Monday, August 28, 2006

Well I fixed my mistake.

Clark kept hitting the bottle, we were trapped in. Since it was in a simulated red sun environment he started weakening. He just didn't have the strength. to free us. I hope I have enough solar reserves to use my Tactile Telekinesis.

I Touch the bottle, and it cracks then shatters. Oddly this tiny version of Braniac blasts, me Without my TK or invulnerability. I was hurt like any one else. Oddly this didn't stop Clark.

He just charged the robot and used the last of his powers to crush it. I kind of passed out, when I awoke I found I was underneath a yellow sun ,full sized, and healing.

It turned out Superman sabotaged Braniacs' computers. The ship was under his control, and Brainy transferred himself to somewhere else. Then Kal put a all the cities, back on their planets and regrows them.

unfortunately, Brainac started up the self destruct sequence from wherever he was. Clark got me here before it blew up. After I heal a bit . We start heading for home man, How am I ever going to replace this guy? I can barley keep up .

When the time comes, I'm going to have big shoes to fill.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Honey I shrunk the Kryptonians.

Me and Kon ( mostly me) have been investigating the missing citiesFree Image Hosting - , and yes. It was defiantly Brainiac. He has a strange compulsion to shrink cities and put them into bottles. He did this with the Kryptonian City of Kandor.

I now have the city inside my Fortress. One day I'll have to analyze to capture some of his Shrinking technology. Then I'll grow the city back to it's full size on some Krypton like world. The problem with that is Kandor had some other alien species inside.

The Kryptonians have adopted me as some kind of god, , They also segregate and oppress the other species in my name. Another problem I'll have to get to. I tracked down the alien sociopath by using my microscopic vision to follow his energy trail.

The trail was degrading but we found it. A tractor beam pulled us in. " Ah Kal_ El we meet again all of me." It was true their was Multiple Brainiacs. He's never tried this trick before.

" Hey look at that one! " laughs Kon. " He's wearing a pink shirt , with teeny tiny shorts. Hahahahahahaha!"
Free Image Hosting -

Brainiac laughs a cold Mechanical laugh. " You Shouldn't be surprised, that I have taken advantage of my cruel semblance of life, since your the one that sentenced me to this Hell."

" All I've done . Was keep you from taking over The Infant Clark Ross' body , and turning him into a Dooms day, like host body for you!"

Again Kon burst out in laughter again. " He's wearing goofy clothes!"

" Conner! Stop laughing at them and watch out for attacks!" then one of them shrunk us down. Another grabbed us and threw us into a bottle with a simulated Red Sun environment.

" Guess I messed up huh?" Said Kon.

I'm not mad but By Rao his mistake could have just left us trapped inside a bottle for the rest of out lives , ok I'm a little mad.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I don't know what to do with Kon

I've taken Kon out of the Titans for the time being . After I've seen for myself, how they act . Well let's just say I signed Kon up for a Super hero team , not a frat house. You should have seen The Batman's reaction I think Cyborg's ears are still ringing.

I know Superboy hates my lectures. Bit I had to let him no how he was acting was not appropriate.

" Why should anyone care?" he asks. " We all know I'm a screw up."

" I care , and quit being so hard on yourself. You know people are watching us we need, to have they're confidence that we can help them."

" yeah right! When you show up people say it's Superman he'll save us! When I show They say It's Superboy Run!"

Before I respond , my JLA communicator beeps . It was Wonder Woman she says the remains of the Watchtower had received an Sos. Seems planets in a solar system nearby has had cities disappear.

All the evidence points to my old foe Brainiac. Free Image Hosting -

I'd better investigate, I think I should take Kon with me. If the titans are failing in their job of training him, I'll have too.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Party at Titans Tower!

Kal forced me to back to the Teen Titans. Man these new guys are weird. A devil kid and Deathstroke's daughter? I've heard about some others that have come and gone since I was "away." I girl martian ? A dude version of Zatana? So weird .

Oh well The Titans had a party to celebrate my new lease on life. Well someone brought some beer. I'm not saying who it was , but he 's fast enough to get it without anyone noticing. Well we got a little wild. First off we redecorated the tower.

Free Image Hosting -

It seemed like a good idea at the time. At some point Bart Wanted to show me how bad the X-3 game was . Wow that game sucked, even buzzed. Not sure what I did to Bart to deserve playing this game , but I'm not doing that again.

I'm a little fuzzy on what happened next but somehow, this happened .

Free Image Hosting -

I guess me and Cassie are back together. I wonder why Robin didn't try to stop this ( not that he could ) He disappeared at some point. I wonder where he went? Free Image Hosting -

The next morning I woke with a huge headache there was beer cans everywhere. I look at out my window and see. Free Image Hosting -

Uh-oh! Busted!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I hope Vegeta's happy now .

So he beat me. I'm really not too worried about it. Though Lois thinks it's going to make all my enemies come out of the wood work to challenge me. Of course she says this while proofreading the story about my loss.

" Did you have to hold back against him Clark ? Now Super villains are going to see you as weak."

" That's just the thing I didn't hold back . After hearing about Goku's fight with Darkseid I knew Vegeta could survive my full power."

" Are you saying that angry little troll has somehow matched your strength?"

" It's not out of the realm of possibility. I've fought others that have matched or exceeded my powers before. What I'm worried about is that his children or Goku or his kids will want a rematch. "

" What is with these saiyans any way Clark? "

" Well from what little I know of them They're always looking for a fight. They supposedly get stronger after each battle."

" Whatever, as long as that Napoleon wannabe will leave you alone now oh yes did you see the picture of you he put up on his blog?"

" The one where I have a head that looks like a football? That was probably drawn by one of his fans."

" The fact that psycho has fans bothers me ."

" Well Lois Not everyone can take pictures like Jimmy or that kid I met a few years back. Peter Parker. Remember that one he snapped of me fighting the Hulk With Spider-man."

Free Image Hosting -

I remember that didn't Dr Doom enrage the Hulk to Free the Parasite?"

" Yes it was part of his plan to to destroy the worlds fuel supplies and make the planet dependent on him for energy. "

Lois finished her story. And emailed it Perry. We spent the rest of the day together, well until An Alien invasion cut our time short. I'd just like to say to Vegeta it was a good fight , and hopefully next time we can team up against a threat. I also hope your over your animosity towards me .

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Cult of Conner are a bunch of A-holes.

Ok first off Robin came by here today .I don't know who all knows what's goin' on with him, and Cassie but long story short after I died they hooked up. I don't know what to think I mean on the one hand He's my best friend , on the other Cassie's my girlfriend.
it was ok when I was in the Afterlife, and I couldn't see her again. But now that I'm back again it 's just I don't know. I wanna punch his head off, I guess. Instead I made fun of his new costume .

But really look at the thing. He looks like the Bat boy. I still haven't decided if I want to come back to the Titans or not. Though from what I hear the new ones aren't that great . Ok On to the Cult of Conner.

Why do these freaks know my secret ID first name ? Ok someone must have told them from the Super hero community I guess . But still not cool! Maybe I should go around and tell some other people's secret ids to people !

Any way I'm flying around and I stop to get a gatorade. All these weirdos in hoods and robes wearing upside down s shields show up screamig at me . Some old dude yells "Heal me with your touch! "

I ain't touching old dudes especially not where he was pointing. There requests got weirder. Like someone asked me to bring her husband back from the dead. Another woman asked me to " plant my holy seed." What the?

These loons are seriously messed up. Yeah I was dead , and now I'm not but this happens all the time with superheroes. I 'm not some god people ! I know how Clark felt after the mess with Doomsday now.

I flew outta there faster than I ever have before . I'm afraid to go outside now . Maybe I should get a new costume and change my name or something.