Friday, September 28, 2007

Kon: My Car!

Ya know about my awesome car. Well it used to be a car now it's been reduced to this!


" It was a moral lesson " Robin slurs. Actually it was more like" Ish wwas a moral leeshon."

I start trembling with rage. " What was the lesson? Don't turn my back on you for a second? "

" um Conner , you may want to um control your tactile telekinesis. " Bart warns, " your like blowing up trees and stuff around here."

" I don't care ! " Pieces of road start flying around. " Why couldn't you have used your car?"

Robin stands up to me " I'm the leader! And your the unfocused flying brick! You just had to come back, and disrespect me didn't you? This isn't Young Justice Conner! It's a lot more dangerous!"

I shake ,my head. " Dude I know more than you, remember I had to spend a year in the afterlife? Wait that has nothing to do with anything! You stole my car and did Rao knows what! "

He threw a bunch of Batarangs I was thinking of doing something else but But I before I could do it the Batarangs were just floatin' in the air. Aw man! Since when can I do that?

While starin' at them Everything around us blows up. Stupid power surges. I have to catch Tim before he flies into a boulder. Bart dodged it all. Of course.

I think about hitting Robin for a second.

Then I remember all the rap he's went through in the last couple of years. ya know normally I wouldn't care about that and pop him one any way, but not during a power surge I instead smack the boulder.

I only meant to put a hole in it. Instead, it the bottom half gets shattered into dust. And the top half flies into space, I don't even know how that happened my TK and super strength must be goin' nuts. If I had hit Rob... I let him go.

I try to save face I 'd better not tell any one That my powers are freakin' out again. next thing I'd know Kara would be in my room in Titans Tower, and I'd be runnin ' around as Supernova 3 or somethin'. So I act all tough and try not to blow any objects up while sayin, "You should just be glad you were adopted by a rich dude. "

Then a whole bunch of cops drive up around us. " Uh what do you two do exactly?" I ask.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

An ending and review

Next Top Hero has come to an end. There are two players left.

Thousand Faces

And Crater.

After reading those posts you can choose who won, by voting at the poll here.

Now on to other things. I heard something funny from Hal the other day. Apparently Nightwing has fixed up Wonder Woman, and the Batman. though I can't tease him about his apparent Vampirella obsession anymore, this should be interesting.

You know I was surprised when I heard there was a
movie made about my death when I battled Doomsday. Although it brought back some bad memories, i watched it. The Doomsday battle was pretty close to how it happened except it left out the Justice League.

And My return was fairly accurate but there wasn't an evil clone, that took my place, but four other Supermen. I do understand why this was omitted though, Hank Henshaw, and the Eradicator's Origins would take to long to explain in an animated movie.

I give it about 3 out of five stars. Wait a second, Conner's is shouting something at a TV.
" Connner ? What is it?"

" Oh it's one of those high speed pursuits they show on TV all the time Supes. ya know this car looks familiar somehow. "

" Use your Microscopic Vision, to enlarge the image. " I instruct.

"All I see is little dots. " He responds.

Your seeing atoms." I explain. " Go back a little. "

" Ok I did. And Damn it no!!!"

He flies out out in a huff. I use my microscopic vision, and see...

Looks like Robin, and Kid Flash have some explaining to do.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kon: What the? Match is gettin what?

Bizarro broke Match out of the S.T.A.R. labs. You know this is when When Superman shoulda been here you know. I can fight Match. I've beaten the dude before. But Bizarro? No way. The dude is as strong as Supes if not stronger.

Oh well at least Kara is off to the Oustsiders, and leavin' the titans Who said complainin' doesn't get ya anything. So I was realxin' at the Tower well I was asleep Ya know gettin' trashed by a twisted version of your father figure will do that.

So when I get a call at three in the morning, I ain't the happiest clone in the world. " Am Cassie not there?" The voice on the other end asks.

" Bart this isn't funny. I told ya to not drink coffee before goin' to bed."

" Me am Bart. Me am not Match." Oh Rao! Not Bizarro speak this early in the morning. It hurts my head when I hear it normally.

" Match what the hell do you want? "

Me am not gettin' married in Bizarro World Me want you go there, since you no am family. Superman, Supergirl too."

I had to let this sink in then I started laughing. " Dude what would marry you?"
I mean seriously look at him!

" Me no want you tell Cassie, me am not sorry since me no find someone else. Tell her me always forget date we no have."

" BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah sure whatever bud. " Oh man he had a date with Cassie I imagine that goin' something like this comic from passfail studios.

" You know where Inertia not is? Him am not be best man."

" Likely in West City. " I answer. " Oh and if you see a dude there that sorta looks like Vegeta but younger, lemme tell ya how to say 'hi' to him. Ya see Saiyan Princes are greeted by you kickin' them in the family jewels."

" You am not good friend. Me will not kick saiyan Prince in nuts. "

" Yeah don't do that " I snicker. He hangs up. Oh man I can't wait! A bizarro wedding? That'll be comedy gold.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kon: Kara you need to get ready for weirdness.

Kara has joined the Teen Titans Like I don't have to deal enough of her around the Fortress of Solitude. Robin just had to give me the excuse. "She's a teen we're here to train teenagers. "

" Your firing me aren't you?" I ask.

" No. Despite the fact that you've quit 3 times since you came back to life. Look it wasn't even my idea it was Wondergirl's take it up with her."

Ok Rob's forced me to do this from the days he was drunk The day he tried to fight Lobo.

For those that don't know Lobo is pretty close to Superman in power, And Robin's not. The only person that tried to help him there was Blue Beetle. The rest of us pointed and laughed. Not sure what was going through Tim's drunk mind. But he looked like he was doing a good impersonation of a purse.

Ok So Kara's here now and she'll have to get used to some weirdness. Like Ravager's greeting to people like the day HS wanted to help me do homework at the Tower!

He was disappointed when I told him she strips like that for everyone.

Let's see oh yeah I once walked in on Raven kissing Beast Boy one word yuck! But Ya know it's not as bad as that crossover we had with the Cartoon Titans and I had to see this.

My Eyes!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!

Oh yes and Kara be prepared to walk in on awkward conversations. Like....

My Ears!!! MY EARS!!!!!!

So tell me Kara do you really want to join up? Do you?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Looks like I aint gotta choice.

I'm all healed up from the beatin' with the Kryptonite. But HS told nme about how Evil alternate versions of my self, And the rest of the titans showed up and took Team Legacy with them.

The way he described him sounds like the one from that alternate universe We nicknamed "Titans Tomorrow." Somehow Vincent found out about that reality and that's why he beat on me.

And you know what ? I deserve it. I might as well face it. I'm gonna become a bad guy. I 'm made from half Lex Luthor's DNA. There ain't no way I Around it I was cloned to get close to Superman, and then kill him. Lex made when Supes died . He knew Superman would come back. And I was his weapon.

I tried I really did, but everything I do I screw up. Maybe It's because I ain't made to help people but to destroy them. I fly to Superman's fortress. He ain't around He's still hosting that Next Top Hero show.

I root around until I find the Phantom Zone Projector. I'm gonna banish myself there. Then i don't some screen thing Starts making noises then I recognize it. It's that Thing the Legion of Superheroes gave him. Well not the Legion I was a member of A different Legion that Clark was a member of when he was Superboy.

It somehow like lets you talk or the future or some junk. I see Superman in a weird costume. One that looks kinda familiar. He was talking to someone off the screen.

" What the? Woah this is weird." He stares at me.

" Why's it weird ? What are ya some future Superman or something?" I ask.

" You don't recognize me? "

" Ya look just like any other future Superman I've seen. SO what are like Clark's and Lois' son Grandson? What?"

He slaps his forehead. " Was I really this dumb? Hey I'm you Conner."

" So what are you about to tell me your gonna take over the world or somethin'? "

" Um No. " The other me answers. " Why would anyone want to rule the world? Being Superman is hassle enough thank you very much. "

" Your not evil?" I hopefully blurt out.

" Well I did release the Supermonkey in Tim's Robin Cave last week, but I'd guess not."

Ya know that was a good idea. " So what did ya call to give me a pep talk?"

He shrugs. " No. You see I use this time thingie to call Kal and get advise when I need it. So um Where is he?"

" Hostin' that game show. " I respond.

" Ah. Well see ya in the mirror. "

So. That means in at lest one reality I don't bad? Woo Hoo! I put the projector away , And go back to Titan's Tower, when I go there I find my room strangely clean, and there's like potpourri in there.

" A voice behind me asks do you like it? It's better than the pigsty you left it Kon."

" Kara? What are you doin' here?"

" You mean they didn't tell you? I joined the titans Kon."