Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kon:Surprise attack

Doc Samson is a total tool. During this whole therapy junk, he tried to the say the wrestling theme song I have is a diss on robin, because he kissed Wondergirl while I was dead. Ya know I already went through all of this. I ain't mad at Robin no more, then he brought up the whole alternate future thing. Where I went nuts because the two of them got together. ( Which was really just a insane delusion that Black Zero came up with.)

" Well if Robin seduces Cassie, then I'll seduce Steph." I smile.

Hmmm Ya know I like that idea, So I started kinda fantasising about Spoiler in that tight costume. Then Samson interrupts me with " Your constantly chasing women means you have problems with your mother."

Where did this dude get his psychiatry license? A cereal box? I ain't got a mother. I roll my eyes, and leave. I ain't listening to that pathetic weirdo.

So at school, HS tells meSome girl he's hung up on. Cool! Me and Cass Can double date with him and her, Something we couldn't do with that ho X-23. (Though I'd hit it.)

So any way something weird happened after school when I went to my little hobby in the wrestling ring. ( Hey i get a little extra money for the week, and all. ) When something happened that wasn't in the script. Some weird ass song came over the speakers it was like "Behold the Prince!"

Then damned Vincent showed up and I started feeling weak. He smirks takes out this Kryptonite drops it on the mat and and begins wailing on me. Cassie tries to pull him off then he punches her in the jaw. Then he takes her lasso and throws it away from her. How the hell did he gets strong enough to take Cassie down. Damn Saiyan training. And damn their ability to keep getting stronger.

He smirks at me. then says. "I want you to know. You damned Titans, are not going to take over the world. When you try I'll be there to put you down. Your not killing my girl or anyone else."

Wondergirl, starts beating him senseless until he transforms Into that weird electric second Super saiyan thing. they are some what equal for a while until Vince Smiles after she bloodies his nose. " Super Kaioken."

Then she falls hard. " Bah! Amazon warriors can't withstand a battle with a true Saiyan Warrior." He spits his blood on me gross! He takes the k rock away." Tell your little bastard devil friend I'm coming for him next. And after I'm done with him he will stop disgracing my family with his evil."

I have no idea what this punk is talking about, but I pass out before I can think about anything else.

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Shiara said...

So now what are you going to do?