Thursday, October 08, 2009

Superboy: On my own.

Well I've been out of the Titans for a while. And well since Cassie thought I was “abandoning " her. So Yeah I guess we're broke up for like the 4 thousandth time.

Oh well I've spending my time actually taking down super villains instead of sitting around Titan's Tower waiting for them to attack.

I beat my old buddy the Scavenger trying to pick up Black Rings left over from all the zombie junk, he escaped babbling about how " The Universe has changed, and it's your master's fault!"

I'll never get his weird rambling. Also I fought, and defeated The reason why Batman carries around Shark repellant: King shark! Yes a shark with legs.

Well that, and I fought zombies during the Blackest Night, Zombie psycho Pirate was not cool.

Oh and the weirdest part was fightin' a dead clone of myself.

Oddest thing was after tearing him apart with my TTK I ended d up dating Van's Ex for a weekend. Ya a see Cass Cain called me and said something to the effect of " Stay away from Vella she .... should be with my brother."

Then she hangs up. I'm guessing the "brother” she’s talking aboout is Jason Todd. Because Dick Grayson would be wrong well maybe not a in a few weeks but right now...yeah, and I've always suspected that Tim Drake is asexual.

Naw I'm just bustin' his chops for constantly making me train when I was on the Titans... or am I?

Yeah well anyways you tell me to stay away from a girl I us you'll get why I gave that usally runt towards.. The dates were fun... and well when we finally get to fun time.. it was a good thing I took her to my old place in Hawaii because it seems when Saiyans , and Krpytonians get together( okay we're both half human too but whatever) well look at my place in Hawaii...

It's really weird when the girl is stronger than me too. Not used to that. Well not sure it's gonna work out though because well Vella saw this little advert By the Red Hood, and there's some ugly chick wearing diapers rubbing herself on Jason.

And Vella's reaction...
Something tells me it ain't gonna work out between me, and her.

Well later on patrol as I was tryin' not think about that disaster I heard a giggle that was way too familiar what was it doing in Metropolis? I searched around with my X-ray vision until I found it's source than I face palmed.

I had to get Meg outta there, and explain that she shouldn't be in a strip club. I flew her back to San Francisco. “ How is off with 'em?" different from you looking up my skirt Conner?"

I sigh. " Meg you should just do what everyone else does when I do that , and slap me."

" But you're my friend I don't want to hurt you!" She smiles. “Why don't you come back to the Titans? Everyone is so angsty. We can play pranks on them! Oh, and Beast Boy is leading."

Beast Boy is the Teen Titan's leader? Yeah that makes me want to come back. " Maybe Bart can come back too! Did you see him lately?"

“Um I haven't talked to Bart since the um incident..." I grunt, as I have a flashback.

What? Mr. Puppet had to die so that the world may live. “Meg I don't think there's anything here for me, at Titan's Tower." Then Wonder Girl comes out and gives me this look.

You know I've never noticed this before but I think I see the problem with Titan's tower's security, and why super villains, and kid eating monster dogs keep getting in, the entrance is a screen door! Who the designed that, and what the heck were they on? Any way with that look Cassie gave me it seems that yes there is something... or should I say someone at Titan's Tower for me.

Although she kind of ruined the moment when she turned a little crazy. " No one is ever goiing to take you away from me Conner!" her expression changed.

She also got mustard in her hair it looks like, anyway I've seen that look before, and it usually means someone is going to get hurt probably me.


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