Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yeah this is Sweet, Superman has had like umpteen million cartoons. Supergirl has either guest starred or been a member of the JLA on a cartoon even freaking Krypto has has his own animated series.

So what about me Kon-El? Well I pretty much thought the closest I'd ever get is that Superman X guy from the Legion cartoon.

Not only is he also supposed to be a clone of Superman like yours truly, but that's a total rip on one of my costumes.

Well It looks like not only me, but several of buddies are getting a cartoon soon enough behold!

That's right me, Kid Flash, Robin, , Miss Martian,Arrowette in some Green Arrow outfit, and ... Well I have no idea who that guy up front is, but still I'm gonna be animated! First coming back from the dead , and now this good times.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Next they'll have a group all under five years old!

Anonymous said...

What do you think of this artists interpretation of Superman?

Inspired by DC Comics' greatest hero of all times! Visual artist Rah Crawford has created a unique triptych of his favorite man in tights as an homage to heroic icons. The image is a result of creative preparation for the artist's upcoming exhibition HERO, now in production. A limited run of 100 signed, numbered and embossed prints on satin paper are available for a limited time only .

blogcar said...


Zentai Dream said...

great post, and love superman all he same!