Saturday, August 23, 2008


“Conner I thought Batman told you to stop messing around with his portal." Robin scolds.

“All I did was trip on the chord honest!" I complain.

He gives me that" Bat Look" you know the one. “And if I look at the security tapes I won't see you pushing buttons?"

“No you'll see me tripping, and probably pressing buttons by accident." I defend.

He sighs. “Does someone who can fly trip?"

“Yes." I roll my eyes. "Why does Bruce even have a dimensional portal to begin with?"

“You know Batman always wanting to be prepared... I have another question."

“Look I'm trying to find out what I did wrong and reverse it. Just hold your horses." I yell.

“Hold your horses? What the heck? Never mind." Robin grinds his teeth. " No what I was about to ask, is how come when you do something stupid you're never the one that gets burned?"

I look up to where he's being assaulted by tiny versions of superheriones.

“Hey you're the one that brags about all the women that like you." I laugh.

“No that's you Conner." He growls.

“Alright I'm about to reverse where they came from .... I think."

He starts getting desperate “Quickly!"

"And stop laughing it's not funny."

“I ain't laughin' at you I'm laughing with ya." I snort.

“That can't be because I'm not laughing!" he yells.

“Oh great it's revenge of the vein in the forehead.” I snicker.


I press the button and all the little people are sucked back in. hopefully back to the right dimension... if not well what's the worst that can happen? No don't answer that.

I give a thumbs up “awesome all the imps are gone, and Superman, and Batman are none the wiser."

An “Ahem!" comes down from the cave entrance we look over to there and...

How do they always appear every time I say that?

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Both there? Boy are you in trouble!