Sunday, August 03, 2008

Poor HS

Okay HS' dad has been acting like a true jerk, hiding at his parent's house. Well I didn't know what a jerk he could be until I met his evil half. We were hanging out playing a video game, when the evil version of Mirai pops up.

He smashes me through a wall. “What do you want?" HS growls.

“Just to mock you failure the shell is divorcing Vampirella, and disowning you. You and your slut sister."

“You’re lying!" HS shouts.

“Go see inside Father's desk you'll see the papers there."

HS throws fire, at him as I recover, and get ready to tackle him. “You don't have the right to call him Father!" Hs Growls.

“Why not? I'm the son Vegeta always wanted. Merciless, brutal, and doesn't give a damn about his pathetic family."

I fly at this guy and am backhanded away. HS attacks, and is beat down. “I taught you everything you know, but not everything I know."

He's about to use that soul burn thing when Evil Mirai laughs. “Go ahead. Kill your daddy."

“You aren't my father!" HS protests.

“Yes I am. Why do you think the good one cares noting for you? All of those emotions are in me. But there's a fine line between love, and hate. As you'll discover with Shiara. GO on! Kill me! Make sure your family stays broken DO IT YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A DEVIL DO IT!"

HS stops and the fire die out... “Bah! You always were a disappointment." he punches HS hard in jaw. I fly at him and he vanishes.

HS was all mopey so I decided to invite all our buddies for a party. Vella kept refusing all alcohol “I am not waking up with some strange person. Or some friend, uh uh."

Any way the rest of us had fun. I woke up thankfully with Cassie the next morning. Sandsmark not Cain. I'm thinking of calling them blonde Cass, and brunette Cass to tell them apart.

Any way I get up, dress, and then go to brush my teeth when I hear HS, in the hall. Grunt "Conner you need to help me."

I look around, and find he's hidden behind a door. “Why are you hiding?"

“I got drunk last night, and um decided I needed a costume, well I went to Aunt Bra's competitor, and the result sucks."

I laugh. “Oh I have got to see this." the other Titans gather around as well. And ask to see it. “No! No one will ever see it ever!"

Jericho whines. “Well you're getting out of there. Because I have to use the bathroom."

Finally he comes out.

I couldn't help but say. “Are you goin' after the US title?"

Vincent smirks. “And now my nephew the Solid Gold Dancer."

Vella scratches her chin. “He kind of looks some those of guys that go into that club a couple of blocks away from Crime Alley."

“Vella that's a gay bar." HS sighs.

"Uh really I thought those guys were practicing kissing like Master Roshi did with me."

We all give her a look. “What? It was only a kiss." Man every one knows you stay away from Master Roshi.

Vel goes on “Old man mouth is nasty."

Vincent growls. “Someone really needs to arrest that pervert."

Any way Blue Beetle wasn't listening because he called HS...

“Crimson Jazzeciser? Man this is the most embarrassing moment of my life."

“What about that adventure in that alternate universe where Bra wasn't related to you, and kept hitting on you." I ask.

“Oh you can't remember a thing I teach you in Algebra, but that you can't ever forget."

“What about that time you walked in on me in the shower?" Vella giggles.

“Oh yeah and that time the Smallville football team, made ya wear a dress in the school all day?"

“Or dressing like a girl in LGS 3!" Vella yells.

Vincent chimes in. “Or that time I walked in on you, and that picture of Laura?"

“Okay it's not a contest!" HS storms off.

I follow. “Hey man we're just bustin' on ya. Hey you're gonna look in your Grandpa’s desk?"

“Nah. Evil Mirai is lying; Dad just needs some time to clear his head is all. Besides, I'd rather not get caught looking through Grandpa's stuff.'

I grin. "Afraid you'll see naughty pics of Bulma?"

“Is that all you think about Conner?"

“I’m an eighteen year old boy. So yeah pretty much."

He sighs. “Yeah that's true me too. Okay I'm going home to get some clothes that don't make me look like I'm trying out for the WWE. See ya."

Man I hope HS is right. and Evil Mirai is making this shit up. That and I want a rematch with lavender haired psycho. Next time I'm gonna put a hurting on him.


Anonymous said...

go a head laugh

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sometimes these younger heroes need to see a psychiatrist.