Monday, July 13, 2009

Why can't I just have one candy bar in peace?

I save the world maybe five times a month, plus the occasional annoyances from the Prankster, and Toyman, also thwarting what ever scheme Lex has cooked up this week. Then I have to spend at least a little time as Clark Kent, and spend some of that with Lois.

All I ask is that I get a little time to eat a candy bar once a week, but that seems to be impossible. Rather it's Wonder Woman finding me to complain about something Conner's done this week, or Batman wanting to be all grim dark and scowl at me, and complain about well anything.

That's his happy face...

Any way I stopped eating my candy at the JLA Satellite. I tried the desert, , and well you have got to be kidding me.

Yes I know I'm laughing there, but this is why, every time I start to eat, or drink something, either as Superman or as Clark those two show up. “Superman You must give me, and Aquaman some fries or we'll die!"

"Clark! You must give us a slice of that pizza or we'll die!"

"Superman you must give us a sip of that coke or we'll die!"

I guess I was laughing out of disbelief that they'd follow me out to the desert to get my candy bar ,the melodramatic mooches. Sad thing is I know Jimmy can afford to at least buy himself a candy bar.

As for Aquaman I've been to the bottom of the ocean there's gold everywhere I've claimed some every once in a while... Hm come to think of it I may have gotten too much, and put Arthur in the poor house.

Well he does have the JLA salary, I think I can't remember if he's on the team now or not, he's barley noticeable when he's there. um anyway...I flew away from those mooches, and decided to try eating my candy bar on Pluto.

I take my first bite when I hear “Superman! I can't believe you've found me here! well you won't stop my plans this time!"

Mongul is on Pluto oh of course, and he has an evil plan as well, why not? At this rate I'll never eat my candy bar, might as well stop Mongul’s evil plan whatever that is. Sigh.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Give Jimmy and Aquaman a lecture on eating too many candy bars .

JonOst said...

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