Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Supergirl: Two Cassies?

You know making friends on this planet is hard. I way s friends with Cassie,AKA Wonder Girl But she came up with this whole stupid idea I was Somehow a replacement for Conner, And said she didn't want me around anymore.

Okay So After a team up with Vella fighting the Heroslayer thing we hung out a bit. But now she’s missing, and I have Conner sitting in my apartment watching either wrestling , or Ultimate Fighting, I've never really cared to know the difference. He’s just stuffing his face. With nachos and pizza.

" Hey Conner. what's up with your girlfriend huh?" I ask.

He shrugs. " I dunno, one minu6te she's snappin' at me calling' me a moron, the next she' does a complete 180 and is all lovin Is that why you asked me here?"

" Nope just bored. The Outlaws are all looking for some crazy serial killer now ,and investigation isn't my thing you know."

“Ah I get it. " He sighs. “I’m just the last resort of the bored."

I laugh" No Cousin, You're like the little brother I've never had it's just we fight as much as we hang out; do you just not like me? Did I do something?"

" What? Nah. You're cool I was a little weirded out when you were in the Titans though I thought I was gettin' replaced."

“Yeah that didn't work well did it? I liked being in the Titan, at least I don't have Bat jerk yelling at me all the time."

“Bruce does that to every one. Don't worry about it." He thinks for a minute. " If We had the power to do it maybe we should have went looking for Vel huh?"

“Um we do have the power to do it, Telescopic Vision, and one breathe completely oxygenates our blood for days."

His eyes go wide. “Aw damn I've been keepin' oxygen in a force field with my TK If i knew that I wouldn't have wasted the concentration."

“Don’t worry about it, Vella has her own reasons for stuff, let her sort out whatever the heck it is. So are you worried about Superman?"

“Huh? What do ya mean?" He states through a mouth full of cheese curls.

“After Heroslayer killed Van he’s all angry and stuff.” I say.

He shrugs “he’s been like that before, he gets all business for a while Then Lois or someone brings him back to Earth. He'll be fine. "

Before I can say anything else Cassie comes in through the door. I coldly say "hello."

“What did I do to you Kara? You haven't been returning my calls, and act all weird."

“You told me that you didn't want to be my friend any more because I reminded you of Conner."

“I never said that!" She shouts then I notice Kon's eyes are white he's either using Telescopic or X-ray Vision. “Um guys? I thought I heard Cassie somewhere else. And is see her with Match? "

“What?" I and Cassie both ask.

“Yeah I see her, um you, I don't know if she's some alternate Universe doppelganger or something but she's freaking making out with Match."

I'm so going to find out what's going on here.

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Life is just so normal in superheroland.