Sunday, September 10, 2006

Superman speaks out .

I'm almost ready, to go out and address the press. I have to admit this seems every time I'm on this side. I'm more comfortable being a reporter at these events, but this has to be done.

Bruce, who as usual is hiding in the shadows asks " Cold feet Clark?"
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" No It's just everything will change after this . I'm hoping I'll still have everyone's trust after wards."

" We need you to rally the troops Clark No one else besides Superman can do this ."

" I know."

As I walk up to the podium I almost feel as if I'm , walking to a gallows. I might as well get this over with.

" ladies and Gentlemen I 've been proud to serve you this many years. When I had seen the images at Stamford, I too grieved with you. But I have too say what has happened since then is wrong!

Registering superheroes that want to be is fine . Those that want to work for thee government should pursue those goals, The problem I have is taking good people away from their families , because they do not want to join.

Even worse I hear SHIELD, is making people leave the country or the very planet. In fact I know of one family that has been pulled apart by this . Usually I abide by the law, but this is Unjust, So I guess you would say I'm not regeistering.

" You Miss Lane ? "

" Superman Are you saying your joining the resistance? And do you speak for the rest of the Justice Leauge?"

"Yes I suppose I am joining the resistance, and the individual members of the JLA, can speak for themselves. "

" Superman. " asks one reporter. " Do you believe you are above the law?"

" No." I respond. " But I believe we should speakout when the law is unjust. It's not just the heroes who have secret Identities , but those who have never hid anything. You sir what's your question?"

" Unlike you other Heroes like the Batman, hide behind masks, why would they do that unless they are hiding some kind of criminal activity?"

" In this business, we have many enemies. They would use those that are importent to us as hostages. Which I hear SHIELD is doing now with the The Great Saiyamn, They are threatening to arrest his wife, a human, and a mother. Now what does that tell you?"

" Are you saying SHIELD is corrupt?"

" Yes. They are as corrupt as the politicians they work for. Also this War is distracting us from what's important, Have you noticed the days are getting shorter? I do not mean in the way that is normal when summer turns into fall. Vampires are attacking people more and more often. Something odd is happening in Westchester, and we should be investigating these things instead of fighting each other."

" But Superman you just said you were fighting along side Capitan America."

" No. I said I am not registering, I am going to try to my job without being on one side or the other, but if I see an injustice I will try to stop it."

" Superman what do you say to SHIELD agents that will try to arrest you now?"

" Let them try."

Meanwhile at The SHIELD Helicarrier. " Damn It ! Vegeta we could take But Superman ? This is a disaster!"

"Why?" asks the Black Widow. " He can be stopped with Kryptonite."

" Yeah." he answers . " It's going to be bad enough arresting Capitan America, But To arrest Superman as well? I hope you understand Natasha, that putting him behind bars, will be like rallying those who are still neutral. It may even have those on our side switch sides."

The lights in the Helicarrier all turn off the when they come back on, Lex Luthor is in front of Fury and Widow." Free Image Hosting - " If you want help with the alien , I'm your man, you can keep your money I have plenty."

Back to Superman,

After the press conference, I find Kara or Supergirl at my home in Smallville

" Kara what's wrong?" Free Image Hosting -

" Kal, when I came back I registered, they may send me after you."

Now thier using my family against me.


Black Widow said...

That wasn't a wise thing to do Superman

Kon-El said...

be quiet hot but angry woman!

Kon-El said...
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Kon-El said...
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