Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Heroslayer has gone too far

I had finally gotten Conner to get the chip off his shoulder around Van, his DNA started falling apart. I had the Fortress' computer work on the problem while I stopped an alien invasion. At least those aren't happening as much as they used to.

After I finish with That Batman calls us all in to capture Heroslayer. I think Bruce was having a over kill moment In getting almost everyone to help out Legacy kids of West City.

When I get there I find a shock. Van was murdered by Heroslayer.

The Villain escaped. I made arrangements for Van's funeral then returned to the Fortress. The Hologram of my biological father Jor-El, who now for some reason has a beard Announced that he could not stop the clone degeneration a little too late I think to my self. This is like what happened to Conner and Superboy Prime all over again. And just like with Superboy Prime I'm not letting Heroslayer get away with this.

I focus my Super Hearing to try and find along with my vision powers. I hear Conner. Talking to Chris. " Hey Bro I'm going after the guy that took out van, I wanna tell you something. "

"You want me to Help Brother Conner?"

“No not that. Chris listen..."

“But I can help I can get a costume and please lat me go!"

“No dude. You're way too young. But I want you to know If I don't come back Chris I want you to carry on the name Superboy."

" But I don't want you to go away like Van did." Chris cries.

“I’ll try not to." Conner fake smiles. Then I find Heroslayer in New York ranting to himself about his "great victory." He won't get the time to savor it. I'll make sure of that.

First I stop at Metropolis and Stop Conner. “You’re not going after Heroslayer. and that's an order."

“But after the horrible way I treated that clone I should get revenge on his killer." Kon demands.

“I’m not having you die again too. You’ll stay here with Lois. You can honor his memory by seeing how his girlfriend is faring, and being her friend But I will stop Heroslayer."

“No we'll Stop him. I hear a voice that sounds like an older version of mine declare. The Superman Of Earth 22 along with Supergirl, Powergirl and Krypto.

“I’m going after him alone." I state. " He seems to thrive when we're all tripping all over each other trying to defeat him."

“But we all want a piece of him." Kara protests. " Van was family.'

“Be that as it may, I will face Heroslayer alone And I will bring him to Justice." I as I'm about to fly off. The me of Earth 22 grabs my shoulder. “I know how you feel Clark. Just don't let your anger make you like him."

I don’t answer but fly after my quarry, after making a quick stop for something that I'll need in the fight to come. Bruce offers his help on the JLA com Link and I tell him I'll do this alone sand he grunts. “Just don't go you far like I almost did when Jason was killed by the Joker.” I turn off the communicator.

I disable the murderer's defense systems, before finally smashing in to his inner sanctum. " Heroslayer one way or another you will no longer hurt any of my friends or family."

He laughs. “looks like I get to put two Kryptonians in the ground to day Man of Steel."

“I’ve heard that many times before, and I'm still here. One way or another your reign of terror will end."



Shiara said...

He deserves what he is going to get

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Oh come on, Supes. You were just itchin' to use that pose again, weren't you?

Superman said...

Shiara: yes he does.

Jon: no comment.