Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year's disaster

Christmas went by without much fuss, I did fight a group of robot Santas, created by the Prankster... I swear does that man have nothing better to do? Any way I did make the Superhero New Year's party. But I was taking no chances, with Conner this year.

Last Christmas, at Captain Picard's party Conner decided he didn't want to wear clothes. At The New Year's party was determined not to let this happen. So I locked him up in this. It's made of Inertron so his Tactile TK is not getting him out of it.

Seems this also made Wonder Girl happy, since there is no way any girl his age is going near him in that.. Perhaps that should be Superboy's new costume?

Kara was a lot better this year. without any violent outbursts. This year that honor went to Wonder girl when she dunked some kid's head in the punch for saying something about the Teen Titans always dying.

But someone did embarrass me, me well me from Earth 22.

Usually all he does is call me soft, and bore me with World War two stories...Ones that happened to a whole other Superman. Then he'll say I've got it so easy being able to fly since I was a kid. “I had to leap 500 miles in the snow to stop Lex Luthor!" He stammers “You just fly there in a second Bah! Whipper snapper!" Huh I thought you had to be evil to say "Bah" or Vegeta. After this outburst he usually watches Matlock for the rest of the day.

Any way at the party he told a story about giving Hitler a wedgie.( Which once again this Superman was not in WW2.) And then he started yelling at Batgirl for no reason about how her costume isn't bright enough, and she's not showing her "pretty face." He then tried to make out with Starfire which got him a kick to his nether regions, and a kick out of the party.

I last saw him yelling at a snowman to “Get off his lawn!" Looks like I need to send him back to Earth 22. After he's done with the snowman. I hope I’m not like that at his age.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

The one from Earth 22 sounds like a real crone.

Anonymous said...

Costumes are really good. And I like your post too. Thanks.

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