Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reuniting is hard to do

Vegeta and the evil version my self fell to earth after what looked like a hard battle. The Saiyan King looked to have broken bones. The other version of me was knocked out.

I get closer, and I start fading out again. The dark Superman stands and I punch at him even though I know I don't have enough power to back it up, oddly my fist is sucked into his chest, in fact my whole body is.

He yells “get out of my mind! I was thrown in the dark and chained for far too long! I will stay free!"

“Free being a servant of Doom?" I answer "you have a strange definition of the word free."

We had a battle of wills for a minute one that I won. My mind went back to normal, and the rush of my powers returning, was exhilarating. I hear strained breathing coming form the ground behind me.

“So Kryptonian... you decided to change back to your red and blue Halloween costume I see.” I look down, and yes I'm back to wearing Blue and Red that Black K is weird stuff.

“Like you can Vegeta, you wear some pretty odd stuff yourself.” I joke.

“Bah! Get this over with and kill me! You've won! But know this I'll be back, and I will be stronger! "

I couldn't help but make this joke. “So If I strike you down you'll be more powerful than I can imagine?"

"Eh?" he asks. Not much of a movie watcher I see.

"Never mind. Long story short, I'm no longer under Doom's control, and despite our differences I doubt you want to see him rule the Earth anymore than I."

“Ah mind control? I should have known." He growls.

“Eat that Senzu Seed thing, you usually have, and we'll team up to defeat Doom."

“It’s a bean “he tries to correct me.

“Technically a bean is a seed." I shake my head.

He grumbles something and eats the bean I hear his bones snap together, I wince since it sounds painful.

“Now Kryptonian let us Go and Show Doom the error of his ways for trying to rule my planet. I ignore the way he says "my" planet. I concentrate on how I’m going to make Doom pay for trying to turn me into a slave. Putting his arrogant carcass in a prison cell is a good start.

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That's talking tough!