Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A night at the Fortress

So HS knows my secret.

That I have a secret Id as Conner Kent. Now he goes to school with me. Well his Dad recently ( And meanly I might add.) Showed HS That Laura was a hooker. So I offered to let him Hang at the Fortress Of Solitude.

Kal had some problems with it, But we promised not to destroy any of his stuff. I think HS Was a little freaked out by the Giant Key.

" I thought that was a rumor." He stutters .

" Nope. The one that's a rumor is the one where he has a key made of a dwarf star only he can pick up."

He just stared blankly. I would think he'd be used to weirdness, after livin' with saiyans I guess not. We go in an d the first thing he is is accidentaly knock over the Bottle City of Kandor.

" Dude What are these Bugs buzzing around me?"

I Sigh. " Those are tiny Kryptonians, and other aliens, and They're attacking!"

With the help of some Superman robots, ( I didn't know he still had those things after what happened to Donna. ) I caught them and put 'em back into the bottle . Weird I could swear I just caught Ultra man , and Saturn Queen? Wait what was I saying? Something about the bottle city?

Any way for some reason I have a massive headache. And I Stumble into the Phantom Zone Projector. Next thing I know this guy is released.

"Grandson Of Jor- El! Kneel before Zod!"

HS laughs " Hey Kon! Can I soul burn this loser?"

" Go for it!" I say! Next thing we know Zod's creams and cries, I Put him back into the zone.

From inside the Zone he screams. " I'll be out of here soon! My son will make sure of that!"

Huh? Zod has a son? Ok After that mess and HS got a Starro on his face. I thought it was dead, and wanted to show him. Luckily I got it off his face. Before it took over his mind.

Then the voice of Jor-El came over the like well everything. " Kon -El stop this foolishness!"

HS Looks at the old man's face in big crystal screen. " Man who is this?"

" I guess you could say this is my grandpa. Or a computer simulation at least."

" Kon! You know better than play with the the vital equipment tin the Fortress. Wait what are you doing?"

I mess with the computers a bit . " Nothing really Gramps, just wondered what you'd look like with a beard and moustache. "

" This is an Outrage! I'll tell Kal-El about this!"

I grin " Who do you think taught me how to do this?" I then Put him the simulation in a dress. " ya know you look lonely." I After a little bit of tinkering I have Super Mario jumping off his head.

I some how figured out how to make a video game out of the simulation. What I'm not as dumb as I act, and ya Know Supes did teach me how to use the computers. So After I fix it I make a fighting game with Super Mario, And some people we know. And Jor - El.

I controlled Jor - El, And Eradicator And HS controlled A simulation of his Grand father , And FatherPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting Well After I put game controls into it. He did a victory dance after vegeta beat Jor_ el " My grandpa totally beat your Grand pa!

" Ok I say Let's try this again Your teacher against my Da.... I mean Mentor. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This one I totally won! Later I lured HS Into the skin color changing machine I wonder how long it'll take him to realize he's now purple? I Then had this great idea I Made A wonder man Robot using the instructions Kal Gave me and a computer for that purpose.

Check it out. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We get a good laugh. When I tell it to go and to Yamcha's house and sing love songs at his window. I wish I hadn't told Hs How to use that computer because, I went out and got some Pizzas. When I make it out back to The Fortress I see this.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

" What The Dude? Supergirl Robots? That's my Cousin!"

" Yeah Your Hot Cousin!" He answers.

Not cool!


Anonymous said...


You are always saying my mom is hot...

now see how it feels....

but seriously we need to call over some girls :)

Crater said...

Hey she's not actually your first cousin Kon. She's your Dad's cousin.

So technically thats almost ok.

Am intrested that Power Girl is there. Everyone loves Power Girl. But hey if anyone of those Super-Girls wanted a bit of Crater loving who am I to say no.

To dream the impossible dream.


supergirl said...

This is what you and your perv friend Do Conner ? Make Robot clones of me? Arrrgh! We're going to have a long talk when you get back!

Kid Flash said...

Ohhh so your at the FoS, that's why I couldn't find you at the Kents. Look I kinda need your help, which may need you to do me a favor of lying to Rob. Y'see my friend who's kinda a crazy assasin, but a NICE crazy assasin wants to see me and it would be rude to just say 'no' so you wouldn't mind telling Rob that I'm studying for a test and make sure Rob doesn't ring my house or talk to Wally. Cause if he does Robin is gonna go PMS-Crazy and start saying I can't talk to assasins then tell Batman, who will totally tell me of!
Kid Flash.
I didn't tell anyone my real name was Bart Allen!
Im smart!