Monday, June 02, 2008

Must stop this battle.

When I awake I feel that some of my powers have returned unfortunately none of super senses. There's the sound of pounding, not just the pounding headache I have I smash down the door. Blast my strength is no where near where it normally is. Neither is my invulnerability.

The guards at my cell blast me, and it actually burns I haven't been this vulnerable since I was 12. I punch the floor. All the guards and I fall into the chasm created.

I leap out, and discover I can't fly. Rao! This is annoying. I leap towards the sounds of battle. When my gaze catches the opponents I can see why the battle is so intense, in fact I'm surprised, and Latveria’s capital city is still there.

The Black K created version of myself which seems to have the bulk of my abilities is fighting Vegeta, King of Saiyans. One of the most powerful beings I've ever fought.

“My master Lord Doom wants you dead midget!" The evil me declares.

The arrogant king as usual laughs. “So Kal-El all those times you gave all those speeches about the sanctity of life, and the right of freedom where just words to bore me. Hmph I shall put the word hypocrite on your grave stone. I can't bellive you would serve such a lowly thing as Doom. And to think I actually respected you. I shall fix my mistake freak!"

Damn it Vegeta rarely holds back in inhabited areas. And my evil self likely won't I have to save the people here. Which is easier said than done. The power of their punches is knocking me away as much as any of them. Finally. Vegeta transforms into some thing with long spiky odd colored hair all and locks my evil self in to a choke hold.

I think that somehow if I can get close to my other self I can end this. Which is rather a strange thought, but one I can't get out my head. The dark version of me breaks the saiyan's grip and takes to the air.

How am I supposed to end this now? I can't fly anymore. But I have to for the world for Lois, I can't let Doom win. My hand feels strange, I look down at it and Great Krypton! It's fading out. I'm fading.


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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Maybe Lois won't mind you being normal?