Saturday, December 06, 2008

too many Kryptonians.

The bottle city of Kandor was recently enlarged. This has lead to some problems there are over 100,000 People with my powers on Earth now many people across the world are understandably afraid. It doesn't help that this happened right when Brainac attacked my parents leading to Pa's death.

So I haven't noticed something until now. Some of Zod's followers have been trying to free him from the Phantom Zone and they've been battling a new Nightwing, and Flamebird the Nightwing is a teenage boy who brags about having Tactile Telekinesis.

Come to think of it I haven't seen Conner all that much since. Captain Picard's Christmas party.

I wish I could say that Kon if it's him were doing it to honor me Since I was Nightwing once, but I wouldn't put it past him to be calling himself that just to annoy Richard Grayson.

The other person I now with TTK power is Match, but I hear he's on some game show.

I’m about to investigate the possible connection between Conner, and Nightwing when Vegeta breaks into my Fortress carrying a group of Kryptonian children.

“These freaks assaulted a group of my people who were reporting to me. Keep your bottle people away from the saiyans Kal-El!"

I use my X-ray vision on the children he broke their arms and legs.

“Vegeta! You didn't have to hurt these kids..."

“Kids?" He spat. “They devastated a squad of saiyans until I happened along. A rare few of us are actually super saiyans and can withstand weak little Kryptonians. "

“You needn't be so rough..."

“Whatever I have enough troubles with Norman Osborn taking over SHIELD so keep your little friends away from my people...Got it? You don't want a war with the saiyans."

This was probably not a good idea, but I had enough over the last few days. I punched Vegeta through the wall of the Fortress. He flew out into the Arctic Ocean.

He flies out screaming obscenities and then the battles on. The children come out
cheering me on. Problem is I wasn't going to get out of this one unscathed. Vegeta is as strong as or maybe stronger than I am when he transforms Worse he's been trained ever since he can walk to fight. Though I have training my self... it's like second nature to the saiyan king.

I take a few thousand punches to the face at super speed. I counter with my freeze breathe. While he's shaking off Ice I slam him into the ground.

He gets up from the spitting blood. “What the hell? You start a fight then half ass it?"

“What do you mean “I ask?

“Oh please we've fought many times before our powers could destroy the world, and you're not even able to break too much of this ice? If you feel guilty that your father is dead don't make me be the one to punish you. Or you are just not thinking? Bah! Whatever! I will not be a party to it! Just take my advice Get them off this planet before they absorb enough sunlight to be as powerful as us."

He flew off after that. The kids already healed by the sun were yelling “You taught that saiyan monster Kal-El."

“Why were you attacking the saiyans anyway?"

“They’re criminals that constantly fight they've terrorized the galaxy for years."

"That was decades ago these days they usually don't attack unless provoked. I 'm going to have to have a talk with your parents."

At the same time as this I hear my people all over the planet using there new powers in less than intelligent ways. Sigh. I had years of experience with my powers ever since I was a boy. I suppose it was too much to expect that the others would use their powers responsibly. I wish it was just so simple as to put them on another planet problem is I’m just a descendent of the House of El not a king.

I'm going to have to think about this.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It sounds like you need a bigger bottle to put the Kryptonians in.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Maybe put them all in the bottle and shoot it out into space?

You know, so they could make a new home planet or something, don't shoot it into the sun.