Saturday, November 25, 2006

Superboy Vs Cat man thing. ( Not the dude in the Secret Six he's cool.)

The JLA, and The JSA had their Annual Thanksgiving, Party again this year, If one more Old lady ever pinches my cheeks again and calls me a cute boy, I'm gonna scream! And if CM3 Or Capitan Marvel Junior makes one more snide comment about how Cassie can do better He's going to end up in traction.

Poor Bart, Jay kept tyrin' to make him stay still, he looked like he was gonna explode. Any way I was so bored I discovered I can imitate people's voices by manipulating my throat muscles.

Yeah I've been using this new found ability to make dirty calls to Starfire while pretending I'm Iceman. I hear Wonder Woman wants to smash Bobby because of that ( snicker.)

That was a couple of days ago, without my Cell Phone Because Kal found out about my phone fun, and I had to give it too him for two days. Which is why I didn't get HS' calls.

Clark Warned me he was showin' up, and I intercepted him before He got to the Kent Farm. He layed all these problems on me. Well that's what friends are for, so I was about to give some advice, then He gets this call from Elixir.

Laura got nearly killed by Sabertooth. Man he went off so steamed he actually melted the street. I watched as he flew. I kept up with him with My Telescopic Vision.

He fought Sabertooth pretty well. Except Creed kept healing evreytime HS blasted him. Finally he used this one attack that weakened him completely. I fly in at this moment to stop it.

He slams Hs Through a wall. " Hey pal whatcha doin?" I ask The psycho turns around and gets my fist in his face. Now it's his turn to fly through a building. He recovers pretty quick.

" Whatta ya Doin here Bub? This didn't involve no S Shields."

I glare " What involves my buds involves me ya Tasmanian Devil." He charges me.

All he gets is a heavy dose of Heat vision for his trouble. He heals right in front of me. " Pain ain't nothin' Bub, All my life has been Pain. I'm gonna give ya some now."

I laugh " Aw poowr widdle Kitty someone hurt you? Lemme go get ya a saucer of mil;k and make it better." He slashes at me. My TK field makes sure he doesn't scratch my skin, though my shirt did get totaled.

He touched my field so I can repel him. He flies in to someone's car, I crush another on top of him . He crawls out

" Kill you." he grumbles.

" Dude ya take a lickin' and keep on tickin' huh?"

I Grab him , and throw the mook out into the horizon.

HS mutters " He was mine to kill Kon."

" Dude If I didn't stop him, you'd be dead. I know your pride's hurt, that ain't all that's hurt I'm sorry. Now I'll need to take ya to a hospital, or something. "

" No Doctors!" he mutters " they wouldn't know how to fix me, Take me home."

" Sure man, where's that?" I turn around he's passed out. Great. I have no idea where he lives. Was it Germany? Oh damn! Wait I know , I'll Take him to Capsule Corp. His grandparents are there.

I hope my new flight speed,can get him from New York To California fast enough.


WonderWoman said...

Conner, I will remind you that as of now you are not allowed to see Cassandra at ALL! It's one thing imitate other people's voices knowing the trouble they'll get in to but to lead somebody in to fighting with you is another. You have got to stop with this reckless behaviour, I know you don't like Wolverine but that is no reason to fight with him. You can see Cassandra two months from now, and if you sneak out to see her I'll have Batman have a personal word with you.
Wonder Woman.

Anonymous said...

Hey back off Wonder Witch he was backing up a friend and it wasnt Logan it was someone who tried to kill a girl I like
Kon is a cool and good friend

Hey dude thanks for watching my back

Kon-El said...

Do I have to seperate you two?