Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kon: My ugly suit

So after my little problem with the girl's undies, now they are tryin' to get me to go see Doc Samson. Is there like any other superhero psychiatrist out there? Any way the explanation for this is I was mind controlled by an evil mind leech I got rid of it by flying into the sun.

Of course no one believes me. Whatever. At least going to Samson is gonna cost Batman money . Don't know why he's payin' but it's still sweet.

Ok well now I have to talk about my ugly new suit. Ya see people have been on me about wearing a costume ever since I took on the jeans , and t-shirt look.
Well the Teen Titans presented me with....

Yellow? Seriously? And what's worse Miss Martian styled my hair to look like Superman's . This puts the "uck" In suck. You know I'm beginning to suspect this is like revenge from Robin for the whole " Smokes dope made of puppies " thing a while back.

And worse they made me go to West City to invite Team Legacy to a capture the flag competition with the Titans. Robin said it could be like a Jsa Jla Team up thing. I think he's making any excuse he can to see Stephanie myself, but what do I know.

And of course who do I see first? Vincent who reacts to my costume like this.

You know what? You can have room to laugh when you stop wearing your dad's clothes dude. His sister laughed too but at least she wasn't so mean about it , that and she's hot so I don't mind it from her.

So after that I had to go around Metropolis. Not because I wanted to , but because I had to Supergirl decided to be Emo today, and well Metallo showed up and someone had to stop him. He's a lot easier to beat when he's rolling on the ground laughing.

But I noticed something I got shot at a lot more than usual.

Random people started pickin' fights.

Ugh! I went back to the t-shirt and Jeans.

What happened to the yellow suit? Well let's just say there is a badly dressed scarecrow in Kansas now.


Justice said...

glad you went back to the jeans

Professor Xavier said...

Oh yeah, much better to look . . how shall I say it? Like the way Northstar dresses on the weekends.

Kon-El said...

Justice: Thanks.

PrfX : Your just mad because i have hair and no freaky eyebrows.