Sunday, February 24, 2008

Superman VS. Heroslayer

Heroslayer tries the same old tired tricks I've seen over and over. Kryptonite bullets that I dodge easily and then blast with my heat vision turning it into harmless goop.

Next his fires red sun energy at me with a gun, I suppose he doesn't realize it takes a little while for my powers to drain away under a red sun I just froze his gun until it shattered. He tried magic but he seems to only know the kind that you have to say a spell out loud

He runs away ranting about he'll defeat me yet. I know I could have ended this in a few seconds, but I want him to feel the fear Van and the others felt So I let him run to some control panel. Turns out that was a mistake.

He ran behind some lead shielding, and pushed a button. This activated a Kryptonite laser. “Ha! and now you die! To think I was afraid of someone who is too much of a pansy to kill."

Ugh! I'm not so sure which hurts more the Kryptonite or his clich├ęd villain dialogue. Problem is Doctor Doom already pulled this trick During my second team up with Spider-Man, and this kid is no Doom, he didn't learn to keep the lead a Far enough way from the ray for me to get to I Grab a piece tear off from the, I As it shields me from the K rays I throw a shard of lead destroying the ray gun.

I grab onto with a piece of lead and throw it into the sun. The hole in the roof let' the sun's rays heal me. He pushes another button and these attack robots jump me.

They use Sonics, and EM waves and more red sun blasts, it just annoys me. I crush them and find Heroslayer with a huge gun. “This is the ultimate Weapon Kryptonian!" He shoots me with it. A huge blast slams into my chest.

I smile. “It tickles.” I speed around him tearing off his armor, and weapons. “I’m finished playing Heroslayer. " I punch him with but a fraction of my power, I do so twice more.

He starts laughing. “You can't kill me I'm a ghost!"

I toss a relic I borrowed from Zatanna on his chest sealing him into that body. " I thought of that Harm."

" HA! So now you kill me Superman the one who always says killing is wrong. I'll defeat you in that way. You'll no longer be a hero."

I pick him up. " If I wanted to kill you I could have done so in the first three seconds I was here. No I want you to suffer for what you've done to men and women who've done nothing but want to help people."

" Youre going to lock me up? Ha! That's not suffering."

" Maybe if I was going to turn you in to the normal authorities But I'm letting SHIELD have you. They’re going to put you into a prison with all the Super villains that you’ve angered by killing their adversaries. Oh and I'm pretty sure Iron Man, or Reed Richards are going to experiment on you. You are a ghost inhabiting a cloned body after I’m pretty sure they'll have all kinds of studies for you."

“You can’t do that! Release me from this body!"

I look grimly. “You should have thought of that before you decided to kill friends and family of mine.

After turning him to Iron Man I stop at Cadmus and warn them to not try to clone Van or another clone of Conner again. “But we can recover his hid memories and he can live again.” Director Cannon protests.

“You didn't do it right the first time, and he suffered for your mistake through painful degeneration, let him rest in peace. If you don't I will do everything in my power to make sure Cadmus is shut down."

Now all that's left is the funeral. I have to find a way to make sure no one tries to steal his body.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Heroslayer has gone too far

I had finally gotten Conner to get the chip off his shoulder around Van, his DNA started falling apart. I had the Fortress' computer work on the problem while I stopped an alien invasion. At least those aren't happening as much as they used to.

After I finish with That Batman calls us all in to capture Heroslayer. I think Bruce was having a over kill moment In getting almost everyone to help out Legacy kids of West City.

When I get there I find a shock. Van was murdered by Heroslayer.

The Villain escaped. I made arrangements for Van's funeral then returned to the Fortress. The Hologram of my biological father Jor-El, who now for some reason has a beard Announced that he could not stop the clone degeneration a little too late I think to my self. This is like what happened to Conner and Superboy Prime all over again. And just like with Superboy Prime I'm not letting Heroslayer get away with this.

I focus my Super Hearing to try and find along with my vision powers. I hear Conner. Talking to Chris. " Hey Bro I'm going after the guy that took out van, I wanna tell you something. "

"You want me to Help Brother Conner?"

“No not that. Chris listen..."

“But I can help I can get a costume and please lat me go!"

“No dude. You're way too young. But I want you to know If I don't come back Chris I want you to carry on the name Superboy."

" But I don't want you to go away like Van did." Chris cries.

“I’ll try not to." Conner fake smiles. Then I find Heroslayer in New York ranting to himself about his "great victory." He won't get the time to savor it. I'll make sure of that.

First I stop at Metropolis and Stop Conner. “You’re not going after Heroslayer. and that's an order."

“But after the horrible way I treated that clone I should get revenge on his killer." Kon demands.

“I’m not having you die again too. You’ll stay here with Lois. You can honor his memory by seeing how his girlfriend is faring, and being her friend But I will stop Heroslayer."

“No we'll Stop him. I hear a voice that sounds like an older version of mine declare. The Superman Of Earth 22 along with Supergirl, Powergirl and Krypto.

“I’m going after him alone." I state. " He seems to thrive when we're all tripping all over each other trying to defeat him."

“But we all want a piece of him." Kara protests. " Van was family.'

“Be that as it may, I will face Heroslayer alone And I will bring him to Justice." I as I'm about to fly off. The me of Earth 22 grabs my shoulder. “I know how you feel Clark. Just don't let your anger make you like him."

I don’t answer but fly after my quarry, after making a quick stop for something that I'll need in the fight to come. Bruce offers his help on the JLA com Link and I tell him I'll do this alone sand he grunts. “Just don't go you far like I almost did when Jason was killed by the Joker.” I turn off the communicator.

I disable the murderer's defense systems, before finally smashing in to his inner sanctum. " Heroslayer one way or another you will no longer hurt any of my friends or family."

He laughs. “looks like I get to put two Kryptonians in the ground to day Man of Steel."

“I’ve heard that many times before, and I'm still here. One way or another your reign of terror will end."


Monday, February 11, 2008

Kon: Leifielded!

Okay So Van is like dyin’ Now I feel bad for all the crap I pulled with him Superman is scanning him in the Fortress to see if there's any way to stop it me I kinda think the only only person In the planet that can do it is the only one that succesfully created a kryptonian clone Lex Luthor.

He's not an easy guy to find, and well we don't exactly get along. I kept just flying into his old bases until the screen of a big ass computer lights up in one of his bases and chrome dome appears on screen

"The Prodigal son returns” he laughs." To what do I owe this visit Kon?"

“I ain't your son dude!"

“I created you. My very blood flows trough your veins." He grins.

That thought makes me sick to my stomach. “Alright what ever, you know about the other clone that was created right? Van?"

“So what? I hear he is degenerating. He and that Match clone are mockeries of what I have accomplished. Mockeries that are slowly rotting away. "

“Well somehow Match got back to normal..." I shrug. “I want to ask for your help in saving Van."

He starts laughing hysterically. “Never! I am not fixing the mistakes of Westfield's Lab monkeys. Without me they created twelve flawed clones of that Alien! They should have known their limitations and not have attempted to create another one. The clone shall pay for their hubris."

" Jeeze a simple no would have been just fine Lex."

Then Lex gets all creepy. " It's good to see you again son." I destroy the computer with my Heat Vision. You know when he says things like I'm reminded of the Time Ravager tried to convince me that I was created because Lex has some kind of man crush on Supes. Yuck!

Well when I went to Bats' house to see what the Titans could come up with Robin has a weird grin on his face. "Conner we're trading you for a week for the Liefield verse Superboy."

What's the Liefieled-verse? They come out of the portal and good god look at them!

" Have fun Conner. " Robin laughs. What did I deserve to deserve this? After spending one afternoon here I'm scared. There are dudes here with names like Badrock and Shaft and one dude is even named Deathblow sounds like some awful porn. And they are in teams with Names like Youngblood, and Deathspank or other weird names.

Okay I made up Deathspank at least I think I did. Any way People here all stand weird I don't think the girls have spines. And well everybody hides their feet for some reason. And If I see one more freaking pouch on someone's costume. I'm going to hurt someone. I wonder how the Titans are doing with my doppelganger.

Meanwhile “Okay Kon do your chores." Robin orders.

" Huuurrr Superboy will do chores!"
“Well at least he takes orders better than our Conner."

Outside "Superboy wash cars by throwing them into lake!"

Robin slaps his forehead. "Bruce is gonna kill me."
Then Liefield Superboy turns his attention To Wonder girl " Huur. Snoo snoo!"

“What is that?"

"Superboy is happy in pants!"

Wondergirl kicks him in the groin. "Arrgh! Now Superboy is sad in pants!"

Now back to Kon.

Oh man I was exploring here and met the Hulk here. He has some kinda weird bad hairrcurt (Even worse than normal Hulk.) And he wears no pants!

Let me repeat that The Hulk here is naked it's creepy! Also I think this Universe's Cassie wants me.

At least I think that's what "unh" means. I mean I don't speak deformed cavewoman speak. But there is no way in hell I'd hit that, unless it was with a bat. I hate it here. Please I want to go home!