Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kon-El: Man I haven't been around the Titans in a while

I've just been pushin' myself Too hard lately school, wrestling, Superhero stuff,um some other junk on the side. Ya know I haven't even been around the Titans for I dunno a few weeks.

Do we have a tower yet? I dunno. I somehow blindly stumbled into them. Cassie kept lookin' at me acting weird.

" So what do you think?"

" About what?" I ask.

" Do you notice anything different?"

" New hairstyle?" I guess.

" New costume! Conner you're just hopeless!"

Ugh, and now she won't talk to me for a week.

And I try to follow her I see Bombshell? I thought she was dead wait so was I never mind.

" What are you doing here traitor?" I demand jumping her. She blasts me with Some kind of radiation it knocks me back it burns , and tingles but I heal up pretty quick I use my ttk On the ground beneath us.

The Earth shifts and captures her. " Okay now what evil plan are ya up to this time?"

" I'm invited here super dunce! I'm a Titan again!"

" Yeah Right!" I snort . " Pull the other one."

Robin Jumps in " It's true Conner now let her go ."

I do , and get in Rob's face. " She's a traitor dude what were you thinkin'?"

" It's complicated... and you once shaved your head, and attacked the whole team. but never mind now that you're here you can train with the team..."

I look at my watch. " Oh man ! I'm late I'll have ta take a rain check on that.

" What do you mean where are you going Conner?"

I fly off. Man how does Superman juggle all the stuff he does in one day?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Does Kon-El ever SAVE anyone???

Kon-El said...

yes sometimes.