Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super bored

You may think the lives of superheroes are constant drama, and action. In that you'd be wrong. Some times there are no villains to foil or cosmic menaces attacking for weeks.

That's the lull the JLA are in now. It wasn't so bad for me at first because the computer program of my father in the Fortress of Solitude had a glitch or a virus or something Although Lois says it was a mid- life crisis I'm not sure artificial intelligences can have those.

first he started talking in what he thought was teen lingo saying things like "crunk" and "funky fresh", then he started dating a much younger AI.

That ended when he found out she was really Brainiac “trying to find himself." I really don't want to know. But that snapped the Jor-El out program out of that weirdness. I can finally access the internet without hearing teen lingo from the 90's.

But after that little disaster, nothing much has happened for days I sat around with the JLA watching Aquaman argue with the fish in our aquarium. I'm not entirely sure but I think the fish won.

It's gotten so bad that we're just letting our sidekicks fight, and not breaking it up. Although to tell the truth Conner has had this coming from Wonder Girl for a long time.

I roll my eyes when Diana gloats. “Cassandra is still stronger that Conner even with his enhanced powers. First off who cares? Second Conner wasn't letting her win. He feels guilty for chasing anything with a skirt.

But I'll hope he feels guilty enough to actually stop the behavior without backsliding this time around. Odd thing was this was them a couple of hours later.

The lull ended for me finally when Hercules, started tearing up downtown Metropolis after hearing Conner had cheated on his little sister with an alien princess. Doesn't seem he knows which one since all he drunkenly raved. I didn’t tell him either last thing that anyone needs is a drunken Demigod stirring up the saiyan hornet's nest.

Hercules was going to tear up the main street until Conner faced him, since he’s given me trouble in the past, I decided to fight him. The battle raged... until Herc saw a strip dancer club with a special on beer, and chicken wings. I haven't heard a peep from him in hours.

Looks like its back to watching Aquaman argue with fish. Great.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Crunk? What the heck is a crunk?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Aquaman argues with fish? I wonder what about?

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