go there in the Jet that somehow didn't get jakked. I took a nap in the back and got this weird dream, It as me wearing this black ring. But my face was zombie lookin' and I said " The Blackest Night is coming and I want my Soul!"


“Oh get off it Conner.” Robin sighs, "It's not that bad. Just stay out of Vincent's way."

Raven gave me an odd look. “Some dreams can be prophetic young Conner." And then we go into the Legacy House. It didn't start off well First Inertia Hand Beast boy had a wrestling match over the remote.

Maybe I should ask to work part time at the federation I work at? Nah. Inertia and Beast boy both would drool over the divas. I gotta work with these people. Any way it was quiet for a while after that I was eating a sandwich in the kitchen When Cass (Cain) and Vince walked in from different doors. They both stared at each other.

“Um hey... Cass how's it going?"


" So we're taking it slow so I'll um go." Vincent stutters.

" No. you.. Don’t.. Have to... um..." Then they started making out.Free Image Hosting at Man! I'm tryin' to eat here! When clothes started gettin' torn I ran outta there.

I hid in the room they gave me for a while. But it's the Question's old room, and it creepy. That and I used some kinda hair gel, and when I accidentally stepped on a canister and gas came out of it my hair changed color. I now have brown hair arggh!

Hoping that's gonna were off. I run to one of the showers, and I see a blonde female form. Cool I think I can surprise Cassie (Sandsmark.) I open the curtain, and “Stephanie!" I shout.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Was her response Then she started throwing towels at me .

"Sorry! Sorry!" I yell running. Back to Question's creepy room it is then.

About fifteen minutes later. I hear a knock on the door and a angry heartbeat I know it's Tim right off.

“Before ya break out the Green K Rob, let just say it was an accident!"

“You saw Steph Naked!” He kicks down the door.

" I know it was a mistake."

" I haven't see her naked and you have?" He hollers.

" Ya really should. " I say. “Wait that came out wrong. Besides that's the same as you dating Cassie while I was dead."

His face goes red. “How’s that the same?"

"Well it's similar."

Then Rob wanders off mumbling about gettin' even. Oh Man this is gonna be a bad night.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Kon: Search for Spoiler

I was woke up with the screaming of “Titans Together!" And Of course I say my first thing dumb thing of the morning. “Not now Jessica Simpson." Cassie smacks me in the head.

“What? I'm up. What?"

She rolls her eyes “Let’s just go."

Seems Robin and Rose got some kind of feeling that Spoiler was kidnapped by Deathstroke. Rose I kind sort of see since she has a bit of precog ability, but since when did Tim go all "Deadzone" on us?

" We have to go to Bludhaven." Rob said.

" Hey since we're doin' the whole psychic thing we can make a killin' at the lottery. " I joke, Cass elbows me in the gut.

“This isn't the time for fun Conner God knows what Slade is doing to Stephanie. "

I pat him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry bud we'll get her back and put Slade in traction for a while. No offense Rose, and Joey."

Rose snorts "As long as I get to put him in traction, I don't care. "

So we all load up into the jet and fly to Bludhaven. Oh joy Bludhaven again. Huh. Truns out Robin was right since there was like big green glowing giant monkeys fighting with Super villains.

We find Batgirl wrestling with Slade And I think Slade was a little too happy about that if ya know what I mean. The Titans join the battle with the Legacy guys and gals. Seems so weird them bein' in a fight without Question , and Saiyaman hovering around.

Vincent knocks Mammoth off of himself and glares at me. “You!"

“Hey Vincent pal this ain't the time...” His fist interrupts me my mouth.

Wondergirl shouts at Batgirl. “Get your pet off of my boyfriend! We're on the same side here. "

Batgirl Kind of mutters like usual. “Vincent.. Is as.. Human as Kon. Besides.. I can't stop him when he gets like this."

“Yeah right!" Wonder girl growls knocking out Titania’s. “You know I'm still a little mad at that affair you had with Conner."

Deathstroke smiles under his mask. “Seems you little heroes can't get along."

What was weirdest was Spoiler was fighting Robin, and hitting on anything that moved man she must be on that serum.

While me and Vincent were wrestling in the sky she yells “Yeah baby! Now rip each others shirts off!"

Tim Shouts Steph this isn't you!"

“Aw don't be jealous Boy Wonderful there's plenty of me to go around.”

I must admit I was distracted by that I mean gross. And I get Vince's knee in my gut. " Now feel my true power bastard." He laughs. He then turns into this

Next thing I know the dude is mega strong and throwing me through what's left of buildings like I was a rag doll. I Blast him with Heat Vision and I freeze breathe him.

When he breaks out of the ice I feel that power surge again and a massive TK blast knocks him away. I smile. " Touchdown."

He gets up and I dropkick the saiyan he flies several feet and when he gets to his he gets a Superboy special DDT. When I do the DX chop, he punches me in the groin.

“Clone idiot!" Vince sneers. “You deserve all this pain and more for that robot!"

I Huff. " Ya really love Cass Cain Don't cha?"

He makes this noise like pfft!" Which is Vegetaese for " He knows I feel things! Quick act like a dick!"

The Parasite grabs onto both of us. Where the heck did he come from? He saps out some of our energy, and then something happens and it explodes out of him leaving ol' Rudy ko'd.

" Heh. Looks like our energies ain't compatible." I smile.

" I could have told you that. " Vincent growls. “Now we've wasted enough time here eat this bean, and we'll help save Spoiler.”

“What are we good now?" I ask.

“Yes I hurt you. You hurt me just don't make no more Batgirl love bots and we'll be fine. "

“Beleive me I ain't doing that anymore."

" Good. Eat the bean it'll heal you. "

He wasn't lying I wonder where he gets these things. Ah well never mind back to the bad guy fightin'."

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I usually don't care about the toys that are made with my likeness.Usually as long as they do not have lead paint on them They don't cross my mind. Some of them are okay. Others are a little strange. Then there are a few that are so horrific. That I have to do a double take when I see them and this is one of them.

He looks like he was attacked by a makeup monster and enjoyed it, Or he's getting in touch with his feminine side. Or more accurately his cheap hooker side. Who the heck authorized this?

Something tells me this might be some kind of plot by an enemy of mine to make me look foolish likely the Prankster or the Toy Man. Either way I'm making a bonfire for all of these I find.