Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Man the Civil War party has been a blast! First I show that runt Wolverine , not to mess with the "s"

Then this cool devil kid hit on Logan's daughter then slapped him around a bit It was awesome!

Supes showed up late. Some excuse about, saving a group of kids or somethin.' I Then I played his favorite Theme Song. Favorite as in he wants to ground me again.

The good news is he most irritating girl on the planet was too busy bein' mad to whine an' cry around me. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If I hear They don't respect me as a saiyan warrior one more time I'm going to slap someone! Probably Wonder man but it'll be someone. Great Rao! She must have stolen an entire roll of Tp to stuff that dress.

Speaking Of Wonderman, I found him passed out on the outside, and Me and Elixir gave him a swirlie. I guess he's called Wonder man because everyone wonders how's he's lived this long. Or why we all like to abuse him.

I hear Cassie yelling at someone , Some kid that looks like Vegeta with a leather jacket. I thought Wonder girl wasn't coming to this I guess she changed her mind.

" Yo! Mini Veg Get away from my girl!" I push this weirdo away from Cass. " What was he doin'?"

" He grabbed my butt!" she shrieks.
Huh that's weird, I mean Cass does have a nice butt It's just that the Veg clan usually don't act like that.

Anyway I tell the dork to stepoff. He says arrogantly." If you want to battle for her, that will be fine."

Cass Screeches" That's not how you do things!"

" he seems confused then goes" Oh. I guess I should study up on courtship rituals. Of course that would be one of the many things Frieza wouldn't program into my brain, hmmm maybe if I ask my older brother Trunks...."

That kid is totally weird. Not as weird as Shrunken Cain Reaper smelling That Briefs lady 's hair, but still pretty damn off. So after a while Elixir, and Hotstuff find me. ' Hey Kon , or you going to introduce us?"

"Yeah HS Josh This is Cassie or Wonder girl. My girlfriend." Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

" No relation too Wonder man!" she says quickly. I see My ex- Best friend Robin given' me the stink eye from across the room, I 've been meanin' to try somethin' out with my TTK. Evreyone else has a wedgie power, so why can't I?

I use the energy but instead of givin' a wedgie I tear his suit off. So there is is, in Boxers with bats all over'em. Everyone But Cass laughed as he ran outta the party. She just groaned with her face in her hands.


Anonymous said...

cool man... I normally just catch them on fire...

Kon-El said...

I can do that too, but Well ISupes kinda frowns on heat vision people to death.

cooltopten said...

hehe ya heat death rays kinda unfair :)
thanks for stopping by and commenting.