Friday, March 14, 2008

Van-El: Post from the Afterlife.

Hey Kon here. I was getting ready to go smack Around Match And his Wondergirl imposter when Van-El's ghost popped up and begged me to let him into the blog. I have no freaking idea how a ghost types and while that'd interesting to see I gotta go, see ya.


Well now that Kon typed that up, and made me promise to slap some guy named "Zero" in the Afterlife. Ya know after Heroslayer took me out I was surprised that there was no fluffy clouds though I do have a halo.

Seems I got put in some dimension called "Other World." Where this thing that looks like a bug of some sort wants me to train for a fighting tournament. " You see when Son Goku was brought back from the dead my trainees have never won the Other World Fighting Tournament, Kon-El Was my last chance to do that this year, then some inconsiderate princess wished him back. "

“Okaaay!” I respond. " Heroslayer injected me with a drug didn't he?"

“No, Son you’re dead and Warriors when they are powerful enough come here to train for eternity."

Rao, that’s going to suck, I thought I'd go to some Kryptionian Heaven or something. So yeah I was a little depressed to basically be out in an Ultimate fighting ring for like ever. Kon would love it I can see why he liked it here well if he remembers it.

Me I ended up sparring with some loser in a dress I guess he's ancient Greek or something. I don't want to do this and get my ass handed to me by this guy and his stupid "KEY" power.

“You can do much better that In fact the other one nearly hurt me in a sparring match." Dress guy chides.

“I’m not Kon! I'm just a bad copy!" I shout.

I fly to my quarters which of course were Kon's during his time here. I heat vision the Spoiler Costume I found under the bed the other day. " Hey" A female voice startles me." Why do you have Steph's clothes gotta crush on her or something?"

"Vella?" I grin. And grab her into a bear hug then I remember for her to be here, she'd have to be dead. “Oh No! No no no no, baby what happened? Did Heroslayer get ya?"

“Huh?" her big eyes get wider. "Heroslayer is in prison."

I put my hand on her shoulder “how did you die?"

She starts laughing. “Silly I'm not dead. See? No Halo." She points at her head. “King Kai called me here saying you were in a funk. So what's up?"

"I'm dead and I didn't go to heaven, but some kind of pshycadelic version of Valhalla, I was just starting to get a life and now it's over."

“Yeah but you were in constant pain, and you were going to die of clone degeneration." Vella reminds me.

“Yeah and lemme guess I can't be wished back because of the clone degeneration." I gripe.

“Yeah." She sighs "sorry."

"Meh. I'd just be in Kon's shadow just like her. “I grumble.

Yeah but you can be more than him here, I mean he never won the tournament here, never even entered it." She chirps. “And He lost in the Boudakai on Earth."

I think about that yeah I could be out of his shadow and it'd I'd probably never see Kon Again, at least not for a few years. At least I'd have something that's mine. I smile "Why not?"

Then she looks over at the Spoiler costume. “Why’s that here?"
“Rumor has it Kon and Stephanie had some kind of affair here in other World when they discovered the whole Wonder Girl /Robin thing. Though she was running around Limbo at the time she apparently could visit here."

“But Steph's never said anything about it!" Vella gasps.

"I shrug.”Yeah King Kai says not everyone remembers their experience in the after life when they come back from it, I doubt Kon remembers any of his time here."

We kind of sit in silence for a while, I’m memorizing the smell of her hair; her goofy little smile How happy she always is. I know I may never see her again. From what King Kai told me her species is long lived even if they die in battle they always seem to come back , especially with the Dragon Balls. So Yeah it could be a long time if ever before I see her again. I steel up my reserves and Say “you have to move on with your life."

She gets a sad little look on her face. "I know. I've finally accepted that you're not coming back, and well I wasn't sure who I was going to choose any way you or Jason."

Ugh my stomach turns at the mention of that crowbar welding psycho. “You know babe your too good for that nut, you can do a lot better than Jason Todd."

She gives me this look then says " I gotta go bye." Before I can say anything She vanishes in a green light.

I look into this pool that is supposed to see into the living world.She's surronded by her teammates and Some blond girly lookin' dude in a GL Costume ,and two actual GLS Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

I didn't catch all of thier conversation but The older GLS were saying she needs o go back to OA and face some kind of charges.

" But I want to keep my ring!" She protests."

"Don't worry we'll do evreything we can to make sure you keep your ring ." Hal comforts. " The Guardians make bad desicions some times and you have to stand up to them and tell them they are wrong."

" Yes and that's why you've been suspended so may times." John jokes.

Vella gets a woried look on her face. I hate that she's in trouble but there's nothing I can do about it from here. I need to start training if I want to win this tournament thing, I hope I can get another sparring partner than Dress-Man though.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

A fighting tournament?


Guess it's better than nothin' huh?

Kon-El said...

Yeah no kiddin' Jon I dub thee loser Van!

Oh and dead people can have affairs?

Nightwing said...

I second Conner's question...dead people can have affairs?
I say Robin and Wondergirl should just get together one more time as pay back.

Batman said...

that'll just get Conner and Spoiler back together, Richard just call it even and move on.

oh and you've been tagged Clark