Monday, January 01, 2007

Sorry Batman.

First I have to apologize again Bruce for what I did at the JLA Christmas Party. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Someone spiked my drink with Red Kryptonite. If Booster Gold, and Blue Beetle were still around, I'd blame them for it., Bit Now I suspect Guy Gardener since he was laughing like a giddy school girl as I punched Bruce.

I suppose he was happy since Batman, knocked him out with one punch years ago for Conner's non appearance At the NewYear's party, well he said, He was going to help Kid Flash With something he asked to about.

And Kara is still a little embarrassed that the Supergirl Robots That HS Made attacked a small country , an d we had to stop them . Happy New Year everyone!


Kid Flash said...

Supes that red kryptonite excuse is getting old! We all know you got drunk as a mule (though mules don't drink) and just decided to punch Batsy cause he's such a bore. Oh and could you send the message to Superboy to save me from Zatanna and Dinah please!
Kid Flash.

Kon-El said...

ok I got the message.

Anonymous said...

I dont think krytonian dna will allow for alcohol effects, and it prob' has nothing to do with sombody spiking his koolaid wit red kryt. muhahaha