Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kon-El: Man I haven't been around the Titans in a while

I've just been pushin' myself Too hard lately school, wrestling, Superhero stuff,um some other junk on the side. Ya know I haven't even been around the Titans for I dunno a few weeks.

Do we have a tower yet? I dunno. I somehow blindly stumbled into them. Cassie kept lookin' at me acting weird.

" So what do you think?"

" About what?" I ask.

" Do you notice anything different?"

" New hairstyle?" I guess.

" New costume! Conner you're just hopeless!"

Ugh, and now she won't talk to me for a week.

And I try to follow her I see Bombshell? I thought she was dead wait so was I never mind.

" What are you doing here traitor?" I demand jumping her. She blasts me with Some kind of radiation it knocks me back it burns , and tingles but I heal up pretty quick I use my ttk On the ground beneath us.

The Earth shifts and captures her. " Okay now what evil plan are ya up to this time?"

" I'm invited here super dunce! I'm a Titan again!"

" Yeah Right!" I snort . " Pull the other one."

Robin Jumps in " It's true Conner now let her go ."

I do , and get in Rob's face. " She's a traitor dude what were you thinkin'?"

" It's complicated... and you once shaved your head, and attacked the whole team. but never mind now that you're here you can train with the team..."

I look at my watch. " Oh man ! I'm late I'll have ta take a rain check on that.

" What do you mean where are you going Conner?"

I fly off. Man how does Superman juggle all the stuff he does in one day?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

too many Kryptonians.

The bottle city of Kandor was recently enlarged. This has lead to some problems there are over 100,000 People with my powers on Earth now many people across the world are understandably afraid. It doesn't help that this happened right when Brainac attacked my parents leading to Pa's death.

So I haven't noticed something until now. Some of Zod's followers have been trying to free him from the Phantom Zone and they've been battling a new Nightwing, and Flamebird the Nightwing is a teenage boy who brags about having Tactile Telekinesis.

Come to think of it I haven't seen Conner all that much since. Captain Picard's Christmas party.

I wish I could say that Kon if it's him were doing it to honor me Since I was Nightwing once, but I wouldn't put it past him to be calling himself that just to annoy Richard Grayson.

The other person I now with TTK power is Match, but I hear he's on some game show.

I’m about to investigate the possible connection between Conner, and Nightwing when Vegeta breaks into my Fortress carrying a group of Kryptonian children.

“These freaks assaulted a group of my people who were reporting to me. Keep your bottle people away from the saiyans Kal-El!"

I use my X-ray vision on the children he broke their arms and legs.

“Vegeta! You didn't have to hurt these kids..."

“Kids?" He spat. “They devastated a squad of saiyans until I happened along. A rare few of us are actually super saiyans and can withstand weak little Kryptonians. "

“You needn't be so rough..."

“Whatever I have enough troubles with Norman Osborn taking over SHIELD so keep your little friends away from my people...Got it? You don't want a war with the saiyans."

This was probably not a good idea, but I had enough over the last few days. I punched Vegeta through the wall of the Fortress. He flew out into the Arctic Ocean.

He flies out screaming obscenities and then the battles on. The children come out
cheering me on. Problem is I wasn't going to get out of this one unscathed. Vegeta is as strong as or maybe stronger than I am when he transforms Worse he's been trained ever since he can walk to fight. Though I have training my self... it's like second nature to the saiyan king.

I take a few thousand punches to the face at super speed. I counter with my freeze breathe. While he's shaking off Ice I slam him into the ground.

He gets up from the spitting blood. “What the hell? You start a fight then half ass it?"

“What do you mean “I ask?

“Oh please we've fought many times before our powers could destroy the world, and you're not even able to break too much of this ice? If you feel guilty that your father is dead don't make me be the one to punish you. Or you are just not thinking? Bah! Whatever! I will not be a party to it! Just take my advice Get them off this planet before they absorb enough sunlight to be as powerful as us."

He flew off after that. The kids already healed by the sun were yelling “You taught that saiyan monster Kal-El."

“Why were you attacking the saiyans anyway?"

“They’re criminals that constantly fight they've terrorized the galaxy for years."

"That was decades ago these days they usually don't attack unless provoked. I 'm going to have to have a talk with your parents."

At the same time as this I hear my people all over the planet using there new powers in less than intelligent ways. Sigh. I had years of experience with my powers ever since I was a boy. I suppose it was too much to expect that the others would use their powers responsibly. I wish it was just so simple as to put them on another planet problem is I’m just a descendent of the House of El not a king.

I'm going to have to think about this.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Van-El this is gonna be a looong after life.

Yay! I won the fighting tournament. But now there's really nothin' to do in Other World. That and King Kai is crazy. So I started wandering around the word of the dead

Somewhere in Limbo I ran into Bart "Kid Flash" Allen. He's about as excitable as Conner's memories of him suggest. He keeps calling me “Conner" and attacks me when I try to correct him with the fact I'm a clone of Conner.

But at least it's company.

Then it well it got worse. Ya see this All superheroes seem to have an evil counterpart. Superman's is Bizarro. Batman's is um Catman I guess. Kon has Match. Spider-Man, Venom etc etc.

Bart has Inertia, an evil clone of his from his time. Though for some reason he's been hanging around Team Legacy. Word through the grapevine is he's trying to get some. I dunno but for some reason he's here now means he's dead.

Bart was happy to see him then again, Bart is happy to see anybody. Thad Thawne well not so much. “Why? Why couldn't I have gone anywhere else? Maybe hell? What did I do to deserve Bart Allen?"

“It could be you tried to kill Bart a few times? Or maybe you hang around with Titans East? Ran with the Rouges for a little while?" I suggest.

“Okay! Okay I get ya bad copy" he gripes.

“Bad copy? You're a clone too" I point out.

"But I ain't a clone of a clone" he sneers.

Bart Smiles. “So how's Justice doing?"

"Bangin' an old dude" Inertia spits.

"Banging? Is that some kind of video game?" Bart grins again.

“No it's sex ya idjit!" Thad growls.

"Oh yeah that ninja conspiracy I have to stop one of these days." Bart answers

We both kind of stare. Then Thawne busts out laughing. “Unless its wit' Psylocke, Cass Cain, or Elektra, ninjas ain't involved. Believe me Dog Face Briefs ain't no ninja."

Then the two start arguing. Finally after bickering for ten minutes straight they end up like this.

Sigh. This is gonna get old real quick. Ya know there's these weird things in the Spirit World these pools that ya can see the Living World though. I wander over to one. And see what's going on. Let's see how my girlfriend is doing...

“Jason Yes!! Yes! Yes Jason!" EEEEWWWWW no. Gross.

Well let's look at Bart's Girlfriend... mans she's making out with some dude that looks as old as Batman, and has no hair well I dunno how to break that to the kid well then again Thaddeus already did just not in a way the kid would understand.

Okay let's see how Kara is doing? Well she was fighting Mary Marvel with pink hair? And half her hair is gone? Okaaaay.

I look in on Kon and he's having some argument with a wrestling promoter." but his friend just died..."

“Hey look Vincent just isn't working out he hurts people too much in the ring. Don't worry we can rework your gimmick. But I can't have your saiyan buddy cripple some one, and cost me money."

Huh. The next image is Superman crying.

A voice booms behind me “Conner?"

"For the last time Bart I'm not Conner!" That's not Bart he's busy fighting Inertia.

At least I think that's fighting... I turn around Oh no its Pa Kent he died too?"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kon-El: Damn all of you power rings.

You know this power ring thing is gettin' a bit silly. Okay I was fine with the yellow rings I mean they were bad guys and yeah that was easy to get, but now they come in red, blue, orange violet, and whatever.

It's like Captain Planet meets the Power Rangers. The other day, I was hanging around Tim, and In the Batcave, and Jason Todd was skulking in the corner. I was looking over my shoulder at him “Does he live here now?"

"I'm... not sure." Tim shrugs.

At that moment two rings yes I said that right two rings tried to recruit him. “Jason Todd of sector 2814 you are the lover of a Green Lantern. Welcome to the Star Sapphire Corps."

That was a scary thought Star Sapphires dress like this.

I don't want to see Todd in that... no one wants to see that! The other one announced: "Jason Todd of sector 2814 you have great rage welcome to the Red Lantern Corps."

The two rings started blasting each the wrecking Batman's trophies like the giant penny, and dinosaur. Finally Jason gets that crowbar. “Gotham Crusaders best hitter is up to the plate..." apparently The Hood is under some kind of delusion...

“It’s a fast ball right over the plate! Todd slams it!" he hits the red ring with the Adamantium crowbar knocking it into the other one destroying both causing a weird light show and blowing up more of the cave. "Home run!"

Batman walks in looking at all the damage Tim points to Jason. “He did it!" and we run out of there. What's worse is one of those rings came after me.

No not a black one it's well one I'd never heard of before. I mean I’d been having a good day I beat One of Superman's lamer enemies terra Man , and I even got to sing "Rhinestone Cowboy" Then a pink ring flies in front of me.

“Conner Kent of sector 2814 you have the capacity for great lust welcome to the Pink Lantern Corps."

It flew on my finger, and I look in the mirror, and....

Nooooooo! I don't wanna go around dressed like a man whore version of the Pink Ranger. The ring declares. “Now prepare to go to the planet Caligula for lust training."

I dunno what that is but I know it'll end with me gettin' murdered by an angry Cassie Sandsmark. I try to take the ring off by hand but it refuses to go off. Damn not even with my strength can I remove it.

It keeps dragging me to planet Chlamydia, or where ever it was. One hope left... I gotta use my tactile telekinesis to shatter the ring. I concentrate on it, after giving me a little fight it finally shatters into pieces.

I fly back to Metropolis where everyone’s laughing. I look down... and

Stupid ring stripped me! I just flashed downtown Metropolis! Gah! This is karma for me laughing at HS' costume isn't it? I think I'll hide in the Fortress until this ring stuff is over.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Family Portraits

The worst thing you can do at the JLA Watchtower is Monitor Duty it has to be the most boring part of the JLA membership. I suppose that's why Batman called me at the Fortress on his night.

He was speaking of nothing at all mostly. Until finally he said “How do you get family portraits that don't look like crap? Look at that one over there. "

Bruce has no idea that before that was taken, Krypto ate Lois' purse, and Conner was in a head lock for taking some kind of video game toy from Kara, and five seconds after that Kara gave Conner an atomic wedgie.

"What's wrong with your pictures?"

Batman sighs. “Look at this one from a year ago..."

As you can see Clayface... and Manbat jumped into frame to attack."

"Why isn't Nightwing in it?" I ask.

"Hh. Some argument or other I can't remember."

Yeah right. If I know Bruce he remembers, but whatever it was is his fault.

“Why is Batgirl taller than Robin?" I change the subject

“Deaging ray it happens. Just a couple of days ago..." Batman continues. “Well Jason happened."

“What did he refuse to get in the picture?" I ask.

“No he did this." Batman growls.

“If you’re asking me how to control teenagers... well you have the wrong man." I admit. "Besides you had sidekicks long before I did... Batman what's wrong?"

"Starro's on Earth again we'll need to discuss this later."

Looks like I have to go back to work.

Friday, September 05, 2008

I just noticed something.

You know that ugly costume that HS is wearing?
Yeah that's the one. I figured I'd something like it before. So I decided to leave and borrow Jon's The Intergalactic Gladiator’s “Separated at Birth “computer. Robin tried to stop me to go to someone named Marvin and Wendy's funeral.

I have no idea who those people are. I make a quick appearance, and see their pictures still not ringing a bell. The other titans keep saying they've been around the whole time since I've been back from the dead.

How come I never seen them around the Tower? I'm thinking' the Titans are pulling my leg. What ever after the quick appearance. I go to borrow Jon's computer. Jon's no where around, Hudson says he's fighting undead hipsters or something.

Not that I need Jon put a picture into a computer, and let it analyze. This is the result that came out. I KNEW IT!

Dude you are so looking like Nightcrawler, and now your dressing like him. Soon you'll be doing this to Vella just like Kurt.

That'll make family reunions a little awkward. Not only that but you’ll start saying things like “would you liken ze sex?" And you'll sleep with Pantha... and then you’ll become a priest then you’ll not be one anymore all of the sudden AAAH!

In other words friends don't let friends be Nightcrawler. So HS stop it!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


“Conner I thought Batman told you to stop messing around with his portal." Robin scolds.

“All I did was trip on the chord honest!" I complain.

He gives me that" Bat Look" you know the one. “And if I look at the security tapes I won't see you pushing buttons?"

“No you'll see me tripping, and probably pressing buttons by accident." I defend.

He sighs. “Does someone who can fly trip?"

“Yes." I roll my eyes. "Why does Bruce even have a dimensional portal to begin with?"

“You know Batman always wanting to be prepared... I have another question."

“Look I'm trying to find out what I did wrong and reverse it. Just hold your horses." I yell.

“Hold your horses? What the heck? Never mind." Robin grinds his teeth. " No what I was about to ask, is how come when you do something stupid you're never the one that gets burned?"

I look up to where he's being assaulted by tiny versions of superheriones.

“Hey you're the one that brags about all the women that like you." I laugh.

“No that's you Conner." He growls.

“Alright I'm about to reverse where they came from .... I think."

He starts getting desperate “Quickly!"

"And stop laughing it's not funny."

“I ain't laughin' at you I'm laughing with ya." I snort.

“That can't be because I'm not laughing!" he yells.

“Oh great it's revenge of the vein in the forehead.” I snicker.


I press the button and all the little people are sucked back in. hopefully back to the right dimension... if not well what's the worst that can happen? No don't answer that.

I give a thumbs up “awesome all the imps are gone, and Superman, and Batman are none the wiser."

An “Ahem!" comes down from the cave entrance we look over to there and...

How do they always appear every time I say that?

Friday, August 15, 2008

I've had a very bad day.

First some two bit thug hears about Kryptonite, and uses it on me. Unfortunately it's Red Kryptonite. Some red rocks turn me angry, and psychotic. Other's change me in strange, and unexpected ways.

This one made me look strange lucky for me it didn't change my powers this time. I took him to the police station. Luckily I did this so fast no one saw me.

I decided to stay in the Fortress. Until the Red K wears off that plan was interrupted when MXYZPTLK showed up. He created this odd thing...

I hate Red K, I hate Myxzptlk and I hate this thing on my shoulder... I can't wait until this day is over.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Poor HS

Okay HS' dad has been acting like a true jerk, hiding at his parent's house. Well I didn't know what a jerk he could be until I met his evil half. We were hanging out playing a video game, when the evil version of Mirai pops up.

He smashes me through a wall. “What do you want?" HS growls.

“Just to mock you failure the shell is divorcing Vampirella, and disowning you. You and your slut sister."

“You’re lying!" HS shouts.

“Go see inside Father's desk you'll see the papers there."

HS throws fire, at him as I recover, and get ready to tackle him. “You don't have the right to call him Father!" Hs Growls.

“Why not? I'm the son Vegeta always wanted. Merciless, brutal, and doesn't give a damn about his pathetic family."

I fly at this guy and am backhanded away. HS attacks, and is beat down. “I taught you everything you know, but not everything I know."

He's about to use that soul burn thing when Evil Mirai laughs. “Go ahead. Kill your daddy."

“You aren't my father!" HS protests.

“Yes I am. Why do you think the good one cares noting for you? All of those emotions are in me. But there's a fine line between love, and hate. As you'll discover with Shiara. GO on! Kill me! Make sure your family stays broken DO IT YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A DEVIL DO IT!"

HS stops and the fire die out... “Bah! You always were a disappointment." he punches HS hard in jaw. I fly at him and he vanishes.

HS was all mopey so I decided to invite all our buddies for a party. Vella kept refusing all alcohol “I am not waking up with some strange person. Or some friend, uh uh."

Any way the rest of us had fun. I woke up thankfully with Cassie the next morning. Sandsmark not Cain. I'm thinking of calling them blonde Cass, and brunette Cass to tell them apart.

Any way I get up, dress, and then go to brush my teeth when I hear HS, in the hall. Grunt "Conner you need to help me."

I look around, and find he's hidden behind a door. “Why are you hiding?"

“I got drunk last night, and um decided I needed a costume, well I went to Aunt Bra's competitor, and the result sucks."

I laugh. “Oh I have got to see this." the other Titans gather around as well. And ask to see it. “No! No one will ever see it ever!"

Jericho whines. “Well you're getting out of there. Because I have to use the bathroom."

Finally he comes out.

I couldn't help but say. “Are you goin' after the US title?"

Vincent smirks. “And now my nephew the Solid Gold Dancer."

Vella scratches her chin. “He kind of looks some those of guys that go into that club a couple of blocks away from Crime Alley."

“Vella that's a gay bar." HS sighs.

"Uh really I thought those guys were practicing kissing like Master Roshi did with me."

We all give her a look. “What? It was only a kiss." Man every one knows you stay away from Master Roshi.

Vel goes on “Old man mouth is nasty."

Vincent growls. “Someone really needs to arrest that pervert."

Any way Blue Beetle wasn't listening because he called HS...

“Crimson Jazzeciser? Man this is the most embarrassing moment of my life."

“What about that adventure in that alternate universe where Bra wasn't related to you, and kept hitting on you." I ask.

“Oh you can't remember a thing I teach you in Algebra, but that you can't ever forget."

“What about that time you walked in on me in the shower?" Vella giggles.

“Oh yeah and that time the Smallville football team, made ya wear a dress in the school all day?"

“Or dressing like a girl in LGS 3!" Vella yells.

Vincent chimes in. “Or that time I walked in on you, and that picture of Laura?"

“Okay it's not a contest!" HS storms off.

I follow. “Hey man we're just bustin' on ya. Hey you're gonna look in your Grandpa’s desk?"

“Nah. Evil Mirai is lying; Dad just needs some time to clear his head is all. Besides, I'd rather not get caught looking through Grandpa's stuff.'

I grin. "Afraid you'll see naughty pics of Bulma?"

“Is that all you think about Conner?"

“I’m an eighteen year old boy. So yeah pretty much."

He sighs. “Yeah that's true me too. Okay I'm going home to get some clothes that don't make me look like I'm trying out for the WWE. See ya."

Man I hope HS is right. and Evil Mirai is making this shit up. That and I want a rematch with lavender haired psycho. Next time I'm gonna put a hurting on him.

Friday, July 25, 2008

there was an incident...

Batman is mad at me... You see we had a team up and his Batplane was destroyed. So I flew him to where the main villain was. I didn't pay attention for a second... and on the picture.

He was only there for a few seconds, and he wasn't pecked that badly. Really does he need to complain as much he is? Eh it's all he does anyway.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kon: Voted off.

So I was voted off LGS 3. Am I bitter? Nah. I made it a lot further than I did last time. Final 4 Baby! Also I had fun, thanks Jon. Okay why I really made this post I gotta lot of people to apologies too.

Batman, Sorry when I turned into a kid, and crashed your Batmobile, Also that you got crushed by the Hulk, I'm not fighting with him.

Robin: I locked ya in the trunk of the Batmobile in one challenge, and ate the cookies Alfred made for you. Sorry pal.

Cassie: We know what I've done and we worked past it, but still I feel bad.

HS: Yeah not really part of the game But I've been callin' Granny Goodness imitating your voice, and saying sexy stuff and well expect a horrible surprise coming to your house.

Jason Todd: Screw you! You deserve everything you get!

Vella: yeah hope the hot tub adventure, and the drinking weird stuff and waking next to each other the next morning thing doesn't like ruin the friendship we have , and all that and you really need to dump Jason Todd, that guy ain't good for no one.

I was gonna to invite everyone I know to a party to celebrate how good I did, but Robin went missing , and Cassie's leading the Titans to find him. Sigh it never ends.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reuniting is hard to do

Vegeta and the evil version my self fell to earth after what looked like a hard battle. The Saiyan King looked to have broken bones. The other version of me was knocked out.

I get closer, and I start fading out again. The dark Superman stands and I punch at him even though I know I don't have enough power to back it up, oddly my fist is sucked into his chest, in fact my whole body is.

He yells “get out of my mind! I was thrown in the dark and chained for far too long! I will stay free!"

“Free being a servant of Doom?" I answer "you have a strange definition of the word free."

We had a battle of wills for a minute one that I won. My mind went back to normal, and the rush of my powers returning, was exhilarating. I hear strained breathing coming form the ground behind me.

“So Kryptonian... you decided to change back to your red and blue Halloween costume I see.” I look down, and yes I'm back to wearing Blue and Red that Black K is weird stuff.

“Like you can Vegeta, you wear some pretty odd stuff yourself.” I joke.

“Bah! Get this over with and kill me! You've won! But know this I'll be back, and I will be stronger! "

I couldn't help but make this joke. “So If I strike you down you'll be more powerful than I can imagine?"

"Eh?" he asks. Not much of a movie watcher I see.

"Never mind. Long story short, I'm no longer under Doom's control, and despite our differences I doubt you want to see him rule the Earth anymore than I."

“Ah mind control? I should have known." He growls.

“Eat that Senzu Seed thing, you usually have, and we'll team up to defeat Doom."

“It’s a bean “he tries to correct me.

“Technically a bean is a seed." I shake my head.

He grumbles something and eats the bean I hear his bones snap together, I wince since it sounds painful.

“Now Kryptonian let us Go and Show Doom the error of his ways for trying to rule my planet. I ignore the way he says "my" planet. I concentrate on how I’m going to make Doom pay for trying to turn me into a slave. Putting his arrogant carcass in a prison cell is a good start.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Must stop this battle.

When I awake I feel that some of my powers have returned unfortunately none of super senses. There's the sound of pounding, not just the pounding headache I have I smash down the door. Blast my strength is no where near where it normally is. Neither is my invulnerability.

The guards at my cell blast me, and it actually burns I haven't been this vulnerable since I was 12. I punch the floor. All the guards and I fall into the chasm created.

I leap out, and discover I can't fly. Rao! This is annoying. I leap towards the sounds of battle. When my gaze catches the opponents I can see why the battle is so intense, in fact I'm surprised, and Latveria’s capital city is still there.

The Black K created version of myself which seems to have the bulk of my abilities is fighting Vegeta, King of Saiyans. One of the most powerful beings I've ever fought.

“My master Lord Doom wants you dead midget!" The evil me declares.

The arrogant king as usual laughs. “So Kal-El all those times you gave all those speeches about the sanctity of life, and the right of freedom where just words to bore me. Hmph I shall put the word hypocrite on your grave stone. I can't bellive you would serve such a lowly thing as Doom. And to think I actually respected you. I shall fix my mistake freak!"

Damn it Vegeta rarely holds back in inhabited areas. And my evil self likely won't I have to save the people here. Which is easier said than done. The power of their punches is knocking me away as much as any of them. Finally. Vegeta transforms into some thing with long spiky odd colored hair all and locks my evil self in to a choke hold.

I think that somehow if I can get close to my other self I can end this. Which is rather a strange thought, but one I can't get out my head. The dark version of me breaks the saiyan's grip and takes to the air.

How am I supposed to end this now? I can't fly anymore. But I have to for the world for Lois, I can't let Doom win. My hand feels strange, I look down at it and Great Krypton! It's fading out. I'm fading.


Monday, May 19, 2008


I suppose I should have seen it coming. But I've been distracted ever since Chris was sucked back into the Phantom Zone. I didn't suspect when a bunch of technological thugs began robbing banks in Metropolis I had no idea it was a trap. I captured them easily. After I had done so I hear clapping. “Very well done alien."

I recognize the voice instantly Doctor Doom.

“What are you doing here Doom? I thought Iron Man had captured you."

“That is what Doom had wanted that drunken fool to believe I would have thought someone of your intellect would see through such a ruse kryptonian. Alas you were not there Doom would have actually had a challenge."

You are under arrest!"

Before I make a move he blasts me with this black ray oddly it actually hurt it felt as if I was being torn apart. “Black Kryptonite, I hear it has a psychological effect on you. And unlike the red versions unpredictable effects. As for what Doom is doing here? I am taking advantage of a fortunate situation."

“What do you mean?" I mutter.

“The Earth's so called Champions are shattered, after your Civil War you no longer trust each other The Skrulls have added to the paranoia. The X-men are chasing an alien brain who has taken their mentor. SHIELD is busy with Skrulls. And the other heroes are distracted by their own petty concerns, and inane reality shows. Mean while a group of villains are conquering the world. This cannot be! Doom is meant to rule! While the others care only for power Doom would Shepard humanity into a new golden age that is where you come in!"

All of the sudden my powers feel as if they've left me and this other Superman stood before me.

“This is a surprise!" Doom Declares " No matter your weak and stupid rule against killing is now gone."

The black costumed Superman grins. “What makes you think I'll serve you Doom?"

“Doom is not only a master of science but magic as well!" These odd blasts come from his hands. And something strange happens to his eyes.” Now you will serve Doom!"

“Yes Master." The other me states while bowing.

“Then go my servant, and destroy SHIELD for me that will punish Stark for his hubris in invading Latveria. After you are done bring Stark to me!"

“Your will be done oh great Doom!" He flies off to do his master's bidding. Then Doom looks down at me. “My armor has scanned you and your powers have greatly diminished seems all the abilities have went with him. This endeavor has gone even better than I have planned." He snaps his fingers and a bunch of goons surround me “Take the former Man of Steel to Latveria we have a nice cell for you in my castles dungeons I do not want you dead since I am not sure yet what that would do to my servant."

They capture me and drag me into this transport. "Hurry up Doom has a world to conquer!" He barks. I don't know how but I will find a way to stop him.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A vacation from Kon

Batman has been bugging me to get Conner out of his house for a while. So I finally have found a way I got him to go to the LGS3

So Now Batman's happy, but Ma is not. She's constantly calling asking about him and wanting me to go to Hacknor to check on him. During JLA meetings, saving people or fighting Brainiac or Darkseid. Neither one will stop fighting you if you get a call from your mom believe me. And we all learned from Barry Allen's example not to tell super villains we are talking to our mother's

Super villians especially the Rouges can be really mean. Any way I don't which is worse no actually I do Bruce Wayne Maybe a little scary, but he's nothing compared to an Angry Martha Kent. Sigh. I can't wait until the sghow comes on so Ma will see he's alright, and I can actually have some peace.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Red Rage Part 2

I and Cassie had lunch in the park with HS, and Shiara. We had considered going as Conner Kent, and Drusilla whatever Cassie calls her self in her secret ID. Then I thought that would be weird since you know one of 'em is an elf, and the other is a devil, so you know it would probably turn less heads if they were with Superboy, and Wonder Girl.

Well that was until a big snake head thing fell on the table with the food. We look up and see Vincent in a dumb red costume. “I killed a dragon, and nothing happened.” He sneers . Not sure what that's supposed to me except it ruined my food.

Shiara stares “Actually I think it's a sea serpent."

Vincent sneers oh well let's see what happens after I kill you morons.

I groan. “Dude do you only act civil when Cass Cain is near you?" A moment after I said that I'm blasted by red flames, it kind of felt like getting hit by a GL constructs.

I recover “Okay you douche bag you wanna play with fire? Here's some heat vision!" he puts up a shield made of flames before my blast hits him should have used Freeze breathe I guess.

Hs And Shiara try to use there powers on him He puts them up in weird fire constructs Shiara looks like she's in a zoo cage and HS is crucified. “I’ll get to you two later." He smirks.

He comes after me again, Cass catches him with her lasso and lets loose the lighting. Vince grins. “This works on rage same as the ring. Let's see who's angrier."

Cassie gets shocked back next thing I know Vince catches us in this fighting cage While Shiara and HS escape their bonds both using magic I guess. I get smacked in the face with a big red fist. Yup he has a power ring alright. Didn't know they came in red.

I'm stunned that he then comes to fight me hand to hand, he gets to eat my fist when I'm grabbed by flaming ropes next he beats me senseless. By the time HS, Cassie and Shiara get in I'm bleeding like crazy. They drag him off while Cassie looks me over “Hera Conner you look bad."

“Yeah I think he broke some bones he was strong before but that ring makes him a lot stronger." I cough. “Or at least he can cheat better with it.”

Shiara yells “Don’t hut him HS! It’s not his fault! I sense the ring is making him do this. “HS flies across the park after a punch Vincent creates a red blade and waves it in front of Shiara.

“Are you sure of that Freak?"

“Yes, I know you better now than when we first met, you don't hate me you don't believe half the things you say you just like pushing people away why? Are you afraid people won't like you because of Vegeta? Hs is his grandson, And I'm your friend deep down I think you know that, let us get that ring off of you let us help you."

They try to help him when Vella shows up and he goes after her saying all green lanterns must die, they have a construct fight with Vella being all cute and Vince's being creepy. Then they end up using red and green laser guns then finally they martial arts fight each other.

Then Legacy pops up and it looks like they all have him beat using there powers I even get up and use my arctic breathe on him. I just get slammed back down on the ground, man where a power surge is when I need them?

Finally he has then all defeated and recharges his ring in a red lantern battery. Saying some oath in saiyanese. Well I guess it's in that. “Now Green Lantern die!" he points at her and she says. “You’re not my brother he always wanted to protect me even when he we fought, this is that damned ring let go of his body Let him Go!"

Then Cass Cain who's been unharmed ever since Legacy came in gets in between the two pulls off her mask, and stands defiant.

"If you are... going to kill... anyone you have to kill me first."

“Cass get out of the way!" He orders. He gets all red and weird.

"The green lantern will die!"

Cass just gives him the death stare,

Damn no powers, and she stands up to him. Why did I let her get away again? Oh yeah angry Bat family, I think Oracle was the only one that liked me. Or at least didn't threaten to neuter me.

“Vincent ...I will not let you do something... you'll hate yourself for ... for the rest of your life... like I did when I was a kid... When David had me kill that man. She's not just... a ring. She's your sister. You don't want to hurt her. Let us... to get... to her you have... to kill me can you do ... that lover?"

“Fine if you’re going to betray me I'll rid myself of you too! We can't let the green lanterns live!"

“At least ... she controls her ring... not... the other way around tyou are stronger than this."

Before they can say anything else Vincent gets blasted down. “Why did you do that?" Cass yells.

“I couldn't take the chance that this would go on any longer." A gravelly voice answers. “Now get out of the way, and let me finish this."

Vincent growls "Dad?!"

"Yes I would like to have words with you boy."

Cassie grins 'Looks like someone's going to get a spanking."

I groan. "Not sure I'm gonna get to see it. I think I'm dying again."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Batman is a paranoid parent

Batman called me to his mansion to complain about Conner, I really hope the new Titan's Tower is finished soon; this is getting annoying every week! So there I am listening to the whole "You have to control your pup.” speech again.

“What did he do this time?" I sigh tuning out his droning. Great Krypton why can't there be an emergency? Something easy so I don't have to listen to this.

“First thing he tried to set up Misfit with Superboy Prime. You remember him right?"

He turns on a screen that shows the reality where Prime has been banished too since the Sinestro Corps War. “I will kill you! Kill you all!" Prime shouts.

Batman turns off the screen. And gives me a look. “Too be fair Misfit is annoying, and Kon likely wanted to annoy Prime."

“Okay never mind Robin is missing and Kon knows where he went, he refuses to tell me."

I roll my eyes. "You need to learn to trust your partners Bruce. He's likely just on a case or something."

“Hh. Fine if you won't make Conner tell me what's going on, I'll find out myself."

He storms into Robin's room and starts looking through everything. “Is this necessary?" I ask.

"I don't want to find out one day that he's shooting heroin like Roy Harper."

I roll my eyes. “Are we talking about the same Tim Drake here? Or have I woke up on Earth 3? You've already alienated Nightwing, and Batgirl do you really need to push away Robin again? "

He ignores me and finds a CD-rom under Tim's mattress. "Looks as if I have found a clue."

"Or a dirty movie." I respond.

"He's not Conner, Clark." Bruce grunts.

“He’s still a teenage boy." I shrug.

“Are you admitting something about your youth? Does Conner not fall far from the tree?" At that moment a JLA trouble alert flashes over our communicators saved by the bell." the Legion of Doom is attacking again all Justice League Members report to the Satellite!"

Before we go I see Batman put the CD in his utility belt I don't know what it is but I get a bad feeling.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Okay we all had a little laugh at the picture of me and Bart that Nightwing has put up, Brother Blood threw me into Bart that's why that picture looks odd. Now to get back at Miss Martian for takin' a pic that ,makes it look as if I'm havin' some kind of affair with Bart.

That's right I'm lookin' up her skirt again when she flies!

I like red heads, and I like green girls, yeah that's the stuff. As for Nightwing well I think I should just remind everyone about his really bad first Nightwing costume.

Now that's scary. It looks like that collar's eating his head. Man this morning sucked last night I wrestled a big PPV main event match, and I was sore and tired. Then Supergirl wakes me up. "

" You know what Vella's doing?" she kicks my bed.

" I gotta train in like fifteen minutes." I groan . " Why are you bothering me Kara?"

" Cassie's on a mission, so you're elected to hear my bitching." She grins. "Now about Vella, she's sleeping with Jason Todd!"

I yawn. " And I care why?"

" You remember what he did to Nightwing right?"

I grin and point at where I have a picture of it framed on the wall.

" You're an idiot Conner."She spits. " Now Todd should have been forced to a life of virginity for kicking Nightwing there."

I sigh "Not everyone is obsessed with Dick Grayson like you are."

She makes that disgusted/angry noise that omen only can and flies out. Man I wish I could go back to sleep but I don't need Tim's shrill nagging this early. So I start getting dressed. Then I have this strange feeling like I was being watched.

I look around no one in my room, so I stare out the window and AAAH! Giant Bart head!!!!

What the heck is that doing doin' in Bruce Wayne's yard? Where did it come from? Whys it staring in my room? That's creepy. Looks like I'm gonna have to ask Tim Where it came from.

Monday, March 31, 2008


Some days are great. Like when we all make fun of the new Aquaman . Or the old one. Or when i fight a super villain that really should have re-thought his gimmick, like Kite Man or the the Crazy Quilt. Or my favorite, the annual JLA/Avengers Baseball game.

Then there are days when you just wish you didn't get up in the morning, this is one of them.

Why me?

Monday, March 24, 2008


Nightwing tagged me with his this goofy ass meme that's been going around. there's only one response to that I told his stalker where he lives.

That's right Flamebird

Rumour has it that last time she found him she shaved his head, and made his hair into a wig, which is why he no longer has that stupid rat tail do. What will she do to him this time? Who knows? Something crazy I bet.

List seven random things about yourself that people may not know.Link the person who sent this to you, and leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours.Post the rules on your blog.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, linking their blog. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1: I used to think I was the clone of Cadmus director Paul Westfeild, The Of superman and some crazy scientist. Turns out I''m half Luthor , Half Supes joy.

2: Me Robin, And Impulse are the founding members of Young Justice, sigh the good ol' days.

3: I once fought a super villain who had the power to turn into a pinata. I wish it was candy that came out of him when I broke him.

4:I'm banned from Hawaii after destroying most of their cities in superhero fights, ingrates.

5: I want a rematch with Ben Reilly , when he was Spider-man he got lucky in beating me. Oh and Lobo wants a rematch with Wolverine.

6: I wish Tana never got back in to my life, she'd still be alive if she didn't.

7: Superboy Prime can bite me.

Tagging? No way! Die meme Die!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Because Batman wants me to post apprently

Batman tagged me with this Meme. I suppose because he believes I don't have enough to do in a day.

List seven random things about yourself that people may not know.Link the person who sent this to you, and leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours.Post the rules on your blog.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, linking their blog. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1 My favorite meal is Beef Borgione with ketchup.

2 My favorite band is Metallica. My favorite song is "Justice For All."

Wait a minute there's an Earthquake I'll be back.

Okay I'm back

3 Neither Clark nor Superman are acts both are just different aspects of my personality.

oh wait now A volcano is erupting, I'll be back ...

Back now turns out a mad scientist created some kind of disaster machine and I had to stop him. What he should really build is a girlfriend.

4 I knew very little about Krypton until my teen years.

5 In the Legion of Superheroes I went by "Superboy".

6 At the same time as I did not use the Superboy name around Smallville.

Someone's jumping off a building, one second.

Okay I'm back. Hopefully he'll be alright after some counseling.

7 I once pretended to Batman when he was missing once. His Rouge's gallery is now more scared of him than ever especially Bane who hurt his hand punching me.

I tag

2:Anybody on Earth that calls themselves Green Lantern
3Earth 2 Superman
5Dr. Fate.
6 Lex Luthor
7 Mister Mxyzptlik.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kon: Attack of the evil opposites.

As me, Kara and Cassie flew to the base in Metropolis where Match and fake Wonder girl where. Cassie and Kara were teasing me about the idea that I,and Stephanie Brown did something in the after life.

Not sure that's even possible not that you know I remember my time in Heaven, Hell or whatever. “Will you just let it go?" I finally snap.

"Only if you let go the whole me and Tim thing." She giggles.

"Fine. Jeeze maybe Tim shouldn't you know about this y'know?"

“Don’t worry about it let's all just move on alright?" Cassie grins. "Your back and it's all over I don't need Tim to play rebound boy anymore." She puts her hand over her mouth. "Opps I shouldn't have said that."

“Um ya didn't say that to Tim did you?" I ask.

Kara shakes her head. “Pretty much she did."

"Sigh wonderful." Now the mystery of me training more than everybody else is solved.

Kara breaks the silence. “So what are you going to do about my cousin’s roving eye?"

Cassie laughs. “My older brother said he'd visit Conner, and give him the gift of battle' if he heard about him with another girl again."

Kara gives a weird look." Cassie you have a lot of older brothers Zeus wasn't exactly mister monogamy."

“The Avenger." Cassie gives an evil laugh.

“Hercules is a mean drunk." I groan. The two girls laugh like crazy.
Finally we get into the base and crash inside. Match and the girl that looks so much like Cassie look up.

“Well well. Look who finally figured out what was up." Match laughed. “Sure did take you long enough."

“I can't believe a former Bizzaro is insulting my intelligence." I state.

“Well maybe if you actually had any to begin with Conner I wouldn't."

“Wait Conner? How did you know that?"

The other Wonder girl starts bragging. “That’d be me. I've been sneaking in for months now stirring up the jealousy between you and Robin, Getting Supergirl to hate my goodie goodie DNA donor. I've been tearing apart the Titans from within for some time now."

"DNA donor? You're a clone?" Cassie accuses.

"Duh!" The other grins. “The Agenda created me from your DNA after you interfered with their take over of Cadmus. After the Agenda folded I've been doing merc work. Well until I found My Match."

"Oh this is like a bad Twilight Zone episode." I joke.

" Yes Conner, and here's the twist ending, me and my Cassiopea are going to kill you, and Cassandra, take your places in the Titans, kill them one by one, Hell we'll even take out Batman as well."

Kara pipes in “One problem with that I'm here." She slams into Match who knocks her away with his TTK. “Please what’s Superman with boobs going to do to stop me?"

Oh great it's on now. “Hey Kara before you rip him apart let me get a few shots in."

Match laughs “The two of you don't have enough power to defeat me ungh!" The Ungh was from the both of us punching him in the face.

Meanwhile Evil Wonder Girl was taking on Cassie. “Fool! The Agenda put many of the World’s, martial arts techniques into my brain! You can never win!"

"Why do all you villains talk like that?" Cassie asks before slamming her elbow into her look a like's nose. The clone catches Cass in her lasso.

“The Gods that gave me this, are lot Darker than the Greeks. Feel as it sucks your life out of you."

Meanwhile I held Match down to the ground with my TTK While Kara used him as a punching bag. He pushes us both back with his TTK I taunt him. “Dude you can't beat me what makes you think you can beat both me and Kara?"

We both zap him with Heat Vision. At that moment Cassie manages to get her lasso rapped around the clone's legs and zaps her with its lightning. It makes miss evil lose her grip on her Lasso freeing Cassie.

Match flies up to her and yells “Looks like we'd better use the better part of valor and retreat." He uses that weird light bending power of his for a second we're all blinded, when we recover they're both gone.

“Damn it! Stupid clones!" Cassie shouts.

“Hey!" I protest.

“Conner technically you're not a clone. And you're not an evil bastard like those two."' She then looks over to Kara. “Um, are we good?"

“Yeah it wasn't you that acted all bitchy towards me." They hug for a sec.
Well that makes my life easier now that my cousin and girlfriend ain't feuding, now we gotta get to the Titans and tell them about how we were Trojan horsed by Match and skanky Wondergirl.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Van-El: Post from the Afterlife.

Hey Kon here. I was getting ready to go smack Around Match And his Wondergirl imposter when Van-El's ghost popped up and begged me to let him into the blog. I have no freaking idea how a ghost types and while that'd interesting to see I gotta go, see ya.


Well now that Kon typed that up, and made me promise to slap some guy named "Zero" in the Afterlife. Ya know after Heroslayer took me out I was surprised that there was no fluffy clouds though I do have a halo.

Seems I got put in some dimension called "Other World." Where this thing that looks like a bug of some sort wants me to train for a fighting tournament. " You see when Son Goku was brought back from the dead my trainees have never won the Other World Fighting Tournament, Kon-El Was my last chance to do that this year, then some inconsiderate princess wished him back. "

“Okaaay!” I respond. " Heroslayer injected me with a drug didn't he?"

“No, Son you’re dead and Warriors when they are powerful enough come here to train for eternity."

Rao, that’s going to suck, I thought I'd go to some Kryptionian Heaven or something. So yeah I was a little depressed to basically be out in an Ultimate fighting ring for like ever. Kon would love it I can see why he liked it here well if he remembers it.

Me I ended up sparring with some loser in a dress I guess he's ancient Greek or something. I don't want to do this and get my ass handed to me by this guy and his stupid "KEY" power.

“You can do much better that In fact the other one nearly hurt me in a sparring match." Dress guy chides.

“I’m not Kon! I'm just a bad copy!" I shout.

I fly to my quarters which of course were Kon's during his time here. I heat vision the Spoiler Costume I found under the bed the other day. " Hey" A female voice startles me." Why do you have Steph's clothes gotta crush on her or something?"

"Vella?" I grin. And grab her into a bear hug then I remember for her to be here, she'd have to be dead. “Oh No! No no no no, baby what happened? Did Heroslayer get ya?"

“Huh?" her big eyes get wider. "Heroslayer is in prison."

I put my hand on her shoulder “how did you die?"

She starts laughing. “Silly I'm not dead. See? No Halo." She points at her head. “King Kai called me here saying you were in a funk. So what's up?"

"I'm dead and I didn't go to heaven, but some kind of pshycadelic version of Valhalla, I was just starting to get a life and now it's over."

“Yeah but you were in constant pain, and you were going to die of clone degeneration." Vella reminds me.

“Yeah and lemme guess I can't be wished back because of the clone degeneration." I gripe.

“Yeah." She sighs "sorry."

"Meh. I'd just be in Kon's shadow just like her. “I grumble.

Yeah but you can be more than him here, I mean he never won the tournament here, never even entered it." She chirps. “And He lost in the Boudakai on Earth."

I think about that yeah I could be out of his shadow and it'd I'd probably never see Kon Again, at least not for a few years. At least I'd have something that's mine. I smile "Why not?"

Then she looks over at the Spoiler costume. “Why’s that here?"
“Rumor has it Kon and Stephanie had some kind of affair here in other World when they discovered the whole Wonder Girl /Robin thing. Though she was running around Limbo at the time she apparently could visit here."

“But Steph's never said anything about it!" Vella gasps.

"I shrug.”Yeah King Kai says not everyone remembers their experience in the after life when they come back from it, I doubt Kon remembers any of his time here."

We kind of sit in silence for a while, I’m memorizing the smell of her hair; her goofy little smile How happy she always is. I know I may never see her again. From what King Kai told me her species is long lived even if they die in battle they always seem to come back , especially with the Dragon Balls. So Yeah it could be a long time if ever before I see her again. I steel up my reserves and Say “you have to move on with your life."

She gets a sad little look on her face. "I know. I've finally accepted that you're not coming back, and well I wasn't sure who I was going to choose any way you or Jason."

Ugh my stomach turns at the mention of that crowbar welding psycho. “You know babe your too good for that nut, you can do a lot better than Jason Todd."

She gives me this look then says " I gotta go bye." Before I can say anything She vanishes in a green light.

I look into this pool that is supposed to see into the living world.She's surronded by her teammates and Some blond girly lookin' dude in a GL Costume ,and two actual GLS Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

I didn't catch all of thier conversation but The older GLS were saying she needs o go back to OA and face some kind of charges.

" But I want to keep my ring!" She protests."

"Don't worry we'll do evreything we can to make sure you keep your ring ." Hal comforts. " The Guardians make bad desicions some times and you have to stand up to them and tell them they are wrong."

" Yes and that's why you've been suspended so may times." John jokes.

Vella gets a woried look on her face. I hate that she's in trouble but there's nothing I can do about it from here. I need to start training if I want to win this tournament thing, I hope I can get another sparring partner than Dress-Man though.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Supergirl: Two Cassies?

You know making friends on this planet is hard. I way s friends with Cassie,AKA Wonder Girl But she came up with this whole stupid idea I was Somehow a replacement for Conner, And said she didn't want me around anymore.

Okay So After a team up with Vella fighting the Heroslayer thing we hung out a bit. But now she’s missing, and I have Conner sitting in my apartment watching either wrestling , or Ultimate Fighting, I've never really cared to know the difference. He’s just stuffing his face. With nachos and pizza.

" Hey Conner. what's up with your girlfriend huh?" I ask.

He shrugs. " I dunno, one minu6te she's snappin' at me calling' me a moron, the next she' does a complete 180 and is all lovin Is that why you asked me here?"

" Nope just bored. The Outlaws are all looking for some crazy serial killer now ,and investigation isn't my thing you know."

“Ah I get it. " He sighs. “I’m just the last resort of the bored."

I laugh" No Cousin, You're like the little brother I've never had it's just we fight as much as we hang out; do you just not like me? Did I do something?"

" What? Nah. You're cool I was a little weirded out when you were in the Titans though I thought I was gettin' replaced."

“Yeah that didn't work well did it? I liked being in the Titan, at least I don't have Bat jerk yelling at me all the time."

“Bruce does that to every one. Don't worry about it." He thinks for a minute. " If We had the power to do it maybe we should have went looking for Vel huh?"

“Um we do have the power to do it, Telescopic Vision, and one breathe completely oxygenates our blood for days."

His eyes go wide. “Aw damn I've been keepin' oxygen in a force field with my TK If i knew that I wouldn't have wasted the concentration."

“Don’t worry about it, Vella has her own reasons for stuff, let her sort out whatever the heck it is. So are you worried about Superman?"

“Huh? What do ya mean?" He states through a mouth full of cheese curls.

“After Heroslayer killed Van he’s all angry and stuff.” I say.

He shrugs “he’s been like that before, he gets all business for a while Then Lois or someone brings him back to Earth. He'll be fine. "

Before I can say anything else Cassie comes in through the door. I coldly say "hello."

“What did I do to you Kara? You haven't been returning my calls, and act all weird."

“You told me that you didn't want to be my friend any more because I reminded you of Conner."

“I never said that!" She shouts then I notice Kon's eyes are white he's either using Telescopic or X-ray Vision. “Um guys? I thought I heard Cassie somewhere else. And is see her with Match? "

“What?" I and Cassie both ask.

“Yeah I see her, um you, I don't know if she's some alternate Universe doppelganger or something but she's freaking making out with Match."

I'm so going to find out what's going on here.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Superman VS. Heroslayer

Heroslayer tries the same old tired tricks I've seen over and over. Kryptonite bullets that I dodge easily and then blast with my heat vision turning it into harmless goop.

Next his fires red sun energy at me with a gun, I suppose he doesn't realize it takes a little while for my powers to drain away under a red sun I just froze his gun until it shattered. He tried magic but he seems to only know the kind that you have to say a spell out loud

He runs away ranting about he'll defeat me yet. I know I could have ended this in a few seconds, but I want him to feel the fear Van and the others felt So I let him run to some control panel. Turns out that was a mistake.

He ran behind some lead shielding, and pushed a button. This activated a Kryptonite laser. “Ha! and now you die! To think I was afraid of someone who is too much of a pansy to kill."

Ugh! I'm not so sure which hurts more the Kryptonite or his clich├ęd villain dialogue. Problem is Doctor Doom already pulled this trick During my second team up with Spider-Man, and this kid is no Doom, he didn't learn to keep the lead a Far enough way from the ray for me to get to I Grab a piece tear off from the, I As it shields me from the K rays I throw a shard of lead destroying the ray gun.

I grab onto with a piece of lead and throw it into the sun. The hole in the roof let' the sun's rays heal me. He pushes another button and these attack robots jump me.

They use Sonics, and EM waves and more red sun blasts, it just annoys me. I crush them and find Heroslayer with a huge gun. “This is the ultimate Weapon Kryptonian!" He shoots me with it. A huge blast slams into my chest.

I smile. “It tickles.” I speed around him tearing off his armor, and weapons. “I’m finished playing Heroslayer. " I punch him with but a fraction of my power, I do so twice more.

He starts laughing. “You can't kill me I'm a ghost!"

I toss a relic I borrowed from Zatanna on his chest sealing him into that body. " I thought of that Harm."

" HA! So now you kill me Superman the one who always says killing is wrong. I'll defeat you in that way. You'll no longer be a hero."

I pick him up. " If I wanted to kill you I could have done so in the first three seconds I was here. No I want you to suffer for what you've done to men and women who've done nothing but want to help people."

" Youre going to lock me up? Ha! That's not suffering."

" Maybe if I was going to turn you in to the normal authorities But I'm letting SHIELD have you. They’re going to put you into a prison with all the Super villains that you’ve angered by killing their adversaries. Oh and I'm pretty sure Iron Man, or Reed Richards are going to experiment on you. You are a ghost inhabiting a cloned body after I’m pretty sure they'll have all kinds of studies for you."

“You can’t do that! Release me from this body!"

I look grimly. “You should have thought of that before you decided to kill friends and family of mine.

After turning him to Iron Man I stop at Cadmus and warn them to not try to clone Van or another clone of Conner again. “But we can recover his hid memories and he can live again.” Director Cannon protests.

“You didn't do it right the first time, and he suffered for your mistake through painful degeneration, let him rest in peace. If you don't I will do everything in my power to make sure Cadmus is shut down."

Now all that's left is the funeral. I have to find a way to make sure no one tries to steal his body.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Heroslayer has gone too far

I had finally gotten Conner to get the chip off his shoulder around Van, his DNA started falling apart. I had the Fortress' computer work on the problem while I stopped an alien invasion. At least those aren't happening as much as they used to.

After I finish with That Batman calls us all in to capture Heroslayer. I think Bruce was having a over kill moment In getting almost everyone to help out Legacy kids of West City.

When I get there I find a shock. Van was murdered by Heroslayer.

The Villain escaped. I made arrangements for Van's funeral then returned to the Fortress. The Hologram of my biological father Jor-El, who now for some reason has a beard Announced that he could not stop the clone degeneration a little too late I think to my self. This is like what happened to Conner and Superboy Prime all over again. And just like with Superboy Prime I'm not letting Heroslayer get away with this.

I focus my Super Hearing to try and find along with my vision powers. I hear Conner. Talking to Chris. " Hey Bro I'm going after the guy that took out van, I wanna tell you something. "

"You want me to Help Brother Conner?"

“No not that. Chris listen..."

“But I can help I can get a costume and please lat me go!"

“No dude. You're way too young. But I want you to know If I don't come back Chris I want you to carry on the name Superboy."

" But I don't want you to go away like Van did." Chris cries.

“I’ll try not to." Conner fake smiles. Then I find Heroslayer in New York ranting to himself about his "great victory." He won't get the time to savor it. I'll make sure of that.

First I stop at Metropolis and Stop Conner. “You’re not going after Heroslayer. and that's an order."

“But after the horrible way I treated that clone I should get revenge on his killer." Kon demands.

“I’m not having you die again too. You’ll stay here with Lois. You can honor his memory by seeing how his girlfriend is faring, and being her friend But I will stop Heroslayer."

“No we'll Stop him. I hear a voice that sounds like an older version of mine declare. The Superman Of Earth 22 along with Supergirl, Powergirl and Krypto.

“I’m going after him alone." I state. " He seems to thrive when we're all tripping all over each other trying to defeat him."

“But we all want a piece of him." Kara protests. " Van was family.'

“Be that as it may, I will face Heroslayer alone And I will bring him to Justice." I as I'm about to fly off. The me of Earth 22 grabs my shoulder. “I know how you feel Clark. Just don't let your anger make you like him."

I don’t answer but fly after my quarry, after making a quick stop for something that I'll need in the fight to come. Bruce offers his help on the JLA com Link and I tell him I'll do this alone sand he grunts. “Just don't go you far like I almost did when Jason was killed by the Joker.” I turn off the communicator.

I disable the murderer's defense systems, before finally smashing in to his inner sanctum. " Heroslayer one way or another you will no longer hurt any of my friends or family."

He laughs. “looks like I get to put two Kryptonians in the ground to day Man of Steel."

“I’ve heard that many times before, and I'm still here. One way or another your reign of terror will end."


Monday, February 11, 2008

Kon: Leifielded!

Okay So Van is like dyin’ Now I feel bad for all the crap I pulled with him Superman is scanning him in the Fortress to see if there's any way to stop it me I kinda think the only only person In the planet that can do it is the only one that succesfully created a kryptonian clone Lex Luthor.

He's not an easy guy to find, and well we don't exactly get along. I kept just flying into his old bases until the screen of a big ass computer lights up in one of his bases and chrome dome appears on screen

"The Prodigal son returns” he laughs." To what do I owe this visit Kon?"

“I ain't your son dude!"

“I created you. My very blood flows trough your veins." He grins.

That thought makes me sick to my stomach. “Alright what ever, you know about the other clone that was created right? Van?"

“So what? I hear he is degenerating. He and that Match clone are mockeries of what I have accomplished. Mockeries that are slowly rotting away. "

“Well somehow Match got back to normal..." I shrug. “I want to ask for your help in saving Van."

He starts laughing hysterically. “Never! I am not fixing the mistakes of Westfield's Lab monkeys. Without me they created twelve flawed clones of that Alien! They should have known their limitations and not have attempted to create another one. The clone shall pay for their hubris."

" Jeeze a simple no would have been just fine Lex."

Then Lex gets all creepy. " It's good to see you again son." I destroy the computer with my Heat Vision. You know when he says things like I'm reminded of the Time Ravager tried to convince me that I was created because Lex has some kind of man crush on Supes. Yuck!

Well when I went to Bats' house to see what the Titans could come up with Robin has a weird grin on his face. "Conner we're trading you for a week for the Liefield verse Superboy."

What's the Liefieled-verse? They come out of the portal and good god look at them!

" Have fun Conner. " Robin laughs. What did I deserve to deserve this? After spending one afternoon here I'm scared. There are dudes here with names like Badrock and Shaft and one dude is even named Deathblow sounds like some awful porn. And they are in teams with Names like Youngblood, and Deathspank or other weird names.

Okay I made up Deathspank at least I think I did. Any way People here all stand weird I don't think the girls have spines. And well everybody hides their feet for some reason. And If I see one more freaking pouch on someone's costume. I'm going to hurt someone. I wonder how the Titans are doing with my doppelganger.

Meanwhile “Okay Kon do your chores." Robin orders.

" Huuurrr Superboy will do chores!"
“Well at least he takes orders better than our Conner."

Outside "Superboy wash cars by throwing them into lake!"

Robin slaps his forehead. "Bruce is gonna kill me."
Then Liefield Superboy turns his attention To Wonder girl " Huur. Snoo snoo!"

“What is that?"

"Superboy is happy in pants!"

Wondergirl kicks him in the groin. "Arrgh! Now Superboy is sad in pants!"

Now back to Kon.

Oh man I was exploring here and met the Hulk here. He has some kinda weird bad hairrcurt (Even worse than normal Hulk.) And he wears no pants!

Let me repeat that The Hulk here is naked it's creepy! Also I think this Universe's Cassie wants me.

At least I think that's what "unh" means. I mean I don't speak deformed cavewoman speak. But there is no way in hell I'd hit that, unless it was with a bat. I hate it here. Please I want to go home!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kon: Trainin' with Blue beetle

She told Supergirl she doesn’t want her as a friend anymore, and just told her to leave her alone forever. Gah! I have to live around Kara, and my girlfriend pulls a bad move like this. Oh yeah dinner at the Kents is gonna be real fun.

Any way I was flying by were Titans Tower used to be and saw Beetle just sitting there staring at the hole. I get him and take him to the Batcave blindfolded because I ain't sure Jaime knows about Batman's other identity.

And of course when we get there Robin is crabby. “You brought him here, But what about..."

" He was blindfolded dude. Don’t get your Bat panties in a bunch. "

He makes a growling noise. " Conner Batman is not going to like this. Besides you can't talk about panties Captain Codpiece."

" I had a codpiece in one costume get over it dude. Wait why did you even look there?"

“You looked like you wore a big red diaper we all laughed at you."

“Which is why I wear the jeans now." I shrug " We've all had bad costume choices so really none of us can talk."

“My costume is cool." Miss Martian smiles.

" Anyway Conner " Robin starts at me again. " You need to think before you act."

“Like you?" I ask.


" And ya don't think that maybe telling a girl that wants to break up with you that you two have to stay together to stop the bad future from coming is thinking a bit too much?"

His eyes go wide. " Cass told you that?"


He turns read and storms off. " Wait don't go I dunno how to Turn Bats' trainer on!" I shout but he's already out.

“Well this doesn't look very complicated." I say to myself. As I look at the computer.

Beetle gives me this odd look. “Are you sure you know what you're doing Kon?"

“Hey ya need trainin' am I right? Well this turns on the holo-training thing Bats has. I... think."

Miss Martian interrupts. “I um don't think that's the trainer. "

“Of course it is." I start pushing buttons. This noise goes all through the cave but not from the holo-trainer. All the suddent this thing that looks like a big metal donut starts glowing at the center and these things start jumping out of it.

A bunch land on my face.

" Aaah! What are they?"

“I don't know but they all just keep coming." Beetle shouts. “They’re all over the place!"

“They’re sooo cute can I keep them?" Megan squeals.

" I just hope Bats don't know about this.!" I answer. As if on cue he comes outta the a door with these weird things all over him. he pushes me out of the way and turns off the metal donut. “Do not touch the dimensional portal! Now gather up all of these rodents, so we can send them back to where they came from. "

" But... There’s gotta be a least a hundred of 'em." I protest. .

“Then you better get started. or did you forget you're Superboy? Also Beetle Martian girl help him."

“We didn't do it. "Beetle whines.

“And you didn't stop him." Batman answers. And he leaves the room after shaking off all the creatures.

Sigh looks like I better get started.

Meanwhile Van-El stares at a modern art Statue in West City Park. “Man it looks like. " It looks like a robot made out of scrap metal, man when is Vella gettin' here?"

" of course a philistine like you wouldn't be able to appreciate the artist expression of his pain. " a voice behind Van states.

“Dude mind you're own.... Match!

“Yes" he lands a devatating right hook that sends Van across the park.

“I heard, cough cough! That You were turned into a Bizarro!" Van spits out.

Match smiles. “My stupid days are a thing of the past,now I think there are three too many Superboy clones, And in the end there will be only one me.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Superboy's clone: Dating

Cassie called me the other day and asked Vella and I would like to double date with her and Kon. “You know... What do I call you anyway? Well any way Conner doesn't like you much. "

I shrug Yeah he's been a jerk about the name thing he promised to be Superboy red then turns around and calls him self Kon-El, When I call my self Superboy he runs around yellin' he's the one and only Superboy."

“Well don't worry about it we'll get you two talking SB, Conner's just mad at Cadmus and taking it out on you. But we'll get it though his thick head you're like brothers or something. "

“Okay thanks Cass. " Next second I feel my powers go out, and I start coughing like crazy. What the hell is going on it's getting worse. Well I met Vel, and Cassie where they asked me to meet them, The Metropolis Arena. It's some kind of Metahuman Wrestling federation. Vella and Cassie were sitting in the front row.

Kon was no where to be seen. I tried to talk to Vel, but she was way into the wrestling maybe a little too much. What little I remember of saiyans before my ... I mean Kon's death is that they love fighting. Apparently even fake fighting.

That and Vella, and Cassie kept whispering to each other about how hot some of the wrestlers were. Yeah this is what you wanna hear on a date. Then all the sudden some dude who has a skull face.

He keeps yelling about how the Television Champion is a wimp, and will not put up his championship. All the sudden the Teen Titans theme song comes up over the speakers then it changes to Some song about how Evolution is a mystery, and lines in the sand.

" Uh -oh he changed his the theme song Tim's not going to like that. " Cassie moaned.

Vella shrugged. “Does he even care? It's not like Kon hasn't done worse."

" Kon?" I ask and yup it's him running out into the wrestling ring and playing to the crowd.

He wrestled the match pretty well, I mean very well, and when I fought him a while back he fought very differently he had skills, not just punching and kicking, I bet all that training from Robin every time he gets in trouble has actually made him a pretty good fighter.

After he won the match, we all go back stage Kon and Skull guy are acting friendly. Not like in the ring. " Yeah and when ya get this belt We'll have a big rivalry goin' put some butts in the seats It's gonna be awesome."

Cassie interrupts him." You were great out there, babe. ready for dinner."

" Yup. Hey Vella what're you doing here?" He looks over at me. “Oh great."

Dinner was strained the girls were chatting about stuff while Kon Glared at me . Finally I shout. “Hey! It’s not my fault I was cloned!"

“Yeah whatever pal But Vella? I know what' you're thinkin' of doing with her, And If you hurt her in anyway, there can be only one got me?"

“What ya gotta thing for her?" I ask.

“Nope she's my friend, and I don't want you hurtin' her is all. Meh I'm not hungry anymore let's go Cassie."

Well the rest of the night, Me and Vella played at an arcade in the mall and wandered around it until they closed. Then I took her back to the Legacy house.

“Want to come come in?"

“Are ya sure that's a good idea?" I ask.

“Yes, I really like you."

Well I have to say what happened next was great, I mean she was really wild, but she seemed to know what she was doing Which I was lead to believe she wouldn't. Then she mumbled something In her sleep that made it all too clear a name "Jason."

She's been with Jason Todd? I as fallin' for her and that Bastard just had to change his mind, and Go after her when she was interested in me. I'm going to put him in the grave again. Screw what Batman thinks. He lets this mad dog run around without a leash, Well he's about to be put down.

I get up, and leave Vella's Room I see what I think it’s Vegeta, I'm cared for a second, and what the hell is he doing here? Then I notice the dude is younger, and taller, he grabs me by the throat.

“What the Hell did you do with my sister Kon?" Sister? She has a brother the same age as her?

" I'm not Kon..." I barley squeak out before he starts hitting me, them my, or I mean Kon's ex Cassandra Cain, The Spoiler, some kid that looks like a young Tony Stark, Slobo. and Bart's clone Inertia, all pull this kid offa me.

“Vincent no!" Batgirl orders.

“But Cass he..."

“No!" I know that Cass Cain stare way to well. I leave so they can all settle down . Besides I gotta psycho former Robin to beat down.

Friday, January 11, 2008

100 Posts!

That's right the last post on my blog was the 100th. Though it was one of Kon's. Like a lot of posts on this blog, well he tends to have more time on his hands. Actually he's kind of lazy.

I told many of my friends and family the news and this is their response.

Lois: “That’s great, dear. Now help me get Chris off the ceiling."

Chris: "Sugar Puffs together with Mountain Dew are awesome yay! I'm going to give some to Damien!"

Batman: “Clark I really don't... Why is Damien all jittery?"

Kon-El: "Sweet are we gonna have a party? I'll bring the al... I mean soda. "

The Superboy clone of Conner :"Sweet are we gonna have a party? I'll bring the al... I mean soda. "

Supergirl: " I'll care about that when I figure out what my origin is! Was my dad a mad scientist that was obsessed with space phantoms? Did I kill my mother? Or was Dad some kind of Kryptonian park ranger who was nice and my mom a scientists?
Did I actually kill a whole bunch of my class mates? Or was I the popular girl in the schools? I don't know!"

Powergirl: “I know how you feel Kara. Oh and that's nice about the blob thing Superman."

Me: " Blog."

Powergirl: "Whatever."

Hal Jordan:"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wait you're serious? Jeez I guess life really is over after you're married. I mean, Um good job!"

John Stewart: "Superman you have time to blog?"

Hawkman: "Raaar! " (Begins breaking things for some reason.)

Aquaman: " The power to talk to fish is very useful! I am not a poor man's Namor! Love me !Respect me!"

Me: (Backs away slowly.)

Vegeta: "Hmph Whatever Kal-El. I'm close to 500 posts, underachiever."

Son Goku: “I’m hungry."

Ma: “Congratulations Clark! Now if you can help May parker Get Spider-man out of her house, and help him get him a job that would be great."

Pa:" What's a blog? Never mind that Clark. There are fields that need plowing I can't stand here jawin' all day. Unless you want to help that would be great. "

Me: "Already done Pa!"

Pa: "Now about my tractor..."

Well that's it I would have put more but it looks like Pa is going to have me do chores all day. Sigh it's like I'm sixteen again.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kon: The one and only Superboy

So I was sitting in my room at Kent Farm. When Cassie sorta barges in. “Aren’t you looking for Justice?"

" Her Dad says She's on Draclon or Dracclcon. Well some planet with the name Dracula in it. "

“Halloweeny." I respond. “So what's up with you? Didja miss me? Or is it something else?"

“You know I have telling when you lie down to a science by now."

“Huh?" What did I do this time? Okay I put superglue onto Jericho’s chair... And I changed Beastboy's shampoo with blue hair dye, but they won't leave my Maxims alone. Besides that I can't think of anything I've done lately.

“You acted all okay with that clone of yourself, and your obviously not.”

“How would you be if people you thought were friends made didn't trust you, and made a whole new you?"

"And you should tell them that instead of sulking in here. It's not the clone's fault. "

" Yeah yeah whatever. I'm goin' but not to Cadmus."

“Then where are you going?"

“To blow off a little steam.”

I fly around Metropolis until finally I find Loophole and a gang of losers robbin' a bank.

Loophole is this guy that invented a wrist thingie that lets him walk through walls like Kitty Pryde. Unlike Kitty Pryde, he's not very good at it, and he's ugly not a hot babe.

" Well if it ain't my ol' buddy ." I grin. “We both know about how this will go you'll be lame I'll be awesome and you'll go back to jail so surrender 'kay?"

" Superboy my old enemy!"

“Well your not really part of my rouge's gallery. Your kinda an annoyance I inherited from Superman."

“That is if you’re the real Superboy, “Loop hole laughs. “There have been rumors you aren't.”

I shrug “At least there ain't a cyborg, a dude with weird glasses, an armored version, and a toddler all claimin' to be me."

I knock out all his thugs and he tries to escape. He phases through this statue I heat vision the thingy and he ends up stuck in it. The statue was of some dead superhero from world war two a girl super hero.

His head was solidified on top of the statue the rest of him was of him was stuck inside. " Geez Loopie ya could have waited until later to get in touch with your feminine side."

“Bad jokes, and delight in humiliating me ... it is you isn't it?" He spits.

“Yup Kon-El the one and only Superboy. Accept no substitutes. Legal limits apply not available in all states, your experience may vary, do not feed after midnight."

“Shut up! Shut up! Just take me back to prison to now! At least there I can get away from you."

" You may want me to TTK you outta the statue ya really don't want me to turn you in lookin' like that I mean you don't want that kinda popularity in the joint, ya get what I'm sayin?"

“Sigh. I hate you." He groans.

After takin' him to the police station I see on the news that my clone has been beaten by the Hobgoblin. The Hobgoblin? A dude that ripped off the Green Goblin beating someone wearing the S? He should be ashamed I think I'll go and take down Hobby to show everyone who's the real steel deal.