Monday, December 11, 2006

Wakey wakey.

Well we beat Superboy Prime. The only problem is the red sun thingie Vegito used wiped out mine, and Supes' powers. Then Vegito lost it and had ran away, um I mean teleported away.

Least Veg's kids, and wife is nice than he is. Bulma offered to let us use this solar collector machine to jump start our powers . Good last time this happened to Superman, he spent a year without powers. I think I'd go nuts without powers , though I did do it once before. Not for a year though.

While in it , I kinda fall asleep. The dreams start out good at first.

Me Roxy, and Tana on a beach in Hawaii. Those were the days. Next thing Cassie runs up to me , and says " I drank the HU water." Then I turn and NOOOOOO!

Now after the super kid is where it gets weird.

" Hey kid ? Want a good time? Have a bite out of this potato from my back. "


I wake screaming luckily a pretty face was the first thing that greeted me.

"Oh no. I died again, and a angel greeted me ." I joke.

" Funny, just don't say anything like that when Vegeta's around." Bulma giggles. "So why were you screaming just now?"

" Long story. One I'd rather not talk about." I'm a little unsteady on my feet. I pick up a soda and crush the making it fizz everywhere. Oh boy it looks like I can't control my powers again.

This has been happening of , and on since I started inheriting Supes powers. I would accidentally X-ray vision people, or the one day when I went slow motion, and the only person I could understand was Bart, but that one happened after my return from the dead. I thought that was what things were like when you came back . Turns out I got superspeed.

well at least that one wasn't as destructive as " Hey you have Heat Vision congratulations sorry about the plant." Ok Actually the Heat Vision I discovered when Jericho took over my body once. The plant was melted after.

After wiping soda off myself Bulma asks." Will help us with the whole Vegito situation?"

I was about to answer when her oldest daughter Bra says. " He should he kind of owes me his life."

" Whattya mean by that? " I question.

" I wished you back with the Dragon balls. You kinda looked lonely and stuff in Other World. I guess I felt sorry for you."

Secret of my resurrection revealed. Something that sounds like a bad meta human porn starring the Savage Dragon." Look I'm grateful for whatever you did, but I don 't need to bribed or anything. I'll help you guys with Vegito because it's the right thing."

On the way out Vince . Or as I like to call him Vegeta Jr. Hits me with his shoulder. Free Image Hosting at

" I heard what you said about my mother." he sneers. Oh boy. Another run in with this dork.

I sneer " Your mom's hot dude. Get over it was harmless flirtin'."

he growls " You think your so great Kryptonian? Let me show you what a saiyan can do!"

I stop him right there " Ok first of I'm only Kryptonian. Like your only half saiyan. Second I know what they can do. Third your only at the blonde weird hair first stage. Finally don't pick fights with guys who don't turn back into little kids during it."

" Me and my sister stopped doing that weeks ago."

I clap " Good for you. But still I'm not fighting you why don't you go look for your dad or something?"

" Coward !" He spits . " Well then tell your cousin I asked about her."

Wait? I can't make a little joke with his mom, but he can hit on my cousin? Okay This kid needs a reality check. But since I'm friends with his Nephew, I guess. I'll let it go.

" S- Sorry about my brother there ." says a voice that almost is to low to hear. It's dumbo's twin sister Vella.

" No prob." I answer "It's probably an off shoot of the whole vegeta and Superman rivalry that used to go on. "

" That was more... My father than yours I suspect." she looks down . " So what's it like? You having friends your age with powers? Who aren't your relatives."

" Pretty good I guess." I shrug " What you don't have any friends?"

" I never leave here except to train with Dad. I think the whole Frieza kidnapping us as babies, and then us showing up later as teens has my parents freaked out."

" Your talkin' to a dude who grew up in a test tube. If I know about one thing it's havin' an unusual childhood. Hey if ya really need someone to talk to I'm sure A teen Titan or two wouldn't mind hangin' out with you."

" Really?" she shouts.

" Sure why not?" I ask.

Then doofus shows up. " Quit hitting on my Sister!"

" We're just talking Vincent!" Her shyness was gone I guess. " Besides He's dating Wondergirl. I was just wanting to talk to someone who wasn't a saiyan!"

This is my cue to leave. I fly towards Smallville , but find my self starin' at the Watchtower on The moon. Darn power surge. Well I know what'll make me feel better . If I prank call Yamcha with Wonder man's voice, and act like Simon is interested in him heh.


Kid Flash said...

Maybe Cassandra could hang out with her? Oh and on the subject of Cassie I don't think you'd want to mention that you had a dream with Tana- since she'll get a bit (in other words very) angry.
Prank call Yamcha?
Be creative Conner!!! Send him flowers and chocolates to, just to freak him out, and annoy Simon.
I'll be visitin Ma Kent (and you, but mainly Ma Kent) for some of her apple pie (cause it's soo good) after school.
Hope to see you there.
Kid FLash.
And is that a cloud?

Kon-El said...

Yeah Probaly not Bart. And the call was the first step, the love letters, and emails are step two

Anonymous said...

so he can visit your house and I cant ?

Hmmm nice chics
bad dream

wants some water LOL

Kon-El said...
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Kon-El said...

First how do I stop him? Second The farm is booooring.

Kid Flash said...

He has a point if he tried to stop me I'd outrun him then go back to the 'Farm' and vibrate through the walls and eat the pie in the amount of time it takes for him to realise where I've gone. No offense Conner. Also I've known where he lived since Young Justice.