Monday, February 02, 2009

Kon-El: Dammit Match!

Cassie wakes me up by punching me on the shoulder. " Hey you gotta get up to train!"

" Blah! Tell Robin I'll be up in a minute!"

" Actually Tim is taking a leave of absence I'm leading right now so get up Before I have to punish you ."

I grin oh really sounds sweet" I grin before a big green fist smacks me in the face. Man what did I do to piss off Green Lantern? Well A Green Lantern there's like 5 of em.

After the stars go outta my eyes. I find it's Vella. What did I do to her?

" You sicko You made me do things bad things back at LGS 3!!"

Then she described some of them, This is stuff so dirty that I don't believe they're legal in some states.

Cassie states after shutting her mouth that was a mile wide after the filth that came out of Vella's mouth. " Um Vel I was there after you two drank that glowing stuff in Hudson's room I didn't drink you two didn't do anything Vella all you did was play Guitar Hero while delusional. Conner hit on a tree here I took a picture of it with my Cell Phone. "

Note to self destroy that picture. " if that's true why did Conner tell me we did all those nasty things Then I get the look from Cassie.

" What I ain't talked to Vella in like a month." I protest.

Both women give me the look , and I suddenly fear for my manhood. Vella Growls. " Yeah you said all of that stuff after I fought
Match. "

Ah now that explains it Match.

My evil doppelganger. I mean the Agenda was tryin' to improve on me why the heck did they make the dude albino? Any I inform Vella. " Match can make himself look like me it was him. That said all of that."

Okay WVella looked relieved until Cassie asks ' Do you have a thing for my boyfriend?"

" Um well i used to.." She stutters. ' But me, and Jason are a good thing well you know maybe in a hundred years or so after Jason gets old and so do you I might Think about asking Conner out. But um not now. You're my friend and I don't want to get between you two um I'll just leave now."

" That clone of yours has caused another problem for you babe, and I just heard mine escaped too Hera knows what those two degenerates have cooked up."

" Yeah Match was at least sorta funny as a Bizzaro." I say

" Um not to me he kidnapped me , and tried to make me his love slave." Cassie shivers. " Then he got a clone of me somehow. We have to put those two behind bars. Especially they both look like us. We'll get blamed for all they do."

Man like I don't got enough on my plate.

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