Saturday, April 05, 2008


Okay we all had a little laugh at the picture of me and Bart that Nightwing has put up, Brother Blood threw me into Bart that's why that picture looks odd. Now to get back at Miss Martian for takin' a pic that ,makes it look as if I'm havin' some kind of affair with Bart.

That's right I'm lookin' up her skirt again when she flies!

I like red heads, and I like green girls, yeah that's the stuff. As for Nightwing well I think I should just remind everyone about his really bad first Nightwing costume.

Now that's scary. It looks like that collar's eating his head. Man this morning sucked last night I wrestled a big PPV main event match, and I was sore and tired. Then Supergirl wakes me up. "

" You know what Vella's doing?" she kicks my bed.

" I gotta train in like fifteen minutes." I groan . " Why are you bothering me Kara?"

" Cassie's on a mission, so you're elected to hear my bitching." She grins. "Now about Vella, she's sleeping with Jason Todd!"

I yawn. " And I care why?"

" You remember what he did to Nightwing right?"

I grin and point at where I have a picture of it framed on the wall.

" You're an idiot Conner."She spits. " Now Todd should have been forced to a life of virginity for kicking Nightwing there."

I sigh "Not everyone is obsessed with Dick Grayson like you are."

She makes that disgusted/angry noise that omen only can and flies out. Man I wish I could go back to sleep but I don't need Tim's shrill nagging this early. So I start getting dressed. Then I have this strange feeling like I was being watched.

I look around no one in my room, so I stare out the window and AAAH! Giant Bart head!!!!

What the heck is that doing doin' in Bruce Wayne's yard? Where did it come from? Whys it staring in my room? That's creepy. Looks like I'm gonna have to ask Tim Where it came from.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Is tha tlike a statue or somthing?

Robin said...

Don't diss the statue! Its the closest I have to a clone...I mean, phone.


Because that makes perfect sense...

Robin said...

And could you at least cut me out of the "getting hit by Jason" picture?

And stop looking up Miss Martian's skirt before I quadruple your training (or Wonder Girl kills you) and I think you know which one is more likely.

Thankfully I know we still have your memorial statue somewhere.

Nightwing said...

Oh yeah like you haven't had your fair share of bad costumes, bad costume jewelry and bad haircuts.

Oh and stop eavesdropping on my conversations with Oracle!

Deathstroke said...

Your cousin needs a life.

Professor Xavier said...

Flying super-heroines in short skirts. Definitely an excellent idea. I think I'm going to make that manditory for the X-Ladies.