Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Superboy: um no

"Ya know I'm thinkn' of takin' a vacation from the Titans." I say taking bite of pizza.

Vella who for some reason wants to hang out with me giggles, " maybe you can join Legacy we' be glad to work with you closely. She blushed for a second weird.

“No I think maybe I should go back to being solo for a while. I mean all we ever seem to do now is sit in our tower, and wait to get attacked."

“Legacy just did that with Heroslayer's goon squad." Vel shrugs.

“Yeah but it's all not you do." I roll my eyes. “Another thing my clone Match was in that gang I shoulda put that dork in jail a long time ago! Ugh I should just take a vacation too take down my rouge's gallery, I said Robin certainly does it enough."

Vella grins “I don't think have the mental breakdowns he does."

“Two words why he does have them, Bat. Man." She laughs, and I continue, “I’m pretty much done teaching Chris how to use the TTK he's developed and these Titans... I don't know half of 'em Bombshell, and Aquagirl were titans when i was dead, and Static I had a team up with him once back in my fade haircut and leather jacket days but we ain't buds. Miss Martian, And Blue beetle are cool but.."

“But what?" She asks grabbing a bread stick.

“They ain't Bart, Tim, Arrowette, and Secret. Cassie is the only one left from the old group, and well sshe didn't take me dyin' very well, or me being back, maybe we need space for her sanity."

“You can join..."

“No Vel, I'm a Titan," I interrupt. “Just need a little time to clear my head, and I think. Besides Legacy is Kara's thing."

"Kon I need to ask you something. Um You know Me, and Jason broke up a little while back right?"

"Yeah? And? What did that punk do somethin' to ya? Want me to kick his ass?" I get ready to fight hey beating up Red Hood is fun everyone should do it once.

" No.. I was going to ask” But a loud "Ahem!" Stops her.

"Hey Cassandra!" Vella waves to Wonder girl.

She glares

" Am I getting in the middle of something here?" She asks.

“Don’t be silly babe" I grin “What’s up?"

" Big fire in Coast City, and Green Lantern is off in space or with some floozy either way he's not there. the Titans have been asked to help with the rescues."

I leave while Cass gives a stink eye to Vella who just smiles.
I go ahead , and fly myself to Coast City. I don't like the T- jet, and I'm faster than it with my upgraded powers, that I'm finally starting to get the hang of, how did dad um I mean Superman do this being suddenly better at something all the time?

Any way I start with the freezing the burning buildings with my breathe, and the other Titans finally help man that jet is slow, when I hear " HeyhowcanIhelp?"

I turn "What the? Bart? You really are alive!"

“Conner you're really obvious!" he shouts. “You were there when I was brought back by the Legion!"

All of the sudden this image flashes in my head.

Heh punching Prime is always cool. The Legion that explains why I didn't remember it Saturn Girl must have messed with my head before coming back from the future. I wonder which Legion it was this time? The one Superman was in as a boy or the one I was in? Ah the memories why is it I don't tell the titans about the my time with the Legion again?

Oh yeah Triad... best superpower ever! Um yeah the rescues, Bart pipes up " i bet I can save more people than you!"

“No way You little speed freak!" I grin.

"Superboy! Kid Flash! This is not a competition!" Wonder girl Goes into command mode.

“Ready Set go!" Bart gleefully hollers before vanishing in a red and gold blur.

“You ain't beatin' me!" I announce before

Cassie grumbles “Why can I never get them to listen to me?"

Bart raced up with several people or should I say he made several trips, problem I can do the same thing... me I picked up a group of people and carried them all out at once. Turns out, I and Bart save the same amount of people.

We both heard a scream from the top floor. "HA! I'm faster than you I'm gonna win!" Bart laughs. Right before running into a bunch ho flames.

" You may be faster, old buddy but I'm impervious to fire." I grin before flying through the flames.

I get to the top floor Bart got there a couple of seconds behind. The one screaming had a hot body but when she turned around....

No! Dogface big head girl! “Bart you can save this one and' win the contest!"

"Yay! Wait do dogs count?" He asks puzzled

“I’m not a dog!" She growls just like a dog “Besides I want the hunky Kryptonian to save me."

Ugh, some days it's not worth getting up in the morning. So I flew her out with her clucthing way to close. Bart asks something that I know for sure he didn't know had a dirty meaning. “Are you gonna give her a bone?"

I slap my forehead as she says “Sure hope so!" Groan. How do I get outta this without hurting her feelings? I mean I don't date chicks that remind me of Krypto. " yesah i'm kind of involved with.."

" Pssh! We all know you cheat on Wondergirl! “Dog face says. " Wait is it because of my face I saw you hit on a girl with a tail in the last LGS!"

“At least she had a human face!" I let slip out. So Of course on the news later that night was the nice little story so there was a nice where Wonder girl yelled at dogface, and the reporters recorded it all. “Does Superboy hate furries?"

Sigh. Maybe embarrassing things like this won't happen on my hiatus from the Titans.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Gid you actually put the fire out? It seems you got more involved doing other things.

Kon-El said...

Miss Martian put it out with her breathe while I was was trying to escape dog-girl

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