Monday, May 19, 2008


I suppose I should have seen it coming. But I've been distracted ever since Chris was sucked back into the Phantom Zone. I didn't suspect when a bunch of technological thugs began robbing banks in Metropolis I had no idea it was a trap. I captured them easily. After I had done so I hear clapping. “Very well done alien."

I recognize the voice instantly Doctor Doom.

“What are you doing here Doom? I thought Iron Man had captured you."

“That is what Doom had wanted that drunken fool to believe I would have thought someone of your intellect would see through such a ruse kryptonian. Alas you were not there Doom would have actually had a challenge."

You are under arrest!"

Before I make a move he blasts me with this black ray oddly it actually hurt it felt as if I was being torn apart. “Black Kryptonite, I hear it has a psychological effect on you. And unlike the red versions unpredictable effects. As for what Doom is doing here? I am taking advantage of a fortunate situation."

“What do you mean?" I mutter.

“The Earth's so called Champions are shattered, after your Civil War you no longer trust each other The Skrulls have added to the paranoia. The X-men are chasing an alien brain who has taken their mentor. SHIELD is busy with Skrulls. And the other heroes are distracted by their own petty concerns, and inane reality shows. Mean while a group of villains are conquering the world. This cannot be! Doom is meant to rule! While the others care only for power Doom would Shepard humanity into a new golden age that is where you come in!"

All of the sudden my powers feel as if they've left me and this other Superman stood before me.

“This is a surprise!" Doom Declares " No matter your weak and stupid rule against killing is now gone."

The black costumed Superman grins. “What makes you think I'll serve you Doom?"

“Doom is not only a master of science but magic as well!" These odd blasts come from his hands. And something strange happens to his eyes.” Now you will serve Doom!"

“Yes Master." The other me states while bowing.

“Then go my servant, and destroy SHIELD for me that will punish Stark for his hubris in invading Latveria. After you are done bring Stark to me!"

“Your will be done oh great Doom!" He flies off to do his master's bidding. Then Doom looks down at me. “My armor has scanned you and your powers have greatly diminished seems all the abilities have went with him. This endeavor has gone even better than I have planned." He snaps his fingers and a bunch of goons surround me “Take the former Man of Steel to Latveria we have a nice cell for you in my castles dungeons I do not want you dead since I am not sure yet what that would do to my servant."

They capture me and drag me into this transport. "Hurry up Doom has a world to conquer!" He barks. I don't know how but I will find a way to stop him.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Doesn't Metropolis ever have normal criminals?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

An evil Superman? That's not good.

Superman said...

Jean Luc: i wish it did.

Jon: No it isn't