Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kon: Attack of the evil opposites.

As me, Kara and Cassie flew to the base in Metropolis where Match and fake Wonder girl where. Cassie and Kara were teasing me about the idea that I,and Stephanie Brown did something in the after life.

Not sure that's even possible not that you know I remember my time in Heaven, Hell or whatever. “Will you just let it go?" I finally snap.

"Only if you let go the whole me and Tim thing." She giggles.

"Fine. Jeeze maybe Tim shouldn't you know about this y'know?"

“Don’t worry about it let's all just move on alright?" Cassie grins. "Your back and it's all over I don't need Tim to play rebound boy anymore." She puts her hand over her mouth. "Opps I shouldn't have said that."

“Um ya didn't say that to Tim did you?" I ask.

Kara shakes her head. “Pretty much she did."

"Sigh wonderful." Now the mystery of me training more than everybody else is solved.

Kara breaks the silence. “So what are you going to do about my cousin’s roving eye?"

Cassie laughs. “My older brother said he'd visit Conner, and give him the gift of battle' if he heard about him with another girl again."

Kara gives a weird look." Cassie you have a lot of older brothers Zeus wasn't exactly mister monogamy."

“The Avenger." Cassie gives an evil laugh.

“Hercules is a mean drunk." I groan. The two girls laugh like crazy.
Finally we get into the base and crash inside. Match and the girl that looks so much like Cassie look up.

“Well well. Look who finally figured out what was up." Match laughed. “Sure did take you long enough."

“I can't believe a former Bizzaro is insulting my intelligence." I state.

“Well maybe if you actually had any to begin with Conner I wouldn't."

“Wait Conner? How did you know that?"

The other Wonder girl starts bragging. “That’d be me. I've been sneaking in for months now stirring up the jealousy between you and Robin, Getting Supergirl to hate my goodie goodie DNA donor. I've been tearing apart the Titans from within for some time now."

"DNA donor? You're a clone?" Cassie accuses.

"Duh!" The other grins. “The Agenda created me from your DNA after you interfered with their take over of Cadmus. After the Agenda folded I've been doing merc work. Well until I found My Match."

"Oh this is like a bad Twilight Zone episode." I joke.

" Yes Conner, and here's the twist ending, me and my Cassiopea are going to kill you, and Cassandra, take your places in the Titans, kill them one by one, Hell we'll even take out Batman as well."

Kara pipes in “One problem with that I'm here." She slams into Match who knocks her away with his TTK. “Please what’s Superman with boobs going to do to stop me?"

Oh great it's on now. “Hey Kara before you rip him apart let me get a few shots in."

Match laughs “The two of you don't have enough power to defeat me ungh!" The Ungh was from the both of us punching him in the face.

Meanwhile Evil Wonder Girl was taking on Cassie. “Fool! The Agenda put many of the World’s, martial arts techniques into my brain! You can never win!"

"Why do all you villains talk like that?" Cassie asks before slamming her elbow into her look a like's nose. The clone catches Cass in her lasso.

“The Gods that gave me this, are lot Darker than the Greeks. Feel as it sucks your life out of you."

Meanwhile I held Match down to the ground with my TTK While Kara used him as a punching bag. He pushes us both back with his TTK I taunt him. “Dude you can't beat me what makes you think you can beat both me and Kara?"

We both zap him with Heat Vision. At that moment Cassie manages to get her lasso rapped around the clone's legs and zaps her with its lightning. It makes miss evil lose her grip on her Lasso freeing Cassie.

Match flies up to her and yells “Looks like we'd better use the better part of valor and retreat." He uses that weird light bending power of his for a second we're all blinded, when we recover they're both gone.

“Damn it! Stupid clones!" Cassie shouts.

“Hey!" I protest.

“Conner technically you're not a clone. And you're not an evil bastard like those two."' She then looks over to Kara. “Um, are we good?"

“Yeah it wasn't you that acted all bitchy towards me." They hug for a sec.
Well that makes my life easier now that my cousin and girlfriend ain't feuding, now we gotta get to the Titans and tell them about how we were Trojan horsed by Match and skanky Wondergirl.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Don't you people ever go and save someone?

Superman said...

they are kids what do you expect?

Nightwing said...

TAGGED BI- I mean, uh, Conner.