Saturday, November 11, 2006

New car whew!

Well after a bunch of talkin, I finally convince Clark to let me get a new car. Yeah I know I can fly, but you try tellin' your girl we can make out in the tractor. So while I was workin' on Lois, ad Clark, ( Because Ma , and Pa Kent are pretty poor.)

Hotstuff annoyed Mirai , and Vampirella.

And it finally worked Clark was busy with the kid that speaks kryptonain, and you know his normal Superman/ Clark Kent stuff. I still think that kid is some kinda trap of course, no one believes Kon.

Oh well Lois tried to talk Clark out of lettin' me And Hotstuff go by ourselves. Luckily he trusted us So we get to the dealership, and this guy keeps poppin' up. How he got past my super hearing I dunno. The problem was we were given a $5,000 cap on what we could spend. Ya know what ya get when you try to only use that much money? Junk that's what.

Finally The dealer talked HS in to gettin' this sweet ride. You can see it on his blog. Me I didn't need no hagglin' I found my wheels pretty quick. I checked the Credit card to make sure it didn't say " Kent on it since I was in costume. [ I ain't sure I want to let my new friends know about the whole Conner Kent side of my life yet.

Ya know the whole secret Id thing ' not cool Well believe it or not The name on the Credit Card Was " Superman". Seems The JLA members have a stipend like the Avenger. Well any way here's the new car behold!

Oh Yeah I got a little something added to it.
Oddly when I got Showed it too Superman had this look on his face. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

He just keeps staring with that expression. I don't like that look.


cooltopten said...

really sweet car , nice colour for superman too. ya his expression is a bit worrying ,like hes on the tiolet :) hehe

Nicole said...

He looks like he's contemplating something; like he's deep in thought.

Poison Ivy said...

I think a tractor's just fine.

Kon-El said...

Thanks cool!

Niccole yeah he does.

Poision Ivy: Sweet! I mean um ( remember last time kon )