Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Return of Superboy Prime

I asked Bruce why he'd buy Conner a car.

" Because Tony Stark was going to try to bribe him with it. At least with me there would be no strings attached."

I was about to ask him more questioned when the JLA's alarm went off. Green Lantern had caught a news report. It seems Vegeta , and a few of his friends were fighting Superboy Prime.

I had prayed that the Green Lantern Corps could actually keep him imprisoned. What shocked me more was who was fighting along side The Saiyan prince.

In a way I felt Pride that Kon would once again do battle the person that had forced him to sacrifice himself. But That was overridden by fear that he would die again. I flew into the battle without waiting for back up.

Good thing I did The titans Along with Vegeta and his son, adopted grandson were already knocked out, and Kon was about to be killed. That was a shocking scene since hours earlier I had helped HS get into school at Smallville.

I slam into Prime at Super speed. We trade punches for what seems like hours , though it was probably a few minutes. Then he casually slaps me away." You beat me once ! Never again !" he rants. " You don't have Superman of Earth 2 to help you this time!"

" No." Comes the almost growl of a voice from the Batman. "But he does have allies."

We both turn to see the JLA , Defenders, What what used to be called The Avengers. Doom Patrol some SHIELD agents like Nick Fury, Ironman, and Black Widow. Though I am glad that Warbird was not in this battle with her condition, and the fact that Wolverine was just murdered has put her in a depressive state.

Though the situation is dire I was glad to see us all even after the Civil War mess be able to work together again. Though my elation is short lived. Prime is just as powerful, and insane as ever.

He knocks us all back , he crushed Joe Fixit in his bare hands. But notice he after he did that Fixit's body changed to green. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I've had a few run ins with the Hulk over the years. I've learned he can be a powerful foe as much as he is an ally.

What did surprise me was Prime's non weakness to magic. The spells of Dr Strange just bounce off. Silver Surfer's Power cosmic did seem to have an effect but not as great as I would have determined.

Thor's hammer and lightning just had as little effect as Strange's spells.

We were losing this battle the reinforcements from the other saiyans such as Siyaman, Goten , and others did little to help the situation. I could hear the young Princess scream :' This freak interrupted my Honey moon he's going to pay. Be fore she was knocked away by his superbreathe.

Some short man , I think a friend of Goku's gave the injured a Senzu bean and they healed. I don't know where they get these but they sure come in useful. Prime

The Hulk had just rampaged over Prime. And it looked it could be possible That he'd get strong enough. To beat Prime until The insane boy threw the Behemoth into space.

I used my telescopic vision to find him but when I had Goten had telported him back. While I was watching this Superboy Prime Slaughtered the short man who had helped Vegeta and the rest A beautiful Blonde woman screams " My Husband!"

She attacks while Goku seems to having some kind of rage fit. It was only after The boy had torn of the Woman's ( Whose name I think was 18.) limbs did I realize she was some kind of cyborg.

I had enough of this massacare I charged Prime again. Along with Thor, Diana , Mirai who had that sword given to him by the gods , and others .

Prime shouts maniacally. " None of you will stop me! I will have my own World back! I'll be Superman!"

I he receives my fist in his face after that. " You'll never be Superman!" I shout. " Your savage Killer!" That punch seemed to rock him. The others press the slight advantage that gave us. We had him down for a second until knocks us all away.

It looked like the beans had done their job all the saiyans , and other hereos were back and ready to battle but the two young half saiyan women were doing some kind of dance. While Goten and Trunks were doing the same thing.

Goku handed Vegeta something, that he was placing on his ear it seemed . Great Krypton! The different pairs had somehow merged their bodies. Were there was six now there are three . I hope there is some reason behind this weird turn of events.


Kid Flash said...

I have an idea on how to stop him!!!
I will NEVER let him take my best friend away!

Anonymous said...

Kon watch yourself he shrugged off my Soul burn...

Kon is my best friend too

cooltopten said...

very cool!!