Friday, October 10, 2008

Family Portraits

The worst thing you can do at the JLA Watchtower is Monitor Duty it has to be the most boring part of the JLA membership. I suppose that's why Batman called me at the Fortress on his night.

He was speaking of nothing at all mostly. Until finally he said “How do you get family portraits that don't look like crap? Look at that one over there. "

Bruce has no idea that before that was taken, Krypto ate Lois' purse, and Conner was in a head lock for taking some kind of video game toy from Kara, and five seconds after that Kara gave Conner an atomic wedgie.

"What's wrong with your pictures?"

Batman sighs. “Look at this one from a year ago..."

As you can see Clayface... and Manbat jumped into frame to attack."

"Why isn't Nightwing in it?" I ask.

"Hh. Some argument or other I can't remember."

Yeah right. If I know Bruce he remembers, but whatever it was is his fault.

“Why is Batgirl taller than Robin?" I change the subject

“Deaging ray it happens. Just a couple of days ago..." Batman continues. “Well Jason happened."

“What did he refuse to get in the picture?" I ask.

“No he did this." Batman growls.

“If you’re asking me how to control teenagers... well you have the wrong man." I admit. "Besides you had sidekicks long before I did... Batman what's wrong?"

"Starro's on Earth again we'll need to discuss this later."

Looks like I have to go back to work.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Superheroes must be awkward to take pictures of!