Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Kon: The Boudakai round 1

I have no freakin' idea why I got into this tournament again. Not like I have much of a chance when some of the guys here are as strong as Superman. Probably because Vincent was callin' me a wienie since I said I didn't want to be in it this year.

Well let's see who's my first opponent, I can't read the name by mine since it's in Japanese. Wish I could learn languages super fast.. like Kara, and Clark. Maybe that power will kick in later.

Any way this bellowing idiot comes up to ring.

" Oh yeah Superman Jr! I'm gonna crush you! All I need is my Pinkie Finger! I'm the strongest on the planet!"

Well if he meant by smell then yeah this weird haired loser is the strongest on the planet. This brings up an interesting quandary. He says he's pretty strong , and I shouldn't hold back. Superman says I should always hold back unless I'm sure someone won't get their head knocked off.

" Yeah you little panty waist! You're afraid of Mister Satan aren't you? Why don't go, and hide behind Superman's cape and cry!"

"Oh that is it!" I growl throwing about a half strength punch. That turned out to be too much as he flew out of the ring caused a trench in the ground, and laid there like this for like half an hour.

" Out of the Ring! Winner Superboy!" The ref yells. That was well the easiest fight I've had in my life.

Mr. Satan runs around making excuses. " I tripped, and fell when you have as much power as I have One trip, can look devastating. That twerp doesn't have all that much power!"

I roll my eyes and leave the ring for the next fighters to to get ready. Hmm I wonder if they have Soder Cola here? After finding a concession stand i find instead of Soder, they have this.

Cucumber flavored soda? Think I'll pass.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Ice cucumber? I haven't seen it in the shops...surprise, surprise.