Monday, November 20, 2006

What was Kon Thinking?

Conner send Conner out to buy himself a car and he comes back with a Viper. Even worse , he told me that he wanted it for his Conner Kent identity. That's kind of hard to do when you have a big red S painted onto your Car.

The biggest problem with this is there is no way I can afford this car. Kon had an answer for this.

" Why don't you just go into the ocean and get some pirate treasure or somethin'?"

" Remember how Aquaman liked it last time you took treasure from the Ocean Kon?"

" Well How was I supposed to know that was his? He should mark with Property of fish face ."

" You will not disrespect one of my oldest friends!" I almost yell But I keep my calm. " Conner we're taking the car back and that's final. "

As I fly him, and the car back to the dealership, I hear " I bet you wouldn't do this to kid that speaks kryptonian this is lame!"

I thought Kon was just being just a little over cautious thinking the lost boy is some kind of trap, but this time I heard a bit of jealousy in his tone. I don't know when It comes to Conner it's complicated.

He was created from my DNA , and Luthor's when I was killed by Doomsday. Later when I came back, Project Cadmus, had told me he was created from only human DNA That as altered to give him super powers.

I should have figured that something was off when Kryptonite effected him. It didn't matter He wanted to be out of my shadow at that period any way. I gave him the Name Kon- El when I was wanting to have him help me Watch the Cadmus Project, In the Fortress, I learned he was made from a piece of me .

I think all of this plus the fact he was murdered , and came back has been pretty hard on him. " Look Conner. " We'll get you a different car ok?"

" Yeah I guess." he answers.

When We get to the dealership I'm shocked to learn the entire price has been paid off. Some unknown party had already paid the bill. I can only think of one person who would've done so, Luthor.


Anonymous said...

Hey dude this HS when you get in give me a call

Deadpool said...

You should hire a merc to beat your half-clone. He's totally irresponsible. I made Wolverine what he is today. I'll send you my card.

Kon-El said...

Bring it Deadfool!

Anonymous said...

deadpool you mess with Kon you mess with his friends

Superman said...

HS: Good to see Conner still has good judgment in making friends.

Deadpool : No Thanks.

Conner :Don't Encorage him.

Mike Warner said...
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